-- DARK UNDERGROUND WONDERLAND: Zelda's Quest - Secret Underground Wardrobe! - (Video game.)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

****** DARK UNDERGROUND WONDERLAND: Zelda's Quest - Secret Underground Wardrobe! - Pt. 1 ------- Video game story! -- Part 1 !

DARK WONDERLAND: Zelda's Quest - Secret Underground Wardrobe! - PART 1



(FROM 2019.-- WELCOME TO THE ENTRANCE OF THE 'UNDERGROUND' !  Dark Wonderland Awaits! --Down the 'Wardrobe's Vent' and into the industrial garage hallway!  Secret Underground Boiler Room and slums! -  ZELDA'S SECRET QUEST !)


Darkness.  Zelda awakens one night to a tantalizing anomaly.




The vent that is hidden in the back of my sparkling wardrobe in my basement is flashing and smoking in a bizarre fashion! An industrial fan roars in a loud vibrating hum from deep below me.



I lay my ear to the icy-cold grate of the vent and hear strange roaring sounds mixed with white noise and splashing water.



Red and green smoke flashes and shimmers within the darkness of my basement-wardrobe. I slowly put on one of the furry pink coats and lean down near the roaring mystery of the snowy vent in the corner.


Slowly, I remove the flashing vent and gaze inwards.



A glittering black-and-white checkered pathway leads downwards along a crooked passageway and vanishes out of sight.  Glow-in-the-dark candles and bizarre pictures hang on the walls to each side.Christmas lights hang from the low, crooked ceiling of the passage.


A pair of strange industrial fans are roaring to each side of the crooked passage, just inside the entrance.  The fans have pink icicles and velvety purple syrup covering their exterior.  Flashing strobe lights flicker on and off in a bizarre fashion from further down the crooked, underground hallway. 



The fragrant air whirring from the fans is tantalizing and mystical.





I slowly bend down and crawl into the mysterious roar of the white noise of the passage.


Little piles of neon snow are around sitting along the crooked walls. Little flashing strobe lights illuminate the upper corners of the low-ceiling. ---- Bizarre and crooked closets are to each side of me. I try to open one of them however they require a 'PINK KEY' to unlock them.



After some time, I start to notice little red-cement driveways leading off into what appears to be glittering garage doors that are on either side of the passage.  Christmas trees sit in little piles of glittering neon-snow with big piles of presents surrounding them.



A set of bizarre 1950's wooden televisions are sitting in aromatic mounds of glow-in-the-dark snow, peeping forth in a cute fashion. They have long crooked antennas that flash and sparkle in electrical brilliancy.



The low-ceiling begins to open up and widen slightly.


Flashing glitter covers the bulky cement of the checkered black-and-white ground below.  Vents along the wall, directly above me, puff out a fragrant steam of strange smoke.



At the end of the passage is a little furry she-creature, resembling a pink rabbit, with very long and sharp, pointy ears, decorated with shiny pink ribbons. She is standing next to an extravagantly decorated Christmas tree with a large mound of presents sitting below it.



An industrial ice-vehicle sits nearby, decorated with sparkling neon lights and two pointy spikes sticking forth on top. It resembles a 1950's make and model with sharp pointy ends on the rear and a striped hood of green and red.  A large mound of neon-green snow sits on top of the bizarre vehicle, tantalizing glitter shimmering atop.












Submitted: April 13, 2021

© Copyright 2022 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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