Diamond 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Holly finally fought back. but after everything, she lost all.

Doctor: hello miss!
Holly opened her eyes to see herself in a place that seemed like a hospital. A female doctor was standing by her side.
Doctor: I am Doctor Janise...
Holly: (whispering) my brother!
Dr Janise: and you are?
Holly: where is my brother?
Dr Janise: please stay calm miss. Your brother is fine.
Holly: where is he? I want to meet him.
She began to rise up from the bed, intending to search for her brother. Dr Janise placed her right palm on Holly's shoulder.
Dr Janise: you just have to relax. Your brother is fine. Please be calm.
Holly: alright, I am calm. (anger kept burning in her heart, but it reduced soon)
Dr Janise: thank you. As I was saying, I am Doctor Janise and you are?
Holly: why do you want to know?
Dr Janise: miss, just let's be friends okay? You can trust me.
Holly: (lowly) allllrraaiittt. I am Holly Connor.
Dr Janise: okay, so what about your parents?
Holly: my mum is late and for my dad, it's hate.
Dr Janise: awn, my condolences.
Holly: thank you.
Dr Janise: but I didn't get what you said about your dad. The door flung open suddenly revealing a nurse in white with worry all over her face.
Nurse: Dr Janise! The boy, the boy. Your attention is needed. Please co...
Dr Janise immediately rushed to the door and out of the ward.
Holly: which boy nurse?
The nurse ignored the question and ran after Dr Janise. Holly stood up, removed everything attached to her right hand and followed after them. A little stream of blood flowed from her hand, but she did not mind.
Dr Janise entered the ICU first, then another doctor. Next the nurse. Holly tried to enter but was restricted by another nurse who was at the door. She only managed to sight the boy being referred to; it was her brother.
Holly: no, (she laughed and frowned again) no Dylan, you can't leave me. It's not possible, you know why? I don't know why, but you have to be here for me.
Nurse: please don't disturb them inside. He will be okay.
She immediately remembered her brother's last words. She realized that he had already predicted that his time was up.
Holly: no, he wwoon't be okay. Oh God why! (tears began to streak her cheeks) God you can't take him now.
The nurse noticed the blood on her wrist.
Nurse: what? You are bleeding.
She pulled Holly's left hand.
Holly: (sobbing) leave me alone. Let me stay. Let me stay.
Nurse: but your han...
Holly: (screaming and crying) leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me.
Some patients around began to watch the drama.
Nurse: I'll be back.
The nurse walked away.

An old woman walked to Holly's side and knelt down. Holly was also on the floor weeping. She wrapped her left hand around Holly's neck through her back.

Old woman: young lady. God is in control.
Holly: he is too young to die. Tooo yooung to daaii. (She sobbed then, took a deep breath in for some seconds, before releasing it)
Old woman: let's go to your mother? Where is she?

Holly kept crying.
Old woman: please don't cry.
She lifted Holly's head with her right hand and wiped. Holly's face using a handkerchief she was with.
Old woman: where is your mother?
The nurse appeared with a metal- like bowl.
Holly: in heaven.
Old woman: oh no. I'm so sorry about that. What about your dad?
The old woman moved her hand a little down and lifted Holly by the arm. Holly did not fight back.
Holly: he is the cause of all this. I so much hate him.
The old woman was walking Holly to a seat and the nurse was following in amazement.
Old woman: Holly, let me tell you something.
Holly: (shocked) how do you know my name?
They were now seated and the nurse being a bit distant, could not hear them clearly. She walked over to them, but the old woman signaled to the nurse to not bother, making the nurse walk away.
Old woman: I just seem to know it.
Holly: wow!
She remembered her brother again and went sad.
Old woman: there is a reason why we were created. We were created for a divine plan. Heaven is our real home my dear, but if we do not make heaven, then there is no need to live.
Holly looked at the woman's face.
Old woman: once anyone gets to heaven, on earth, you don't need to weep. Be happy that Dylan has gone to where he is meant to be.
Holly: but it is painful to not have them with you anymore.Old woman: one day every one has to go home, because, this life on earth is just like a farmland where what you work for is what you get.
Dr Janise: but why did God create us and cause us to suffer by taking away the ones we love the most? Oh I'm so sorry for interfering.
Dr Janise had been standing there for quite some time.
Old woman: no don't worry about that. To answer your question, God does not cause us pain, by taking the ones we love the most. He takes the good to the good place when it is the right time. The suffering is self-inflicted because we got closer to the people we claim to love, but God wants you closer to himself. So your focus should be on God my dear. (she paused a little and continued) Alright Holly, I came to meet someone and I have to go. The old woman stood to her feet and began to walk to towards the door. Dr Janise hugged Holly.
Dr Janise: he... he did not make it.
Holly: Noooooooo! (wailing) nooo nooo.
Dr Janise held on tight to Holly and due to compassion, tears began to flow down slowly.

It touched the heart of the patients that were watching. Some little boys and girl began to weep for them. They stretched their hands and started walking to the two hugging folks. Finally the children gathered around them and were giving their own hugs.
Dr Janise opened her eyes and giggled.

One man just walked in through the door looking shabby and covered in snow. He saw the hugging group and started his.
Man: nwaaaaannn! (he stretched his hands and ran to give his own hug) nwaaaaaahh aha ah ah aaaann.
Children: haaaaa!
All of them began to run including Holly and Dr Janise. Holly ran towards the door, with a plan to go home. Dr Janise to her office and the children were chased around by the man till the security came to their aid.
Holly: I did not even ask for her name. Dylan, don't worry, I will kill bad father. Satan, accept his stupid soul in gladness. After all, he has been working for you. Nonsense!
Holly's running slowly turned jogging as she kept moving to her house. She did not really know the way, but she just decided to keep walking straight.
Holly: bad father, I hate you with passion. Dylan, you will not leave me in vain. I love you too Dylan, my brother.
She finally got to a path she recognized. She must have begged on that road before. She began to trace her way back home.

Dr Janise was driving hastily, searching for Holly on the road. She did not know Holly's house, but she believed that God will help her.

Holly picked up a plank and walked to her doorpost. She placed her right palm on the knob and her breath became heavy.
She opened it slowly and noticed someone afar off. She shut it noisily.
Holly: you have to be strong. He is a demon!
She opened the door angrily. At the sight of her, Mr Logan went crazy. He took a wooden chair by the head, broke it's legs on the floor and screamed.
Logan and Holly simultaneously: I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!
He directed the chair at her legs, but she shielded it with the plank. She struck back and the plank broke.
Holly: ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Logan hit her head and she went down to the floor.
Logan: I hate you. (he kept hitting her with the chair till she bled) I hate you. Devil.... Beast.... Demon.... Monster.... (He threw the destroyed chair away and used his hands) evil..... Bad....
Dr Janise sighted them from outside and ran in.
Dr Janise: (screaming) are you crazy? Leave her!
She kicked him away. He stood back and switched preys. She gave him another swift kick, making him land on the floor. She then bent down and lifted Holly. The blood gushing out made Holly uneasy to recognize. She rushed Holly to her car and hurriedly laid her at the back seat. Then she zoomed to the hospital.

Submitted: April 13, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Excellent Theophilus. All rights reserved.

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