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The Interspecies Conference



As O'naisac stepped out of the vehicle, news reporters began shouting questions. The only reason they weren't in his face was because they were on the other side of the entrance gate, which was lined with National Guardmen. O'naisac took a quick glance and when he saw no clear threat he motioned to Iwami and Zurrin. When they came out the crowde of reporters got even louder. Questions flew across the lot such as,

“Why have you come her?!” “Are there more of you coming?!” “Do you know of any other race out there?!”

The attention made Iwami a little uncomfortable and Zurrin more concerned. They looked up at the U.N. Building and the imposing structure seemed to be looming over them. Personally, O'naisac thought it was a little over exaggerated. He and Zurrin stood on opposite sides of Iwami as they walked towards the door.

A moment later they stood before the entrance where men in black suits wearing earpieces, waited for them. They seemed a little hesitant about Zurrin's staff, but they didn't say or do anything. Afterall, an extraterrestrials looking like a monk with a five foot stick isn't weird.

As they entered the building they were met by a woman in a deep blue suit with black high-heels. She had blue eyes and dark brown hair, tied back in a tight bun. She appeared to be in her thirties and carried what looked like a tablet.

“Your majesty, it is an honor to have you here today.” said the woman.

“Thank you for your hospitality.” said Iwami, gratefully. O'naisac then interupted.

“When will the meeting begin?”

The woman looked at him. She was unimpressed and quite possibly insulted by his casual appearance.

“And you must be O'naisac.” she said, putting on a false air. “And the answer to your question, the assembly will begin as soon as you enter.”

O'naisac blinked in surprise. “That fast?”

“Well, the U.N., is not what it once was.” said the woman. “And besides, everyone is eager.”

“Somehow, I doubt that's the actual word.” said O'naisac.

Iwami and Zurrin looked between the two humans, getting a little concerned. The woman looked back at Iwami. “Shall we proceed, your highness?”

“Yes.” said Iwami. “Lets introduce ourselves to the world.”

The woman lead them to the General Assembly Hall. It took a short while because they had to walk through a metal detector. When Iwami went through it before any explination, it didn't go off even though she was clearly wearing metal. Because of that concerning accident they insisted on a pat down. O'naisac explained what that was first, then Iwami agreed, thought she looked a little embarassed. Even with the hand held detector nothing went off and they found nothing suspicous on her or Zurrin. Every human wondered what kind of minnerals Iwami's jewlery was made off. When O'naisac went through the detector it did go off, but that was only because of his belt buckle and cheap watch that he was wearing. Once that was done they were lead to the entrance of the General Assembly Hall. They arrived at a set of metal double doors.

“The assembly is just through those doors.” said the woman.

Two of the men in suits pushed the doors open and they walked in.

Iwami and Zurrin were stunned by the sheer size of the hall.

The room streatched a hundred and sixty-five feet in length and a hundred and fifteen feet in width. The ceiling was seventy-five feet high. The Hall has two murals by the French artist, Fernadnd Leger. At the front of the chamber is the rostrum containing the green marble desk for the President of the General Assembly. Behind the rostrum is the U.N. emblem on a gold background. Flanking the rostrum is a paneled semi-circular wall that tapers as it nears the ceiling and surrounds the front portion of the chamber. In front of the paneled walls are seating areas for guests and within the wall are windows which allow interpreters to watch the proceedings as they work. On the ceiling was a shallow dome ringed by recessed light fixtures. From where they stood to the other end were six rows of wide tables. Behind them were more tables and a balcony. There was also a small area where camera crews would be stationed, but it wasn't being used today.

Iwami and Zurrin stared in wide eyed amazment.

“Not even the palace had architecture such as this.” said Iwami in awe. Zurrin nodded in agreement.

While they were amazed, O'naisac saw the room and was dismayed. This room once housed almost two thousand people, who tried to monitor the world as best they could. Now, there were less than fifty. Upon their entry everyone looked in their direction. Especially the camera crews. Iwami's amazement vanished and she took a deep breath to steel herself.

“Lets get this over with.” said O'naisac. They walked all the way to the end of the chamber.

When they reached the end of the chamber they sat down at a table in the front near the middle isle. Where everyone could see them. O'naisac had seen the looks in their eyes. Some were curious, most seemed guarded, but he knew they were all suspicious. They were unhappy with a true foreign power at their door. Not that the Dark Elves were dangerous, but it would be hard to convince them of that. Before he sat down O'naisac looked in a certain direction. Sitting far on the opposite side of the assembly was the Prime Minister of Canada. An elderly black man, with short, white hair and square thick glasses. O'naisac did some research on the Prime Minister. Dorian Colt, born and bread Canadian. He had a surprisingly successful carreer, even during the epidemic. He was a calm voice and a firm hand. He was as headlines claimed, the man who kept the Canadian Government from dying. And while O'naisac acknowledged what he had done, he wasn't sure how the man felt about the Dark Elves. Dorian and Iwami hed yet to meet and that concerned O'naisac.

He then looked forward to see the head of the U.N. Secretary-General, Althea Murenza. An older hispanic woman whose black hair was clearly dyed, and she might've had some surgery to keep up her seemingly young appearance of mid-forties. Next to her were two old, bald men. O'naisac assumed they were her advisors.

“What are these seats?” asked Iwami. “They are not wood and they're clearly not stone.” “They're called swivel chairs.” O'naisac answered. “What element is a swivel?” asked Zurrin, confused. “Look, just don't.”

Too late. Iwami had pulled the lever on her chair and she dropped. Her chin was now level with the table which caused a few people to chuckle. It took a moment but O'naisac got her back to a more appropriate height. Once that was over O'naisac looked towards the President of the United States. A rather tall and young looking Indian man.

“Wow, progress is coming along nicely.” thought O'naisac.

Zurrin, who was looking in the same direction as O'naisac saw the President and asked, rather confusingly, “Why does that man have such feminine features?”

At that O'naisac looked a little closer to detail at the President and realized. “A trans-male! Wow, my sisters would love this.” O'naisac didn't answer the question.

The secretary-general then rose and adressed the assembly.

“Delagates and honorable leaders, I welcome you to this historic event. We have here today, the Queen of our first extraterrestrial visitors. Or as they prefer to be called, The Dark Elves. I ask that we all reframe from asking any questions until they have told their story.”

O'naisac and Iwami looked at each other. They then stood up and O'naisac lead her to a podium that was set before everyone. O'naisac stood behind it and said into the mic,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce, Iwami Pannasau, Queen of the...” he paused for a second and then changed what he was going to say. “Queen of the Dark Elves.”

O'naisac turned to look at Iwami, who seemed surprised by her new title. O'naisac shrugged and brought her closer to the podium.

“Just talk into this.” he said, pointing at the mic.

O'naisac went back to his seat as Iwami stood there nervously. She then took a breath and began.

“Honorable representatives and leaders of the free world.” O'naisac gave her instructions on what to say. “I thank you for having me here today and for allowing me to tell the story of my people.” She glanced at O'naisac, who nodded. “My people, the Pannasau, my race the Dark Elves, we come from a world called Svartalfhiem.”

Iwami spoke of her race as any poet would. She spoke a little of the Dark Elves history, their beliefs, monarchys and then she told how the Dark Elves came to Midgar. How Tyrannous killed her family, how she lead the rebellion. Iwami did speak of how O'niasac came and kill Tyrannous, but she didn't specify how or why he was there in the first place. A favor O'naisac had asked her. She also ddi not speak of magic. Something O'naisac had told her not to mention, at least not yet. She then concluded with how they had traveled across the stars to reach Midgar. O'naisac was surprised by the fact that there were no interuptions.

“And now, we are here on this world and we wish only to start anew.”

The assembly was silent.

“Your majesty.” said a voice.

O'naisac and Zurrin turned around to see a man from the Europian deligation standing in the aisle. He was young, with black hair and he wore a dark suit “Your tale is a tragic one and I sympothise, but what can your race contribute?”

O'naisac knew that was coming sooner or later. Iwami was confused. “Contribute?” “Yes. If you intend to be a part of our world, surely you have something you can contribute.”

Iwami was taken aback. “Why would they contribute?!” said O'naisac, loud enough for everyone to hear. The assembly looked at him. “They came here with very little and even then their civilation had no technological prowes of any kind!”

No one seemed to believe that. “You jest.” said the deligate. “Of course they must have some advanced means of technology. How else could they have gotten here?”

O'naisac didn't answer. The deligate then walked down until he was right next to O'naisac. The two looked at each other.

“But I think, and everyone else here and the world, would like to know a little more about something, other than our elven visitors. Who are you?” O'naisac didn't blink. “Who is this man? This O'naisac? How is it that this man happened to be on their world? And why was he the only one who was on there? And how was he able to get the Dark Elves here?”

No one spoke, but it was clear they all wanted answers. O'naisac turned to look at Iwami. They locked eyes knowing full well what would happen next. O'naisac stood up and headed towards the podium. The deligate went back to his seat. Iwami stepped down and sat next to Zurrin. O'naisac looked under the podium where, to his surprise, there was a clip on mic. He tapped it, which made an echo, and then put it on. He paused for a second, then he began.

“I was hoping this wouldn't come up so soon, but if this is going to make sense... In my message, when I said we weren't alone, I wasn't just refering to the Dark Elves.” O'naisac could only imagine how close people were paying attention to their screens right now. “The truth is, Earth is part of a collection of planets whom most of it's inhabitents simply refer to as the Known Worlds. It's more accurate title is, Yggdrasil.”

He had done it. O'naisac had broken the oldest tabboo on Midgar.

“Yggdrasil?” said a voice. “Like the mythology?” “Yes, like the mythology, only it's not exactly what your thinking.”

“You mentioned inhabitents.” said another voice. “What are these inhabitents?”

O'naisac took a breath. “These inhabitents I speak of are the creatures of our myths, legends, stories and religion. These beings are Elves, Dark and Light Elves. Dwarves, Centaurs, Fairies, even creatures you've never heard of. The Sim Eon, a race of sentient apes. The Konch, a humanoid fish race, who are the physical supiriority. And finally the Arks. A humanoid race with wings.” O'naisac let that sink in.

“Wait a minute.” said a female voice. “If what you said about these beings is true, and if mankind is part of this collection of planets, how are we unaware of this? And if I'm understanding this correctly, you make it sound as though they are aware of each other. If this is true, how are they communicating? Are they all in the same solar system? Or do they have some advanced means of communication that can span lightyears?”

“They are all lightyears apart, but most of them do not have the means of communicating the way you are thinking.” O'naisac answered. “Then how do they know of each other?” “Well, other than Earth, there is only one world that has technology in it's daily life. The Dwarf world, Nidavellir. The rest of the worlds have no technology. They govern themselves by another power.” “And what power is this?”

O'naisac could tell they were intrigued, however. “You won't believe me, but this Magic.”

After the seemingly anti-climatic answer, almost everyone snickered. O'naisac waited paitiently. Then a man from the U.S. stood up and said, “Mr. O'naisac, I can appreciate that with the arrival of, beings from another world, many doors are suddenly open, but do you honestly expect us to believe that magic is suddenly real? I'm sorry, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say, you're going to have to prove that one.”

O'naisac stared at the man for a moment then said simply, “Okay.”

Everyone was taken aback. O'naisac walked over to Iwami and Zurrin. They gave him concerned looks as he took his coat off. O'naisac put it on the table and took off the mic. He then rolled up his sleeves and went back to the podium. He held up his forearms showing there was nothing.

“I ask that the camera crew stand thirty yards away or your cameras won't work for a time.”

The camera crew was confused, but they stepped back. O'naisac then held out his left arm with his palm up. The assembly watched, not really expecting anything. Then came the sound of a muffled boom and above O'naisac's palm appeared a ring of blue fire the size of a bowling ball. All humans jumped back in surprise. It didn't end there. Suddenly, three lights shot out of the ring. The orange, blue and red lights zoomed all across the room. As they flew O'naisac closed the portal and lowered his arm. The lights flew above, around and even between the seats causing people to jump. Then as a finale, the lights spiraled around O'naisac and stopped above O'naisac's head. The lights dimmed revealing Robin, Jay and Card.

“Nicely done.” O'naisac said out of the corner of his mouth. “Thank you.” said Robin.

The camera men got closer in hopes of getting a better view of what was before them.

“That's right, take it in. Real fairy here.” said Robin, smugly.

To say that the assembly was stunned would be an understatement. They looked at the fairies in awe.

O'naisac had Robin, Jay and Card remain hidden since they arrived on Midgar. He reasoned that the Dark Elves would be enough of a surprise. They agreed. Actually, Jay made her sisters agree. O'naisac was actually surprised they kept secrete until now. Two months, a personal best.

“The secretary-general then asked, “How is this possible?!” Her mic was off so she had to speak up. “How are you able to do that?!”

O'nisac answered. “What you just saw was magic in it's purest form! What I created was a portal! These portals are how the other worlds commune with each other! But even then, only a select few are allowed to open these portals!”

O'naisac then pulled down the collar of his shirt, showing the left side of his chest. On it appeared to be a large brand. The brand itself looked like eight tridents that met at their bases and formed a circle.

“I am part of an organization called, the Guardians! We are a task force charged with defending the Known Worlds! Each world had only one guardian! I am Earth's, or as the other worlds call it, Midgar!” He let go of his shirt. “Do not mistake me! This mark allows me to use limited magic! I am by no means a sorcerer! But with the magic of this mark I can quite litterally go wherever I wish and no one can stop me!”

O'naisac didn't mean for it to sound like a threat, but many in the assembly took it as one. Zurrin and Iwami grew nervous. Even Jay looked at O'naisac with concern.

“If you will allow me, I will explain everything! All I ask is the same curtisy you have shown Queen Iwami, and let me finish with no interuptions.”

No one objected. The fairies flew over to Zurrin and Iwami and sat in front of them. O'naisac took back the small mic and cliped it back on.

“It's going to be a long story, so get comfortable.”

O'naisac told the assembly everything he could about the Known Worlds. He spoke about each race and their lifstyles in as much detail as possible. He spoke of Aesir, and how the Arks live in cities with golden buildings and how the sky is their domain. He continued with Alfhiem, and how the Light Elves and the Centaurs live in harmony. Vannahiem, where Fairies commune with magic and nature. Aquarious, which is actually a planet and not just a constolation. The Konch, a warrior like race, lived in this harsh ocean based world where, even though he had never been there, was home to large and vicious aquatic creatures. Prime, while the Sim Eion might live a jungle base lifestyle, they were starting to knock on the doors of technology. Finally, Nidavellir. He explained how the Dwarves were the most technologically advanced of all they races and somehow they even managed to intergrate both science and magic to be even more technologically supirior.

It took a while, but O'naisac finally got to talking about the Guardian order, which seemed to be a topic of interest. He gave only basic details. Such as there were only eight guardians, one for each world. Or more acurrately, seven now that Svartalfhiem was gone. O'naisac did not talk about the guardians indivisually. Not that it really mattered. He also did not tell how he became a guardian or the events prior to Svartalfhiem. He didn't even mention what he did on Svartalfhiem was incredibly illegal and treasonous. Niether Iwami or O'naisac mentioned the incident with Svartalfhiem's Guaridan, Karn. They U.N. did not need to know they were dealing with a criminal. When O'naisac finished telling what he could, he waited. The United States President, then rose and said, “So, what you are saying is, there is a dimentional police force, if you will, with the ability to go anywhere without restrictions and all possess supirior and seemingly magical abilities. Is that right.”

“We're more of a task force.” said O'naisac. “Like any body of power we have our own laws and codes of conduct. I get figuring this out can be a little intense, but we are here to protect.”

“Then I will just ask.” said the President. “You call yourselves Guardians, but what are you protecting us from? Why are you on guard?”

O'naisac tapped his fingers on the podium for a moment. Zurrin, Iwami, Robin and Jay were looking at him with concerned expressions. Card on the other hand had gotten bored early on and continued a currenty project of hers. She was trying to see hwo many Fairy licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

“Guardians generally focus on the affairs of their own world. They can be as involved in their worlds politics as they please and can even make world changing decisions if they feel it neccisarry. We have been doing this for millennia...but the main reason we were astablished is this.

There is a ninth world. A world of fire and ash. Muspelhiem. And on this rock is race I have not told you yet, the Demons.” “Demons?” said the President, surprised. “Yes, the very kind you are thinking of right now.” said O'naisac. “Unlike the other races, Demons have a natural ability to create their own protals. Even with the restrictions placed upon the Known Worlds, they are still able to do as they please. I know many of you think the Dark Elves are some secrete threat, but I assure you the Demons are the real danger.”

That got the assembly in an uproar. “How is it that we are ignorant of all this?!” said a voice, louder than the rest.

“It was by design.” said O'naisac. Everyone looked at him. He rubbed his eyes and said, “Long ago, Humans once knew of the Known Worlds, and even Guardians of the other worlds paid homage to kings and various rulers of age. Humans had some of the most respected and well recognized Guardians. Heracles, Achilles, Alexander the Grate, Leonidas, Themistocles, Beowulf, Cu Chulainn, Ne Zha, Erlang Shen, the list goes on world wide. But after a while interaction stopped.” “What happened?” asked a voice. “Well, while our Guaridans were something, the leaders of the time sucked.” O'naisac answered. “The apparently had some very violent tendencies and the biggest grievance was the notion that if you sacrificed or ate a Guardian, you would become immortal.”

There was really no arguing that last one.

“But we are more civilized now and we have a right to know of any threat so we may defend ourselves.” said a voice. Another voice said, “If these demons have been around for a long time, how have we never detected them? Surely our satelights would have seen somethigng or even a street camera?”

“Uh, yeah, about that.” said O'naisac, getting a little uncomfortable. “You're forgetting the Dwarves. The technologically advanced race. Their Guardian has cloaked satelights that ensures Demon activity is monitored and that it doesn't go viral here.”

At that, the U.S. President slammed his fists and shot up, yelling, “Are you saying there is a foreign satelight that is hacking all the world's computer systems?!”

“Yes.” said O'naisac simply. “And you never would have known without me.”

That seemed to alarm everyone more than Demons. “What do you know?!” demanded the President. “If you have access to our secretes!”

“Oh relax.” said O'naisac, casually. “I read all the secretes of the American Government thirty years ago and there is nothing in them that could affect the nation like the epidemic did. Oh, but on a minor note, Kennedy? That was just dark for no good reason, what so ever.”

The entire assembly and camera crew looked at the President. The President just glared angrily at O'naisac.

“I demand to speak with this Dwarf!” yelled the President. “Who is he to think that he can do as he wishes?! What makes him think he has the authority to.”

“We!” yelled O'naisac. “Are of an authority and power far older and greater than any that has ever existed on this Earth! The Guardians have many liberties and responsabilities beyond Demons. As I've mentioned, There have been times when Guardians made world changing decisions and have acted in their world's best interests. Those acts have gone as far as killing a monarch. And usually, good things happened when they did.”

“Are you threatening me, O'naisac?” said the President, in a dark tone. “No, I am merely telling you the reality.” said O'naisac, just as Dark. “You have no right.” said the President, angrily. “You have no right to interfere or pry into the affairs of any nation.”

O'naisac sighed and said, “Let me put it to you like this, if one of my predecessors hadn't gotten involved, the Cuban Missle Crisis, would've been an entirely different story.” That seemed to surprise the U.S. geligates. “Yeah, Russia, wasn't afraid of America, they were afraid of something that had no flag or boudries and didn't hesitate to kill with extreme prejudice. That's why they stopped, because they were physically forced to.”

That information hung in the air until a man sitting next to the President said, “If what you say is true, and these Guardians you are a part of have such incredible power, how do we know you won't threaten us if we're not in favor of them!” He pointed at Iwami and Zurrin. “How do we know you haven't defected? How do we know you won't betray your own race?”

The question hung in the air, but O'naisac simply stared at the man. Everyone in the hall looked at O'naisac wondering what would happen next. Then O'naisac burst out laughing. This took everyone by surprise. In truth Iwami was afraid now. This had turned in a direction that was very alarming. Zurrin, Robin and Jay were a little baffled by O'naisac's behavior. Card was frozen in mid lick as she stared at him.

“Do you think this is funny?” said the President's aid. With absolutely no humor, O'naisac yelled, “I think it's histerical!” Everyone was on edge now. “Look at our history. Our human, bloody, history. Since the recording of history we have beld, robbed, lied, spied on and down right murdered out own kind, and for what?! Heracy, ethnic cleansings, wars, fear of wars, annilation, racism, nationalism, liberty, the rights of human decency, the excuses go on. So believe me when I say, there is no one in this room or on, this Planet! Who has the right to accuse me of that.” There was a moment of silence. “But we're getting off topic.” said O'naisac. “We were not gathered here to talk about the universe, the Guardians or even myself. We are here to find out what to do with the Dark Elves. And I what I also said that day was true. Their fate is in your hands.”

O'naisac took off the mic, walked away from the podium and sat next to Iwami. “Sorry about that.” he whispered. Robin, Jay and Card, looked at him. Robin and Card didn't seem bothered, but Jay wasn't exactly pleased with his performance.

“He is right.” said the U.N. Secretary-General. “As insightful as the knowledge of our new surroundings is. We are here to discuss what accomidations can be made for our new neighbors. Since the Dark Elves are on Canadian soil, does the Prime Minister have anything to say?”

O'naisac, Iwami and Zurrin looked in the direction of the Canadian deligation. The Prime Minister seemed hesitant to speak. His advisors were staring at him in a rather suspicious way. The Prime Minister leaned forward and spoke into the mic.

“Unfortunately, I have yet to speak with Queen Iwami. So far I have sent aids and varying representatives. As a gesture of kindness the Canadian government has sent food, water and various items to help with their current condition, but we have yet to discuss anything long term.”

This was true, but what they had sent to the Dark Elves wasn't anything abundant.

“Very well then.” said the secretary-general. “How long would you need to discuss a reasonable agreement?” “We could do it in a day.” said the Prime Minister, unenthusiasticly. “Then I suggest you do so.” said the Secretary-General. “We will conven in two days, when we have processed all this new information and when an agreement has been reached between the Prime minister of Canada and the Queen of the Dark Elves. This assembly is adjourned.”

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