Sometimes That’s The Story … (LoveVerse)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The pure poetry, sometimes that's the story...

How many times can I write about love?

How many times can I tell my story of heart

break? How many more love stories do I

really have left in me? I look at the past 

entries, all the love styles I put on display.

I pace back and forth of what to say to make

myself relive all the feelings.


I reminisce about the ways each one of my 

exs used to tell me how I was the world, 

how I was everything they could find, and then

I start to be like, damn I really liked that, but was 

I really in love with them or just the idea? I take 

a pause where I begin to tell my story, where

all my love tales become pale in comparison,

when I begin to wake up to this new idea and 

possibility, and in that moment.


I tell myself you’re in love with the idea of love 

and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes 

that is the story, the pure poetry, the longing for 

someone to tell you are worth it. It’s okay, it's 

one of the many stages we face, one of the many 

where we learn that...


Sometimes that’s the story, the story we keep 

trying to tell, we keep trying to find. Our story 

of love.


The way we used to stay up till 3 am, planning our

lives around I love yous, and devoting time to one

another based on the time we didn’t have just to see

our love in the middle of the night. It was a summer 

love story some would say, even though it ended 

in winter.


I tell myself you’re in love with the memories, 

and there is nothing wrong with that. I tell myself 

you’re in love with being in love, sometimes that’s the

story that needs to be told. It’s not about how many

lovers you had, how many heartbreaks you’ve

lived through. Sometimes it’s just about the 

memories, sometimes it’s just about the idea

of being in love.


Now, I won’t lie. It was nice, I won’t lie it’s a memory

that helps me sleep. The possibilities that help 

me dream, sometimes I question if I’m still in love

with them, but then I come to see that I was just 

in love with that time period, that era. I pause 

where I tell myself you’re in love with the memories, 

you’re in love with the poetry they inspired you to write.


Sometimes that’s just the story, the love story...


Submitted: April 04, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Deon Durr. All rights reserved.

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