The Rockstar - Stardom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The second of a trilogy of mini-books that chronicle the experiences of a young guy who works his way through a life centered on music. It continues the story of his journey from a teenager in the sixties through to his final concert he dreamed of performing. As with all of us, his life ranged with great joys, intense love and agonizing tragedy all laced with intrigue.

In Stardom, the Rockstar experiences all the challenges Canadian garage bands struggled with in their quest for the pinnacle of the rock music world. It was an elusive dream fraught with many perils. Embarking on an unchartered path which only perseverance, good decisions and strokes of luck resulted in the fulfilment of the dream was but only part of the challenge. Time on the road and the demands of performances took an exacting toll on relationships. The Rockstar experienced them all along with the final tragic event.

Table of Contents


The Rockstar’s life was moving along pretty well even with but a few speed bumps.  He continued to be troubled by his indiscretion... Read Chapter

Knocking on Stardom's Door

The police investigation of the death of Mark Horton at the final concert continued to dredge up details in the Rockstar’s past that ha... Read Chapter

A Recording Star is Born

The Rockstar and his lawyer were requested for a session to answer some questions by the investigating detectives several days later.&nbs... Read Chapter

A Cost of Fame

The Rockstar met with his lawyer to review the result of the forensic audit that had been conducted by Myra Russell.  The audit had ... Read Chapter

Emerging Canadian Stardom

The now necessary review of the forensic audit completed by Myra Russell some 15 years ago with his lawyer was deeply troubling to the Ro... Read Chapter

First Album

The Rockstar worked diligently on his information statement for the police.  Hours of reflection produced a host of new details that... Read Chapter

On the Road Again

The Rockstar continued to wrestle with the past that haunted his waking hours spent many hours in the basement studio of the family home ... Read Chapter

If It's Tuesday, It Must be Vegas

In anticipation of being summoned once again to meet with the police detectives in the very near future, the Rockstar had begun a journal... Read Chapter

The Last Hurrah

At the request of the Calgary Police Services, the Rockstar and his lawyer met one final time with the detectives.  The two officers... Read Chapter


The warm Hawaiian sun cast its glow over the small group of people clustered around an aging gentleman in his boardshorts holding a tatte... Read Chapter

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