Think About This

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

If you ever feel like ending your life read this and think twice. Please. Your all loved.

Think about this next time, you want to take your life.

Your mother walks into your room and runs to your bed seeing your pale lifeless body. 

She shakes you and shakes you begs you to come back. 

Screaming for your dad to call 911!

Ambulances arrive, paramedics on the scene, cops saying stay back, your pulse begins to fade. 

In the hospital, your mom and dad pacing for hours. Is my baby okay? Will my baby live? 

Your best friend is there too, even your crush.

The doctor comes into the waiting room with a sour look on their face, he says I’m sorry for the words I’m about to say.

Your best friend drops to the floor begging and pleading asking god why he’d let you go already. Everyone wishing they had been nicer to you all along and had taken this more seriously.

Your crush wishes they would’ve kissed you when they had the chance.

Your dad sits silently trying to calm your mom down while trying not to cry himself.

Just a day later and everyone at school hears the news.

The teachers think back and wish they would have helped.

All the students start crying wishing they had been nicer.

That bully blames themselves and falls into depression.

A few weeks later and it’s your funeral everyone you thought hated you and didn’t care, show up.

Everyone sobbing. 

Your best friend looking like hell, drunk because they couldn’t handle it.

Your crush crying, having cuts all over their arm because now they are just as depressed as you were.

Your parents barely being able to speak, and sobbing uncontrollably.

A year goes by and no one is how they used to be.

Your best friend now is involved with the wrong people, they do drugs, cut, and drink constantly. 

Your crush used to be the happiest soul now cuts school, drinks, and isolates.

Your parents don’t leave the house besides work.

Your old teachers now regret everything they didn’t do and some quit.

Your old classmates, some of them went off the deep end and are flunking school and are depressed.

And that old bully, the one you thought hated you, well they, there gone now, they couldn’t take the guilt and killed themselves too.

So you see, before you take that blade and push it into your wrist, or before you down a whole bottle of pills, or before you try to end your life. 

Think, your mom, your dad, your best friend, your crush, your teachers, your classmates, your bully.

They all hurt, there all miserable, if you do this, if you end your life, it will affect them all more than you think.

Ask for help, don’t be afraid. 

You are loved and wanted in this world.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different.


Submitted: March 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JulesRules. All rights reserved.

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