Heaven and hell are on Earth and are merely the psychological conditions we impose on ourselves

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"The few who are different are eliminated quickly enough by the police, by their mothers, their brothers, others; by themselves. All that's left is what you see." - Charles Bukowski


Dearest friend,


I am glad you afforded me the opportunity to talk to you once more and presented me with such a rich tapestry of ideas. Here's what I think about all that...


"In Western culture success is solely defined by how much money you have. Doesn't matter at all how you get that money. 


So we have a kind of social Darwinism in place. People equate success with luxuries and attitude. Those in possession of such qualities i can only imagine feel perpetually smug and worthy. But the grass is always greener. Unless daft, even the financially successful man will take his blessings for granted and seek out something more than fame and fortune. I mean, that's the story of Gautama Buddha.


On to most of us - the undesirable and lower section of the socio-economic sphere - If you're looking rather glum or otherwise weak, you're customarily looked down upon. Similarly if you're dressed as a transit officer, or an accountant, a real estate agent, for example, you likely feel ashamed for the looks you get from pity. That's because you're emulating a rat. Fat cats need rats for snacks.


This is all it comes down to: "you quite literally need money to survive and unless you want to spend your life as a social outcast and/or incarcerated as a criminal/mental patient (I guess the fear of God alone isn't enough these days) you'd better buckle up, sacrifice any dignity and self-respect you might have possessed, and find yourself a menial and degradating job that barely pays a living wage and, no matter what you're doing, directly or indirectly involves you being a literal bitch for corporate fat cats." Dante and Socrates had a few words to say about those guys.


You might be misdirected into thinking you're 'doing your part for society' but you know deep down you're wasting your best years dressed ridiculously, always feeling depressed and ashamed fulfilling a role a monkey could probably do just as well with just as much enthusiasm. If you haven't already been replaced by a machine, well you will be. Because that's all you're worth to the people who enslave you. But you're a good little bitch, aren't you? Delusion. Misguidance. Stockholm syndrome.


It's all in the body language. Your body language reflects those people who shafted you into the unfortunate position you inhabit. Now you're bitter about it and only comfortable to talk about it after several alcoholic beverages. 


But you allow yourself to be positioned so because you once decided it would be easier to take the path of least resistance, and to live your life as a willing participant in borderline poverty sometimes referred to as 'the middle class', rather than have some courage and stand up to perceived injustices. I mean unless you're completely braindead you must have noticed a thing or two by now. You just shove the negative thoughts back away into the unused recesses of your mind and continue to play along like the pathetic bitch you are.


That's all well and good. You were raised for this, was it not so? You weren't smart enough in school. Your parents probably weren't the best at parenting. There were other problems left unaddressed. Maybe not. Even still...


Duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and "right way of living" - you were fooled into misinterpreting every single one of these supposed goals in life to the effect that you are effectively on par with your colonist ancestors, except now we have cars. Cool...


I just feel bad for the natives. But its too late. You morons have been around long enough. The thing is, I can hardly blame you. The body is extremely versatile, mind included, and when we're brought into consciousness we simply adapt. 


So we're products of our upbringing and environment, the people who raised us, the indoctrination model of education and televised media and social norms and stigmas. We're no more than that sans some pseudo-intellectualisms which make us feel wise.


There's always exceptions, but very rarely. Tupac Shakur was the rose that grew through concrete. But he learnt from his family who were guerilla militants. Shot up at a traffic light by an unknown assailant. Like Bukowski said "the few who are different are eliminated quickly enough by the police, by their mothers, their brothers, others; by themselves. All that's left is what you see."


Your circumstances define you, and if you struggle you will suffer more, but at least you will feel alleviated by the removing the idealistic shackles and thinking independently. But the unfortunate reality is the impressionable morons will always outnumber the rational people. The turnover rate is too high. The system is too rigged.


It scares us to think of 1984 or Brave New World, because we acknowledge we're slowly itching towards it. But we already are that and we're very much living it. The only difference is not everyone can be aware like Winston. Most people just go with it. Who wants to look like a crazy person by going against the grain? Certainly not a coward, that much is clear. 


Almost everyone I know is a coward. So am I! But at least I'm honest when I speak my mind. That's about all I got going for me. The rest is futile."


Best wishes


Your dear friend

Submitted: April 03, 2021

© Copyright 2022 olive tree. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

One could argue that material illusion is necessary to inflate the fragile balloon which is the human ego...it makes such a fun and startling sound when you stick a pin in it. Enjoyed your piece.

Wed, April 14th, 2021 6:59pm


thank you

Wed, April 14th, 2021 11:16pm

moa rider

Our setup isn't sustainable. There a platitudes about lifting the poor, but our planet doesn't have the resouces, so the poor will remain poor and the rest will spiral downwards. Usianguke

Thu, April 15th, 2021 3:06am


Eloquently said.

Wed, April 14th, 2021 11:16pm

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