------ FOLLOW US! --- Welcome to ''ZELDA NET'': Area #1 - FAXANDU'S Underground Apartment ! -- Bake a 'CHOCOLATE PINK DOUGHNUT' ! : Level Your Skills !

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

********** 'FOLLOW US' ! ---************ Welcome to ''ZELDA NET'': Area #1 - FAXANDU'S UNDERGROUND APARTMENT ! --- Bake a 'Chocolate Pink Doughnut' ! ---- LEVEL UP YOUR SKILLS ! ------ ''FAXANDU ZELDA NET'': A Multiplayer Online Video Game !









Please choose your character name: Arfax 

Choose Hair and Color:  Straight short blonde with neon-green stripes.

Choose Skin Color:  Olive-tan.




Attack -  1

Strength -  1

Defense - 1

Hitpoints - 5  -- (Eat 'pink doughnut' or other food to restore hitpoints in the start of game.)

Magic - 0

Fatigue - 0/100  (Find a bed or use a sleeping tent to restore fatigue.)

Bathroom - 0/100  (Find a 'toilet' or 'lavatory' to restore to normal.

Hunger - 80/100  (Eat 'pink doughnut' or 'chocolate bread'.)




Cooking - Level 1  (Make 'pink doughnuts', 'pink gruel', 'apple pies' and 'chocolate bread' in the beginning to raise level.)

Mining - Level 0  --  (Mine 'purple ore' in the beginning to raise your level.)

Smithing - Level 0  ---  (Smelt purple and green ore in the furnaces to make 'green bar' and 'purple bar'.Use the bars with an anvil to make 'green short-sword' and 'purple medium helm' in the start of game to raise levels.)

Crafting - Level 0

Firemaking - Level 0

Fletching - Level 0  (Crafting arrows and bows.)

Prayer -  Level 0  (Bury pink bones in the beginning to raise levels.)

Herblaw - Level 0 -- (Making 'pink milk' and 'pink elixir' in the beginning to raise levels.)




Your character Arfax's starting outfit is a pair of velvet orange overalls that is clasped over their masculine and bulky bare chest.   


You are now Arfax.

 You have broad shoulders and are very handsome.  Brown industrial boots are covering your feet.  A black head-band is wrapped around your sweaty dark-blonde hair. 


STARTING SCREEN/ZONE:  An Underground Attic in the Derelict Apartment 'X823-GZX9' in the Pipe-way Slums of Kiyo in the Underground District of Sector 7.


You start the game by waking up on a velvety, dilapidated pink couch with a crooked neon-red lamp and a bizarre wooden television sitting nearby.  The wooden television has two pointy pink antennas sticking out of the top of it.  --  A flashing neon-pink sign hangs from the low ceiling of the attic, next to the orange curtain.



The corners of the attic-room appear to be lit up in a glow-in-the-dark light.  There is a twinkling 'Christmas Tree' resting in a mound of sparkling glitter and pre-fabricated snow nearby in the corner of the attic.


A rusty pink refrigerator and dilapidated stove, covered in glitter, sits in the opposite corner of the room. 

A satin-silk orange curtain is draped from the crooked, low ceiling that is directly above your head.  An old computer sits on a table covered in a velvet tablecloth.  A pile of pink and red notebook paper covers the right side of the table.



Welcome to FAXANDU NET.



(Note: You start the game in Arfax's Attic Room in the Underground Garage-Apartment in Sector 7.


 To move your character please use the up, down, left and right arrows on your game controller or on the lower-righthand corner of your screen.  Your hitpoints and stats are viewable on the lower lefthand corner of the screen.  Your character's face and body is viewable under the pink 'body icon' in the options menu.)


Your character Arfax has just awakened on the dilapidated pink couch.  A glittering curtain of orange velvet hangs down from the low ceiling.   

 Arfax is hungry.  You must first make a 'pink doughnut' to train your cooking skill.



Your first task is to successfully make a 'pink doughnut' and a pail of 'pink milk'.



First, find a pot and locate the pan of 'pink flour'.  Mix the pink flour with the pot to place the flour into the pot.  Now, locate the bottle of 'pink milk'.  Now, find a large brown egg.


Mix the 'pink flour pot' with the 'pink milk' and the 'large brown egg' to make a 'raw pink dough'.  Then, you must use the 'raw pink dough' with an oven or furnace and select 'make pink doughnut' from the list to cook a 'pink doughnut'. 



Adding 'white icing' requires you to find the required ingredients to mix and make the 'white doughnut icing with rainbow sprinkles'.  (This is optional.  Adding icing adds a +2 hp bonus upon consumption.)



You walk over to crooked counter that sits next to the rusty pink refrigerator and stove.  A pan of rich and creamy 'pink flour' sits next to a pile of various cups, bowls and plates.


You take a spotted-pot and mix the pink flour with the pot to make a 'pot of pink flour'.


Next, you walk to the fridge and open it.  Inside is a pile of various cans of soda-pop and various bowls filled with 'pink gruel'. -- Sparkling pink syrup clings to the sides of the fridge in some spots. 




A dirty and grimy vent is built into the back of the inside of the fridge and it has a roaring sound coming from beneath it. -- Little globs of pink and rainbow-coloured paste is dripping from various parts of the inside of the fridge.

On the upper-most shelf is a pail of 'pink milk'.  Next to it sits one large brown egg.  You grab the pail of 'pink milk' and mix it with the 'pot of pink flour'.  Next, you add the 'brown egg' to the 'pot of pink flour'.


It makes a 'raw pink dough'.

You now have the raw pink dough.


  You walk over to the dilapidated and bizarre rusty pink stove and oven.  It is covered in sparkling glitter and colorful grime.  You use the 'raw pink dough' with the oven.


You have successfully baked a 'pink doughnut'.  You make a pink doughnut.  You gain +25 cooking experience.


You mix the pink flour with the pink milk to make a 'raw pink dough'.  You use the 'raw pink dough' with the oven.



You have successfully made a 'pink doughnut'.  You gain +25 cooking exp.


Your character now has two 'pink doughnuts' in his inventory.


To add 'chocolate icing with sprinkles' to the doughnuts requires you to have a cooking level of 3, which you have not reached. -- You must also have a 'bar of chocolate' to add to the 'white icing' to make it into a 'chocolate icing.'



You may also add a bar of chocolate to a pail of pink milk to make it into a pail of 'pink chocolate milk'.


To make a 'chocolate icing', you must mix one pan of 'pink sugar' with a 'pink milk' and a 'cream of milk'.  Mix all three ingredients and it will make a 'white icing'.  Add a 'rainbow sprinkles' for extra hp boost!

You go to your inventory.  In 2 slots it shows two very rich and appetizing looking dessert 'pink doughnuts'. -- You click on one of the 'pink doughnuts'. 


'You eat the pink doughnut'.

You have restored 25 hunger points and 3 hitpoints.


You close the refrigerator and sit back down on the dilapidated pink couch.


A roaring vent is built into the ground directly beneath your feet.  Beneath the vent is the ladder that leads down into the 'Underground Apartment and Garage'. 








Pink Flour.

Pot of Pink Flour.

Pink Milk.

Brown Egg.

Raw pink dough.

Pink doughnut.

Chocolate Icing with sprinkles.

Chocolate Bar.



Copyright (c) 2020 Zelda V.  All Rights Reserved.











Submitted: April 03, 2021

© Copyright 2022 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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