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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

An ugly, long simmering feud between Earth fishermen and Plejorian and Zeta Reticulan fishermen refugees in this small town of Silent Bay has finally exploded with killing, several fire bombings and an attempted bombing in the last five days.

 Timeline 2070- 2080 


Frogs jump  and a heron preens its feathers as the last of the day’s light falls over calm waters. A resident proudly attests that this sleepy coastal community has neither a stop light or a fast food franchise. This was the simple quiet place Earth 6.0 wanted to bring her crew for shore leave, or so she thought.


 When I was newly wed I  fantasized about Silent Bay being the ideal Pirates haven. Captain Gnarly and I  met here so long ago. But, that was then, before the Zeta Reticulans and the Plejorian fishermen arrived.


An ugly, long?simmering feud between Earth  fishermen and Plejorian and Zeta Reticulan fishermen refugees in this small town  of Silent Bay has finally exploded with killing, several firebombings and an attempted bombing in the last five days.


 The Plejorians, and the Zeta Reticulins had fled a humanitarian crisis at home and legally resettled in the Silent Bay  area. In order to start making their way, many of them took up shrimp fishing—much to the dismay of some locals, who saw them as  hostile competition on the water.


. “I don’t like them,” a woman snaps “They should go back where they came from.” Earth 6.0 smiles as she recalls she too once had those feelings about blacks, the Mexicans, and the oriental people. Traveling with the late Captain Hume helped educate her and open her eyes. The galaxies are not populated with Earthlings. Traveling the stars brought her into face to face conversation with a multitude of alien species. 


“Someone will have to get out of this business,” explained  Claude Shores, an Earth Seafood industry executive his reasons were“because there are too many of you,  you will not be able to make a living. There are only so many shrimp out in that bay and the more shrimpers you have out there the less each boat is able to net.” you have to net the shrimp in sufficient quantities to pay me the mortgage on your boats. You have to net enough shrimp to pay the fuel cost. You have to pay  yourself, and your crew. Too many of you simply aren't making it.


How long do you expect me to accept partial payment? How long do you expect your boats to last without maintenance ? How long do you think your wives and children can survive malnourishment?


 In Revelations it says ". And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence." Shrimpers, if you ask me, that sums up what you're experiencing .


A burly brawny man  Bad Attitude Harley , shouted out above the mob. " Well Mr.9 to 5, no one asked you." You want to repo my boat? You want to sell what I have to the Zeta Reticulans or the Plejorian ? Because our government ,what's left of our government  meets your price, no mortgage necessary. You're telling me, you are telling us our boats are in need of maintenance ? Our boats are work boats not luxurious commercial liners like what you have. You've built your fortune on our blood, sweat, and tears.  Now you're insatiable greed has you demanding more.The worst of it is you have no remorse.


The Caucasian Earth fishermen blamed their former government but 150 , Zeta Reiculan and Plejoran refugees arrived in Silent Bay  invited by the owner of a crab processing plant to pick meat from shells for $40 a day. Fishing for shrimp and crab paid more.


 Harley continued " Our wives and children are our responsibility, not yours . Don't you dare stand there and tell any of us how to provide for our own. If our families are hungry it's because you're paying us slave wages"  You are giving the best fishing sites to the alien refugees. Yank my site and. I'll sue you to Hell and back again. The grounds will be wrongful termination.


 We are hungry but our hunger isn't the same hunger you're experiencing. Mr. Shore, we're not starving but perhaps you are. Are you famished to pad your greedy pockets ?


Claude Shores don't you worry about Silent Bay being overpopulated.  a 20-something guy in a baseball cap shouted, “Somebody’s gonna take care of those Reticulans and the Plejorans ” he says. “


Take care of them?” someone  prompted. He doesn’t hesitate: “Kill ’em.” 


The crowd of Earth fishermen felt Claude Shores had singled them out and they applauded. A voice in the crowd shouted " Somebody can't kill them soon  enough for my satisfaction.


Tensions came to a head when a fistfight broke out between Earth  and Zeta Reticulan fishermen, and the Plejorians and Earth fishermen. A  crab fisherman was shot and killed.


 I Reminded myself " This isn't your fight. Leave it be." I  couldn't help myself, I had to ask, " What Brain Dead idiot brings a gun to a fist fight ? That's asking for murder or manslaughter. " 


The violence began Friday night, when a fisherman named Billy Joe age  35 years was shot to death after a fight with several zeta Reticulians and Plejorians. fishermen. 


Within hours, several zeta Reticulians and Plejorians. boats were burned, and last night there was an attempted bombing of a crab plant that employs zeta Reticulians and Plejorians. workers.


The two Reticulan men accused of the shooting were acquitted on self-defense grounds . The independent shrimpers formed a blockade to prevent the Pleiades and zeta Reticulans from entering the prized shrimping area of Silent Bay. The blockade also prevented those shrimpers from reaching the processing plant or market with their catch.


a few months later. The crabber’s father said, “As long as there’s one Gray skinned or slimy silvery green skinned Son of a Bitch  left in a fishing town on this Gulf of no return there’s going to be trouble. There’s going to be war.” He was right about the war.


The incident caught the attention of the Shadow Knights , Sons of the serpent Lucifer, They descended on Silent  Bay Their mission was straightforward and simple, they came to rid Silent Bay and Earth 6.0 of the Zetas and the Pleiadians once and for all. No matter what it cost.


A shift was happening in Earth  extremism, and much of it had to do with veterans. In the isolated Earth 6.0 backwaters, secret members of the Shadow Knights. 


some who came out of the military with a feverish hatred of all non white humanoids. These backwater veterans  were becoming highly militarized, using the methods they had learned in the Zeta Reticulans war and Earth's war with the Plejorians  to wage war at home. 


I thought loudly  to myself, " I know a veteran of the Earth Wars that has directed that exact hatred and resentment into positive energies." But, again, this isn't her fight. And it isn't her uncle's fight either."  He's paid his debt to his country in full. He did his part in each of the Earth Wars.


The Alien species  in Silent Bay were refugees brought here  as a part of a resettlement plan, but to the Knights  they only saw the refugees as their Alien enemies. “ lifeforms  they now have a second chance to exterminate.


I speculate, they were having some sort of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They were obviously experiencing flashbacks. And memory loss


They have forgotten,or they never knew 150 of the  refugees arrived in Silent Bay invited by the owner of a crab processing plant,  Claude Shore, to pick meat from shells for $40 a day. 


 "I promise them a much better fight here than they got from the Military regime in their own countries."   said Travis Boone, the Grand Dragon of the Shadow Knights.


Travis Boone  was the active leader of the Earth 6.0 Shadow the early part of the century At that time, he had made the Most Wanted of every three letter organization still in existence. I thought long and hard about abducting him and illegally transporting him to the closest cryogenic chamber. 


Sometime in the late 2030's , Boon  had begun training white supremacists to use grenades and assault rifles at secret camps on numerous inhabited planets. teaching “commando-style killing” to children as young as three. If I had proof, or a very strong suspicion Travis Boone was guilty of training toddlers to hate, to kill , to follow in the footprints of any Shadow Knight I'd make it my fight and kill Travis Boone with my bare hands.


This time it was Fishbait who reminded me , we are here on shore Leave. Captain this is not our fight. The Code says, only the pirate queen or king can initiate war.


Fishbait, meet your pirate Queen. But you're right , this is not our fight. That scalleywag scum rubs me the wrong way.


Boone must have overheard my venting. He responded “We do not mean to train anyone to  engage in or to promote racial warfare,” adding however, “It is realistic to assume it will  happen. Eventually.unless. the negative influences leave voluntarily.


Yeah !  Boone when are you and your goon squad expected back in Hell ? Fishbait grabbed my arm, Come Maria, you're going home. Your overwrought. I focused all my anger through my eyes as I shot him my killer look.


Travis Boone continued ,  How long will the ' God fearing white inhabitants of Silent Bay sit silently  the grays and the Silver Green skins rob us of everything? How long do you think we will wait before we retaliate against those who rob the decency from every settlement throughout the galaxies ? We have been patient long enough. Either join us, or die with your aliens.


I knew those final remarks were intentionally directed at me.  Fishbait, had been right to run interference between Travis and myself. 


” By that point, in 2030 Boone had already been implicated in two bombings, and in 2029   he had tried to physically assault Plejorian Vice Premier at a Texas hotel.

In February of 2031 , Boone led a knight's  rally in the Silent Bay area, playing on a now-strengthening  cocktail of resentments: 


  1. a diminished sense of manhood,

  2. The  anger of a neglected working class,

  3.  The  immigrant threat to the job security of working men and women everywhere.


” He vowed to the crowd of roughly 250 that if the imported  fishermen didn’t leave by May 15, the Knights would “take matters into their  own hands.” Knight guards, who had ditched cloaking robes in favor of more militant-looking black caps and shirts, stood on the perimeter, carrying semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.


Two days after the Silent Bay rally, Boone  started offering training on “the right way to burn a shrimp boat,”  as a consequence or unintended result, two Plejorian shrimp boats went up in flames. The arsonists were never caught.


 One citizen even put an impaled human head and a Bloody Red Pirate  flag on his lawn. He clearly warned " There will be no mercy shown to any enemy. The time to surrender or seek safe harbor was ended.


 In April, a white fisherman pulled his boat up beside two Plejorian  fishermen, pointed his pistol at them for a very tense few seconds, and then just left.


 When sacred symbols and manuscripts were set ablaze in Zeta Reticulan  yards, some families put their houses up for sale. Others offered to sell their boats, but found no buyers.


OnMarch 15, a shrimp boat, manned by armed and hooded Shadow Knights  patrolled the waters of Galveston Bay, circling the Zeta Reticulan and Plejorian  boats. They parked near the head of the Alien Fishermen’s Association’s family home. A human effigy hung from the rigging and a small cannon could be heard firing from the deck.


The Shadow Knights  cruised Silent Bay in a show of intimidation against  unwanted fishermen. Not long after, Boone and the other Shadow  members held a fish fry to benefit white fishermen. It poured that day—dashing any hopes of  an Old Fashion burning. 


The crowd dwindled to about 30. In several  press interviews at the event, Boone positioned himself as a reasonable man, a  “moderating influence” who would broker a deal between the Aliens of color and the white fishermen. He said  wasn’t racist, he said he was but “a friend of white workers who have legitimate complaints.” 


 He  still ejected a local Mexican-American television reporter from the rally and fish fry."  “This is a gathering for non Catholic Christians,” he said. “We Vp with these arrogant stations sending  alien blacks and non human Mexicans to interview me.” If I'm important enough to interview , they can send a legitimate human reporter to talk to me.


Though the mayor of Silent Bay,West,, the small coastal town where many of the Zeta Reticulans and Plejoranslived, reported himself  finding the scenes of Knight members “disturbing, personally, i wish they were not here.he said, “I don’t have any reason to believe the Plejorian or the Reticulans have any reason to fear our Shadow Knight's. The Spades here ,meaning Shadow Knights, are harmless good olé boys. They mean no harm.


The Alien  fishermen disagreed.


With the help of The  Poverty Law Center, a group of  non white alien fishermen filed suit against the Knights. At a hearing before the trial, Boone   wore his cloaked robes to court,The robe failed to bring him.the invisibility he sought.


He accused the judge of treason, and sedition against humanity and  announced, “I’m charged with loving this country.” He was accompanied by a self-proclaimed facist who menacingly took photographs of the plaintiffs and their counsel.


During the trial, Boone  was hiding an ivory-handled revolver under his robes. Morgan Deeds  who was arguing the case for the plaintiffs , demanded he reveal the gun. Boone responded, “No one, not even my attorney will search me.” At one point during the trial, he called Deeds an “Antichrist Jew” and hoisted a bible and  crucifix into the air to exorcise the demons in him. Boone would later challenge Dees to a “dual to the death…You against me.”


During the trial, a video was uncovered that showed Boone, clad in military fatigues, instructing trainees. “Utterly destroy everybody,” Boone barked at his mini-militia. “Maximum damage !  maximum violence ! in the shortest period of time. Give the enemy one option, that is to die.!


The judge issued a court order ending the harassment. A second order disbanded Boone’s paramilitary group with the deeds awarded to the Zeta Reticulans and Plejorans in partial restitution., and five training camps were shut down. 


The fisherman had won the suit, but many of them had lost their sense of security and their livelihood.


Zeta Reticulans and Plejoran fishermen continued to shrimp—and prosper—in the waters off of Silent Bay. In The long run, the Zeta Reticulans and Plejoransnot only stuck around, they thrived. 


Submitted: April 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 M.L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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