Goodbye Earl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Abandoned

Based on The Chicks' song by the same name.

September 3rd, 2007


Wanda hugged Mary Anne tight as they both began to cry.

“So, you really are going to leave.”

“You can still come with me, Wanda.”

“Leaving was always your dream Mary Anne, I’m happy here and I wish you the best.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll be here so come back and visit often.”

“Last call for passengers on the 5:06 to Cambridge, Massachusetts,” came across the PA system with a crackle.

“I have to go.” Mary Anne gave Wanda a final kiss on the cheek and hug before running to her bus.

Wanda stood at the door fighting back the tears as the bus carrying her best friend slowly rolled down the street. They had become friends in middle school and that friendship had survived high school and boyfriends. Wanda vowed she wouldn’t let this break the bond she and Mary Anne had.


November 14th, 2009


Wanda stomped the snow off her boots and hurried into the living room to grab the ringing phone. “Mary Anne?”

“It’s me, Wanda. I was being to think you forgot.”

“Have I ever forgotten?”

“No, you haven’t.”

“I was on a date.”

“Really tell me about him.”

“His name is Earl Hechson and he works at the local garage.”

“Do you love him?”

“I do, I really think I do.”

“When is the wedding?”

“Oh my God Mary Anne he hasn’t even asked me yet.”

“He will, he would have to be insane not to. Wait he isn’t like insane is he?”

Wanda laughed as she fell onto the couch. It felt so good to talk to Mary Anne even if it had only been a week since her last phone call.

“What about you Mary Anne meet any handsome guys at college?”

“I’ve met a couple, but no one I want to settle down with.”

They were soon talking about all the people they had known. Wanda caught Mary Anne up on all the local gossip. Mary Anne for her part told Wanda about all the interesting things she was doing in the big city.


May 6th, 2012


Mary Anne sat by her friend’s hospital bed holding her hand. The other woman looked like someone had used her as a punching bag which was exactly what had happened. Mary Anne had flown in as soon as she had heard what happened. The abuse had been going on since soon after Wanda had married Earl. At first, Wanda had tried to hide the black eyes and bruises but make-up could only do so much. She had lied about how she had gotten the injures but people knew the truth and tried to encourage her to leave Earl. Finally, she had enough and she throws him out and filed for divorce, but Earl just broke in and beat her.

“I can’t leave him, Mary Anne, he will do worse next time and the police can’t stop him.”

Mary Anne gave her friend’s hand a squeeze, “You just worry about getting better and we can discuss it once you are out of here.”


June 5th, 2012


Wanda hurried to the door and opened it. The bruises were almost gone as she looked at Earl standing there.

“I’m kind of surprised you would invite me over, Wanda.”

“I made a mistake Earl. I know you were just trying to make me a better wife. I shouldn’t have done what I did.”

Earl smiled as he reached out and ran his fingers along Wanda’s cheek. “I’m glad you came to your senses.”

“I did Earl. I made us dinner even, all your favorites.”

“Where is that nosy friend of yours, Mary Anne?”

“Gone. Come on in.”

Earl followed Wanda to the dining room table and took his seat at the head of it. Wanda busied herself serving him before fixing her own plate. She sat down and nibbled at her food as Earl shoveled the food into his mouth. As he swallowed a spoon full of black-eyed peas he choked a little.

“These peas don’t taste right.”

Wanda takes a spoonful of them from her plate and tastes the black-eyed peas. “They taste fine to me Earl.”

Earl gasps as he tries to speak.

Mary Anne walks in. “It isn’t the peas Earl it is the poison we coated you silverware with. Don’t worry it won’t kill you, that would be too easy.”

“You should have just let me go, Earl,” Wanda tells him as she goes and helps Mary Anne drag the large trunk into the room.

It was harder than either of them thought it would be but together they stuff Earl into the trunk. They waited until dark before loading it into the back of Earl’s truck and driving him out to the bridge on Old Mill Lane. Working together they were able to lift the trunk up to the side of the truck bed and push it in. It hit the water with a large splash as the two friends hurried to get into the cab of the truck.


August 17th, 2012


“I hate to ask this Wanda, but we need to look around the house. Earl has been reported missing.”

Wanda stepped back and open the door wider. “It is fine Sheriff Todd”

Sheriff Todd walked in and saw Mary Anne sitting on the couch. “Hi, Sheriff.”

“Mary Anne, I thought you left town months ago.”

“I’ve decided to move back, to start over and Wanda was kind enough to offer to let me stay here with her. We support each other since we are both starting over.”

The sheriff nods as he begins his search. He went through the motions of looking for signs that Earl had been in the house, but he did not expect to find anything. Once he was done he headed for the front door. “I’m sorry to disturb you ladies. If either of you hear from Earl let us know.” He told them as he tips his hat and leaves.



Submitted: April 04, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Gypsy Rose. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

Earl sounds like the kind of guy no one will look for too hard.

Sat, November 20th, 2021 12:35pm

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