Diamond 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Holly goes out with her brother and ill-luck struck.

NOTE: I made a few changes in the style of writing this story. If you do not like this new pattern, please let me know in the comment box afterwards. Thanks.

... And snow began to fall.

Holly tore the bread to two. She gave one half to her brother and started to eat the other half.

Dylan: sister, I am cold.
Holly: snow is about to fall. Let's get to church quickly.
Dylan: why do we have to go there now?
Holly: we can't go home now, not now that the cloud is getting dark. Plus bad father might be home.
Dylan: I hate bad father.
Holly: I know, so we have to go to church.
The southwind came and everywhere was freezing cold.

Holly held Dylan's hand and soon began to run. The Church building was the next street and they had to get there fast.
Dylan: sis..ter (trying to catch his breath)
Holly: huh?
Dylan: do.. you think we'll...

The sound of the wind suddenly became loud. It made Dylan's voice inaudible.
Holly: what d...
They both spoke but couldn't hear each other. Shortly after, their visibility level was reduced. A mist had appeared and seemed it was turning to fog. Strange. Their vision became blurry and they couldn't see clearly again.
Holly: oh good father, please help us.

She stood still, pulled her already crying brother close to herself and lifted him. Nobody could see them in the midst of the storm, therefore there was no one to help. She helped Dylan to stay on her back so she'll do the walking by herself. It was already afternoon, but it was as dark as late evening. She knew she had to do this. She was tired, her legs were weak and feeble. But she had to go on.
Dylan: sister
She could now hear his voice, as he spoke into her right ear.
Dylan: are we almost there?
His question passed shivers through her body. She knew the answer. She knew they were still far, a street was always very long and their destination was at the end of the next street. The poor vision prolonged the journey. She had to come up with something.
Holly: we..a..re s.e.ev..e....en blockss a..way from Church.
She just had to tell him that so he'ld not feel dejected. Now she could feel herself almost dropping out of tiredness.

Dylan: sister, I don't think I can make it.
Holly: what!
She increased her pace not minding the dictates of her body.
Holly: alright Dylan, we...we....we are... almost there.
Dylan: sister,
Holly: the church's got clinic...
Dylan: sister,
Holly: it's the nearest.... nearest place of comfort....comfort.
Dylan: sister.
Holly: Dylan.
Dylan: thank you so much.
Holly: why?
Dylan: good father, thank you for sister, thank you for mother, and thank you because....
Holly: Dylan! You can't do this!
Dylan: because bad father could not kill us.
Holly: . The church was still very far. Not that there is any special offer in the church, it's just the nearest friendly place they know.
Dylan: sister, remember that part of the Bible where Christ told us that we should not fear those who can kill the body and not the soul...
Holly: Dylan, you are not leaving me.
Dylan:.... But the One who can kill both the body and the soul. Sister, nothing can kill our soul.
Holly: Dylan!
Dylan: sister, my soul is in good Father's hands.
Anger was already burning in Holly's heart. Cold had struck Dylan's heart.
Holly: Dylan!
Dylan: I love you so much s..si..i..i..s....s..s.
Holly: I know. Wait no! You can't!
She shut her eyes, stopped running, and dropped him to the snow. Suddenly a light shone amidst the darkness. It was the light of an emergency vehicle that was touring around in case anyone needed help. Holly went on her kneels without noticing the vehicle. She had her eyes shut already.The vehicle zoomed past them without stopping.
Holly: good father, remember what you promised mother before we were born. She told us what you promised her do you remember now?
Tears were now rolling down her cheeks freely.
Holly: good father, you said you will always protect us.

Man 1: turn around.
Driver: why?
Man 1: someone needs help.
Holly's voice: You said because of her, we will enjoy grace with you.
Driver: no one needs help. Don't disturb my drive.
Man 2: yeah! Or do you wish that someone will be out in the snow. Come on man, don't be wicked.
Holly's voice: you promised her that you will always protect us till our purpose be fulfilled.
Man 1: someone needs help, turn around!
Driver: but we are already far gone.
Man 1: turn this thing around.
Man 2: seriously man?
Holly's voice: you told her that at the appointed time, you will make us fulfill our destinies.
Man 1: tuurrn thiiss caarr arroouund!!!!!
Driver: aalriighht.
He turned the steering wheel and was heading back.
Man 3: I don't know what to say now.
Man 4: I don't too. Except that this appears to be some kind of movie.
Driver: take me as three.
Man 1 turns on the siren.
Holly is now on the floor by her brother, sobbing.
Holly: good father, if it is your intention, please save....
She could hear the siren. And oh! A big big smile was now on her face.
Holly: thank you so much.
She opened her eyes and rose up like an enthusiast. She was shouting so that they could know someone was there. All in two hours, the storm had ended it's rage, but there was still some mist in the air. It all happened like in the twinkle of an eye.
Man 1: let's go! Let's go! Let's go.
They were running towards Holly with a stretcher.
Man 2: ya in trouble?
Holly: my brother.
She bent down, lifted her brother on her shoulders and she fainted.
Holly's subconcious: Bad father will soon be home. He caused all this. That we hate to live at home. That we have to beg to eat. That we are scared to enter our own home. I will not make this happen anymore.

Submitted: April 04, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Excellent Theophilus. All rights reserved.

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I am enjoying the story so far. I think the new style is a little distracting but that is just me. Once I got used to it, I was fine. You might say something about their breath. Seeing their breath would help the reader see the cold and feel the desperation a little more. Just a thought. I am eager for the next part. Thank you for posting and continuing. I am used to the "quotes" to show people talking. This is interesting. Good job.

Sun, April 4th, 2021 9:27am


Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
And thanks for the suggestion. I'm really grateful.

Sun, April 4th, 2021 9:34am

Shadow Sliver

This book is a really good start to your writing future! I hope you keep writing!

Mon, April 26th, 2021 2:57pm


Thank you. And I hope you keep reading.

Wed, April 28th, 2021 9:48am

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