Once Upon Time Contest... with $$ Prizes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Fairy Tale Contest with PRIZES. Rules and deadline included. Only 35 Slots open

Once Upon a Time.... Fairy Tale Contest 
The blurb: 
Sooo, it's been a while- a long while, since I've been on Booksie. I'm hosting this contest to get back into reading, and what do I enjoy reading the most? That's right- fairy tales. So I'm hosting this contest to read YOUR fairy tales- whether reimagined originals, or stories told by your parents as a kid. I'll be personally leaving feedback on each story  and oh yeah, giving away PRIZES, with the highest prize at $50 USD. 
The Prompt: Write a fairy tale story set in an imaginary past, can be based on any country or culture. Include a magical item. Must have appropriate grammar and be between 0- 1200 words. 
There are only THIRTY FIVE SLOTS available for this contest, as I don't have unlimited time to read hundreds of submissions. 
You may reserve your spot by submitting a synopsis of your story (a paragraph at most!) through booksie email. It doesn't have to spell out the whole plot, and please no spoilers! Just give me a general idea that you're thinking of elements in the story.
Example: A little girl goes to the woods and is met by a wolf. 
The DEADLINE for the synopsis  is April 30, 2021
 I will be closing the option to participate at that time. 
If more than 35 people submit, I will randomly generate 25 contestants with a randomizer program of those who have submitted their synopsis, or if less than 35 people submit, chose them all! If more than 35 submit, a waiting list will start.
I will UPDATE my news on Saturday, April 30th, 2021 with the 35 contestants who can submit with five on the waiting list. Only ONE submission per person! 
Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to complete the contest and you are one of the thirty five chosen to submit. 
Please drop out before week four if you cannot make the deadline to give the waiting list a chance. There will be a waiting list of five individuals who will be notified May 8th whether they can submit to the contest. 
Deadline: June 5, 2021
The deadline will be a sliding 24 hour deadline, to account for time changes across the globe. 
You MUST submit your story to Booksie AND send me your work  through Booksie email. 
Please include a LINK from booksie AND the FULL story pasted  in the booksie email (for easy transfer into the compilation book), BEFORE June 5, 2021. A quickie is not acceptable. If you do not submit a LINK and the FULL CONTENT you forfiet your spot. This is strict in order to facilitate ease for me as I work through the submissions. 
Use: "Fairy Tale Contest Submission" in the Subject line. 
Start with the link, then 
include the title and your screen name before the FULL STORY. 
Subject: Fairy Tale Submission 
Link: LittleRedRidinghood.booksie.com
Little Red Riding Hood by Keke Serene 
Once upon a Time...
I am giving a GENEROUS eight weeks to submit your story, and ask that everyone be patient as I work an overtime job (lol) and I read through submissions in my scant free time. :) 
At most, I hope to have winners announced in six weeks, with a stretch goal of four weeks. 
I am hoping to compile the top 20  stories under one book on my account, with permission and proper credit to the author. 
I will be BOOSTING this book for a week!!
Prizes will be distributed by two ways, the choice is up to the winners. 
1st Place: $50 
2nd Place: $25 
3rd Place: $15 
4th Place: $10
Choice 1: Western Union
> MUST be 18 years or older WITH Government issued ID (this is required to pick up a  transfer from a Western Union Branch).
 I will need your FULL first last and middle name for this option (submitted confidently through email). 
> MUST have access to a Western Union branch 
Choice 2: Amazon Giftcard
> MUST have email address to send egiftcard information 
> MUST have an Amazon account 
Prizes will be distributed one week following the winners announcement. You have up to one week following the announcement of winners to submit proper information to receive your prize or ELSE FORFEIT YOUR PRIZE. 
Point System: to take the guesswork out of how I'll be scrutinizing the stories. 
Enjoyable: based strictly on content
0-10 points for Enjoyable
Purely subjective on how much I enjoyed the story. Was I cheering for the characters? Was the world believable? How original was the story? The only hint I can really give is to consider what I write. :)
0-3 points for Cover Photo: Present? Relevant? Engaging?
Zero: no cover picture 
One: Cover Photo but not appealing 
Three: visually engaging and appropriate cover 
0-3 Word count : 
** Limit of no more than 1200 words **updated**
Note: LESS than 1200 words is acceptable and encouraged. Include your word count at the bottom. The title/summary does not count. (This may change depending on how many submissions I get. Fewer submissions means a higher word count.) 
Zero: over 1500 words/ word count not included 
One: 1300-1400 words 
Two: 1200- 1300 words
Three: 1200 or less words 
0-3 Gramnar/Syntax/Diction:
How does this compare to grammar, syntax and structure to original tales? Are there spelling errors. Am I using autocorrect translate? 
**exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for ESL***
NOTE: Please use Times New Roman, point 12+  font  for your story. There are fonts I legit cannot read on this site. 
Zero: Autocorrect translate 
One: Good grammar, but wrong/illegible font 
Two: Solid grammar, diction, syntax
Three: Grammar, syntax and diction appropriate for a fairy tale OR the setting/character
Magical Item: 
0-5 Included magical item: Was a magical item included? Is it original, or an new spin on an old one? 
0: Forgot the magical item 
2: Magical item Included but not used 
3: Magical item Included and used in an expected way
5: Magical item used and necessary to plot and used in an unexpected way 
Bonus 3 : Have you read any of the stories in my fantasy world? Bonus points awarded for an item/character alluded to in your story from mine! 
Three: Included item/character from my stories, The Curse of Torro or The Dark Captain
A note about plagiarism: 
I WILL be doing plagiarism checks on any story submitted. Please don't copy and paste. 
Important Dates:
4/30/21 Last day to reserve your spot in the contest 
5/8/21 Half way point on contest 
6/5/21 DEADLINE for story submissions 
7/17/21 Announcement of Winners 
Note: Any updates or changes will be listed under my NEWS section. Life happens. Things change. 
To RESERVE your spot:
Please submit a booksie email to me with:
The Subject: Fairy Tale Synopsis 
Your screen-name: 
The prize option of your choice: Western Union OR Amazon 
Blurb on your story: 
Good luck and thank you to all contestants! 
Please email me with any questions or suggestions, or drop them below!This is my first time hosting a contest. :) 
4/2/21  Update 
> Forgot to mention this but there is no fee to enter! 
> Due to the really negative reviews on the Amazon egift card option, I decided to buy a card in person and give the winner the numbers to redeem it! 
Holds more confidence for me lol. 
> I also decided, since only tentatively three people at this point have signed up, to extend the time to enter the contest to the end of April, or until 35 slots are filled, HOWEVER the deadline will remain the same.
> The word count has increased to 1,200 with a scale to 1500+ 
Happy writing! :D 
List of Participants:
  1. Member: hullabaloo22

  2. Mad.Sadie

  3. TarvB

  4. Meaghan Kalena


Submitted: April 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Keke Serene. All rights reserved.

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This looks very interesting! I will need to look through my current works and see if any of them fit. Best of luck to everyone!!

Tue, April 13th, 2021 11:05pm


I'm starting to write a story!

Wed, April 14th, 2021 4:31am


Awesome! Thanks for joining!

Wed, April 14th, 2021 3:46am



Wed, April 14th, 2021 5:24pm

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