A Girl Named Ruthie

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ruthie seeks marriage and finds a man with a shoddy background. She meets a man on the road when her car breaks down and he, in turn, introduces her to a man who falls in love with her. The ending is rather shocking!

A Girl NamedRuthie


Jack Kay



Chapter 1

It all began when Ruthie Kanon met Yakov Meir at a social function in theTvia Reformed Synagogue monthly get-together. Ruthie attended regularly leaving her job as a legal secretary at Muretsky law firm for the afternoon.She was a full-figured woman who had not ever even gotten close to having a boyfriend. Her hair was very well taken care of with visits to Shannon’s Beauty Parlor. She wore excessive makeup but had no facial blemishes. Her face however was rather lopsided because of her excessive flab. She was not very good-looking but made up for her lack of beauty because of a very polite way of speaking. She always met clients at the law firm because she was so kind and polite. It was her nature. She went to awoman’s fitness class three times a week She was very naive particularly about the male gender.

Ruthie had grown up in a very Jewish environment. Her parents Sophie and Isaac Kanon spoke very poor English and most of the conversations were in Yiddish. There were three children, Ruthie at 25 was the oldest, followed by Samuel at 21 and the youngest Grunia who as 17. Grunia hated her name and used her second name of Elena. Their father was a meat cutter at the Kosher butcher in town.Their mother worked in a men’s store doing alterations. The store was well known and she made a good living with her work. The family owned a two-story house in the East End of Amherst, which was near River City. They all attended the Conservative Synagogue every Saturday and although Ruthie was well-liked she did not have any real friends. Her brother worked at the Automotive plant in River City and helped with expenses at home but he was courting a girl. Elena the youngest worked on Sunday at a pharmacy and was still in High School, Grade 13. The family was very conventional and everyone was required to eat their dinner together. Ruthie objected because she liked to eat out, although she rarely dined with any friends. Some Sundays she would go alone to the Tunnel Restaurant and eat what Jews called Tref, translation ‘Pork Ribs.’ She was not alone at the restaurant, numerous Jews ate there and no one seemed too surprised.


Chapter 2

The afternoon chance meeting at the weekly party was an opportunity for Jewish adults to meet in a congenial setting. Ruthie took to the emigrant Russian very quickly. She danced , numerous items with him and he began to slide hishand down her back , resting on her full bottom. At first she felt uncomfortable but she thought he must like her if he was fondling her. Before the next party she stopped into a lingerie store and purchased a throng.If he was going to feel her up, then she would make it worthwhile. On her first dance, she noted he slid his hand down and she noticed a childish smile on his face, and as he danced closer that he had a an erection.

They began to date, and within a month of the meeting he suggested they take a motel room, his English in this regard was not easily understood but she got thedrift.She refused. He usually went to a deli called Pinskys and met with his friend Moishe . They laughed as they discussedYaakov’s affair with Ruthie describingall of her attributes in Russian. He called her a ‘fat ass’ and said he was getting close to screwing her.

“I will have her pants off soon.’” he said confidently.

“We can both get it in his friend said laughingly.

He was wrong on that account. She refused, she let him feel her up under her dress and run his hands on her massive breasts but there was no intercourse, She would stop him every turn . She did hold his erection inside his pants and he would come in her hand. He lied to Moishe and told him he had gotten laid. But was not believed.


Yakov did not have a job , but always seemed to have lots of money. Ruthie thought he was working in a used car parts store. He said he worked two or three days a week. It was another one of his fables as well of how he had emigrated to Canada. He actually stole car parts, from several wrecking lotsin River City.His entire life up to that point was one continuous lie.


Chapter 3


Yakov was born in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. There are over one million inhabitants and it is located near the Volga river. Yaakov’s family were Jewish, but it was hard to detect. The war was long over and many of the Russian Jews had been ableto leave to go to Israel. His father and mother both worked as bakers in the state-run city bakery. When Yakov was 15 he was arrested for shoplifting. It appeared that he had left school without permission and spent days stealing whatever he could without being caught. The second time he was arrested he was given time in a juvenile lockup where the cells were unheated and the food was just enough to survive. Prison life in the Soviet Union was no walk in the park.His lifechanged when his father applied to go with a group to emigrate to CanadaThe Soviets were trying to eliminate the Jewish population and the Jewish National Fund in Canada was sending planes to transport them. Yakov was released from the detention center and flown out to Toronto with his parents and several others . . His mother and father got jobs in their professions in River City but Yakov found work at the Ford Plant as a sweeper. He still lived at home with his parents which was a small bungalow. His sister started school and learned English very quickly. She also got a job working in a Dollar store as a cashier.

Yakov was a thief. He lived at home and traveled around town on the bus, looking for places to make a fast killing on stolen car parts. He met a man who had a store specializing in used car parts. His biggest supplier was Yakov who climbed fences to steal whatever he could get his hands on. Yakov also had some repair garages that he sold the parts. He was averaging a hundred dollars a week in sales. He always gave his mother twenty - five but she thought that he was earning a salary.He had quit his factory job.

The River City police were aware that someone was stealing car parts. The owners of the lots where the parts were disappearing kept calling and they were advised to get a watchdog. When Yakov realized that the places were being guarded by a dog he had to rethink his plans.


Chapter 4

My name is Andy Stone. This story would have meant nothing to me except for circumstances that unveiled on the highway from River City to Chatsworth sixty miles distant.

Every weekend starting Friday night I traveled to small towns with a dance group known as the “Thundering Herd ’. They were all show dancers, 6 men, and six woman. I was in the pit band to accompanying  on sax along with Lucien on Piano, Mark on Trumpet, Bobbi on Bass Fiddle, and Dusty on Drums.One concert on Friday, 2 on Saturdays and Sunday. The rest of the week I worked in an insurance office processing claims. Music was my love but jobs were very hard to come by for a musician. Lucien was the leader of our group but we shared our weekly pay. The guys and gals in the group were all over the hill dancers but they had a knock-out show with every kind of dance you can think of. The lead was a girl named Sally Banning from the USA. The lead male was Bobby Tullis from Toronto. We did quite well n small towns and usually sold out small venues.The good thing was that we got back to River City at nine on Sunday. I was sortof sweet on a girl in theensemblenamed Ronda Whiteside, but she was eight years older than I was at 39, she did haveabsolutely great shape, beautiful blonde wavy hair and real cute face. She worked out to stay fitin the group and lived in Riverside near River City. Ronda who was called Ronnie and I traveled together while the other boys had a van with the band equipment. The Dance group rode on a small bus. The managerfor the entire show was Max Bernstein, he also rode on the bus.

Now I am relating all this because on one wintry night I was heading to a town called Valleyton, a small town with a terrific auditorium. Ronnie had decided to go in the bus for some reason and I just wished her good health.I came to the turn-off from the main highway and I saw a rather large person waving at me from the crossroads. She was dressed insufficiently(I realized it was a woman)for the cold and I pulled off the main road into a garage parking lot , the place was closed.The woman raced over to my car and I opened my window.

“My car broke down and I do not have a cell phone and I amreally stuck.” she said almost tearing up.

“Well first of all get in my car it is too cold to be standing outside on a night like this.”

“Thank you thanks. ” she said as she wheeled around the front of my car and pulled the door open , pilinginto the front seat. She was shivering and I turned up the heat in my Toyota Camry. I had on my parka, but I had another winter coat in the back seat. It dintfit her but she pulledit over her body and settled in to the heated car.

‘I am going toValleyton, will that help you?”

“No I was going to Chatsworth but if you could take me to Valleyton, I can call my brother and he will arrange for the Auto Association to get my car. I will get a hotel and I know he will pick me up tomorrow.”

“ Good thinking, by the way, my name is Andy Stone, I am a musician heading to play at the Cloud Nine theatre in Valleyton.”

“Oh wow is it a dance?”

‘Actually no , I amin a pit group that accompany thetraveling dance group called the Thundering Heard. We play every Friday, Saturday and Sunday out here inthewilds.”

She laughed and I started up going into thedarkness which had settled in.

“My name is Ruthie Kanon she said with a very soft voice. I am a secretary at the Metursky Law office on Ouellete.I was on my way to see my cousin Reva in Charlestown and we were heading to Toronto tomorrow , looks like that plan is gone down the drain as some other plans I have had in my life.

I had my eyes on the road but I saw by taking a side line glance that she was crying.

“Hey no use crying it will allbe fixed by tomorrow, you said so yourself.”

“No it is my screwed life that is constantlyinvading my sanity.” She said wiping her eyes.

And with that for thenext more than an hour she communicated a sordid story which was avery sadepisode in her life.

Ruthie Began:

As you can see I am quite heavy , or full figured as they say so it was a joyful experience to meet a Russian immigrant . I am Jewish and I attended dances at the Jewish Center every week. His English was quite poor but we got on. We danced and had dates. I went to the gym at the center, did everything I could to get rid of the excess weight . I lost 15 pounds but you know it was a real downer whennobody noticed. I even started smoking which drove my father and mother nuts.After three months of you know dating and wrestling in my car, the guy Yacov asked me to marry him . I said yes and thought we better get on with it fast before he changed his mind. So on June 5th we stood in front of Rabbi What’s-his-name with family and friends in the chapel of the Synagogue.His wedding band was a flimsy looking gold band. My family and I paid for the whole smear.

She stopped speakingand finally asked if she could smoke, I said no, but we can stop at the next open restaurant. The Robin Doughnutslights were next and she stopped her background until we arrived . I got her a Rosie, their special and a coffee. She did not eat the doughnut but managed to smoke two cigarettes. We had to stay in their smoking tent which was cold but I had plenty of time and we were dressed warmly. She motioned for us to set off and she commenced her narrative.

So we were given all the blessings and after that on our honeymoon to Chicagoyou know blah blah blah. I got several of the positions fromthe book , back front and sideways, all sort of bang bang thank you mame. Very soon after that we took up residence in a basement apartment which was below a family with three kids. It was worse than offal, it was terrible.I thought Yakov had a job but so far it was all on my dime. We were soon using my savings and our wedding money plus my salary. I asked him what he did all day at his job and in Yiddish he says BUPKAS which means nothing NADA. The questioning went on for a month. No job , no money and a million excuses. He and his friend Moishe had all kinds of plans. You can understand that by the end of month two I was getting furious. Then one day I got the most sickening shock of my life. I came home and the apartment was absolutely empty, completely ransackedexcept for my clothes, everything gone,wedding gifts, all the furniture my family had paid for, the expensive dinnerware from my bosses at the law firm, even the food from the frig. I also noticed some of my new spring clothing was gone along with a fall coat I had never worn. Mycheque book had been taken and the telephone had been pulled out of the jack and was also missing. I went to the neighbor and she let me call the bank as it was open to six at night. My entire chequingaccount had been wiped out - nearly eighteen thousand . The savings account thankfully was invested and it was safe in amutual fund.

I don't know why I actual thought we had been robbed, and Yakov would be coming soon soon. Nothing struck me immediately that in fact the thief was Yakov.I went back to neighbor and she said he had told her that we were moving to a new apartment. I asked her if the stuff had gone on a moving truck and she said she didn't see one just a open truck colored black They had made three trips but she had had goneshopping. Her husband suggested I call the police . I did and they showed up an hour later and made a report. I could hear the two cops talking as they walked upstairs saying how funny it was that my husband would hit on his own wife. The result was that I was told it was a domestic matter , not a police matter. Their advice was to get alawyer. I laughed myself silly before crying like a child. He that is my husband had married meunder false pretensions. I tried to contact him through his parents and they couldn't believe that he had taken everything and split. They did not know where he was and his father called Moishe but he had disappeared also. My boss atthe law firm Herb Bluesteintold me to hire aa private detective hahahah. He didn’t have an idea what that cost. I was now sleeping on a mattress my mother gave me and I was gaining more weight from eating out every day. I began to use very bad words until I had to be shut by other girls in the office.

“We are nearly there Ruthie and I have a short sound rehearsal in heauditorium, please come in with me. There is always pre-concert food and I will get you a plate with a drink. one of the guys has a cell phone you can call your brother and explain the situation.”

“ Oh Andy you are so kind, thanks so much” she was crying again

“ Hey Ruthie everybody gets into a mess sometime ,so I will help you the best I can. Come with me the guys are just pulling up now.”


Chapter 5


The place was sold out but I got Ruthie a spot in in aempty seat that had not been filled. The guys were interested in mystory about how I had picked her up. Ronnie was slightly annoyed and didnot speak to me. I was really just trying to be a good Samaritan . But one thing did happen that was really unusual. The leader Lucien was very pleasant to her, taking her to the smoking room when we took a break. She just gushed about the show, fantastic she kept saying and the dancers could sense how impressed she was. It helped because the audiencewho were nearly all farmers were applauding with lots of vigor.

Ruthie called her brother and I called the hotel to fix up a room for her. We always got our backs into the show in the second half, the dancers were surprisedthe audience were able to almost tear the roof off the hall. People stopped by to tell us how great themusic was. Ruthie didn't sit still she came over when we began to hustle the equipment into the van. We headed up the road to our hotel named the Grand , whichwe found was not asname indicated but we had taken several rooms there. Ronnie and usually shared but she was still angry so I was alone. Lucien made sure Ruthie was settledand we all headed down to the bar for a drink. The dancers also congregated in thebar and restaurant.Ruthie asked if she could go with us and Lucien invited her. Everyone stopped by to ask Ruthie how she liked the show and she seemed to be in seventh heaven.

The next morning I came down from breakfast and both Lucien and Ruthie were seated. I joined them and she came over and hugged me. I had to wonder about their sleeping arrangements. Ruthie was again in  the midst of her story regarding her marriage.

She began:

After a few weeks I moved out of the apartment into condominium shared with two other girls. I had my own room and we contributed to both the rent and the food .I was terribly embarrassed as people that knew me kept asking 'how is married life.' You know things like that . I did call the Guardian Detective agency and a man came to the office for information. I gave an explanation of the situation and he wrote voluminous notes. He told me they charge $100.00 an hour with a minimum of 10 hours.I was truly amazed when the owner MR Metursky said he would pay for the ten hours as a way of testing the agency for other cases that we were working on. I blubbered all over his office and the guy whose name was Fontaine started work. He came back two days later with Yakov's location and what he was doing. He was in Toronto and working as a taxi driver. The law firm were very impressed . They paid his bill for seven hours work . They immediately turned other files over to the detective who I later learned was a former member of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Now having found out what I needed to know I discovered meant nothing. What would I do with it ? I thought I would take time off and confront him, but he would laugh himself silly. No one that I knew had any idea what to do about it . Even if I sued him , he would never pay. People in the office said that I had very little options, I should let it go. But I can tell you both that my anger and frustration increased. One day I met some people I knew in a coffee shop, one of the guys ingroup said he had heard about a gang that specialized in settlingup things for people. At first I thought probably was a terrific idea, but I asked the question . What do you mean settling things up? He said you know strong arm tactics. I immediately went in hysterical laughing. You mean beating the crap out of Yakov? And we all burst into hilarious hooting. The idea was ludicrous because it would be obvious that I set the so called dogs on the guy. There had to be another way. But I wasat a loss to see anything.

We had to head off and Ruthie's brother had arrived to take her home. She hugged me again and then she and Lucien walked behind a car, and I could see were kissing likecrazy. He had his hands all over her and the way it was going gave me an idea that Ruthie did not sleep in her own bed the night before. We all waved as she left with her brother, but that was not the last we saw of the girls named Ruthie.


Chapter 6

Two weeks after picking up Ruthie she appeared again, and shewas with Lucien. He had called and asked if I could take Bobbi our bass player in my car. I agreed since Ronnie was no longer speaking to me. We were going to Owen Sound a fair distance where we had two concerts bookedFriday nightand Saturday afternoonwith two concertsSunday Afternoon and evening in London, Ontario. Ruthie was all smiles when I spoke to her at a rest stop. Bobbi said they both looked like they were getting their 'oil changed'. Now they made a strange couple because Julien was a very small guy with very big pot belly. He was still quite young but had always had excess body weight as we had gone to high school together. Over the next several weeks , their relationship blossomed. I began to notice also that they were both losing weight. Lucien was a good piano player but his skills improved , and he became more demanding. He wrote all theorchestramaterial for the show . The manager was very pleased especially since , he had added a duo of husband and wife singers to the bill.Spring rolled into summer and we took our annual break for July and August. We were opening as we usually did in River City with two shows , followed by a weekendin the Chatsworth area.

Lucien called a orchestra rehearsal in late Augustat the back room of the River CityCentennial hall. Ruthie showed up with Julien, both were the shadow of their former selves. Everybody congratulated them. Ruthie was dressed in in a flowering skirt with a sharp looking blouse, she must have lost at least 35 pounds and Julien was almost unrecognizable. His pants were two sizes too big and his face had become shrunken.We banged through the tunes and when we took a break I spoke to Ruthie.

She could hardly speak without giggling. Some of what she told me was lost with her constant breaking into a chuckle.

Then she got quite serious.

I really owe you Andy , You helped to change my life. Lucien is a great guy and treats me like I was a Queen . WE both made a commitmentto lose weight and he has been agood mentor and if I don't fallow the diet !

She leaned over and whispered in my ear "He gives me damn good spanking on my rear end which I love "

We both laughed and she carried on with her story.

He practises every day and I love to listen to his playing, Lucienis so talented. I make lunches for both of us . I go to the law office every day and we actually live on my salary while he save his pay for our future. I live with him , but my parents are as mad as hell over the situation especially because he is a Catholic. Ce La Vie, I have finally found happiness with a guy I love.

She stopped for a moment and popped a small pill in her mouth, which I assumed was a appetite suppressor. Lucien came and told me he wanted to start up again. So the conversation ended there. Two weeks later we had our firstrehearsal with the ensemble and singers. The walk through was held inrehearsal room oneat Centennial hall. I noticed that Ronnie was gone as well as two male dancers.The replacements seemed to beyoung people including a knockout sparkling dancer named Becky. I became attracted to her. She spokewith a smile on her face , and I learned that she was much older than she looked and she had a boy friend. So much for another romance .

Rehearsals can be very tiring, the scenes had to be perfect because the director was a demanding woman. The lunch hour finally arrived. I usually ate very little because it made me sleepy. Ruthie was there , seated in the small audience space and I sat next to her.

''Say Ruthie , I wanted to mention that both you and Lucien look terrific"

She shook her head and giggled saying she still had a long way to go.

'What about your ex, any word on that?"

She instantly becameserious displaying a grim look on her face .

"Andy it is stilla mess. I had his pay garnisheed to get back my money, some fool in my office gave him my phone number and he called using all his four letter words, threatening me with death, disfiguration and so on. His language certainly has improved." she laughed out loud.

"He would phone and leave messages for me to call him , but I just would not return his calls. I calledthe police inToronto but some how they couldn't locate him or they said they were unable .He hasn't called for about two weeks and Lucien said eh better no come near me."

We returned to the performance with a lot of interruptions.

I was growing very tired and my chops(lips) was getting bruised from changing horns and all theplaying. The charts were full of notes and I began to find wrong transpositions from the piano part. When we stopped I showed them to Lucien, and he argumentative. I substituted what I thought they should be and we moved on.Ruthie would come and go I guessed to have a smoke. The weather in River City was especially warm and the air conditioning was not very effective. The next two days were just as bad , but we finally put all the pieces together. The test was scheduled for the following weekend with the opening in River City. Lucien was not happy with the orchestra and ordered a mid week rehearsal. The guys had had enough of his grueling style of working conditions and none of us showed up. He called me saying I was the leader of the mutiny. I told him in no uncertain terms that we did not need to run over the show again . He shouted and bellowed at me , resulting in my hanging up the phone. He called back and apologized. He then related whyhe was in araging mood.

Sorry about all the wrong notes and being so damn bloody minded Andy, but the situation with Ruthie is getting increasingly screwed up. In the beginning of Augustwe went over to visit her parents. It was a Sunday and her father asked why we weren't in church. They served us a brisket lunch and apologized because it wasn't ham. Almost at every opportunity theymade insultingremarks. They spoke very often in harsh tones to Ruthie in Yiddish which I couldn't understand. I thanked them when we left and her mother said not to come again. You know me Andy, I have never spokenany anti-Semitic jokes or curses. My mother and dad were furious because they had shownrealhigh regard for Ruthie. In fact they just love her like a daughter. Mom was delighted a brought home a full figured girl with a great sense of humor.She told us how proud she was of our weight loss. The entire situation turned out to be a wreck. So I have lost my train of thought in regards to the show.

"Listen Lucien don't apologize , I am not worried about the wrong notes, hey we are pals, what can I do to help?"

Lucien hesitated , before continuing,

"We are living together and I asked Ruthie if she could obtain aannulment to her marriage so we could become honest. But so far she has not made any efforts in that direction."

"Do you want me to speak to her, after all I brought her into your life?"

'I certainly would be grateful to you if you have a words with her."

I agreed, the show kicked off but Lucien was not up to it. He began to miss cues and play wrong notes as well as stop playing at times . We finished the River City concerts in a total shambles. The Manager and Director werehorrified and there was a screaming match right on the stage at the Center. I interrupted, I suggested that Bobbi take over at the piano fora while and Lucien would change to bass which he was very experiences. I also volunteered to lead the group, making cues and conducting if necessary. Everyone agreed and the following weekend we left on Friday morning early for teh Niagara region, for the four concert series. Welland, St Catherines ,Niagara Falls and Niagara -on -the -lake. We now had a truck for wardrobe and instruments with our scenery. The bus was a 40 passenger and we all rode on it.Lucien sat up with the Director for a while and I got Ruthie's ear as she was travelling with us.

I started right in:

" Ruthie dear, I spoke with Lucien, you know we are long time good friends and I wonder if you would tell me why you havenot applied for a annulment from your ex husband. I think he wants to make plans for the future but as long as you stay marred to Yakov, he remains in the dark."

She did not answer but kept her eyes glued outwindow.

"Andy, itis very complicated. My parents absolutely will not consent to mixed marriage. They hate Catholics with a vengeance. I have tried t o tell them he does not care about religion, our kids will be Jewish , he said and he will convert . But they say he is not Jewish and they will disowned me if I marry him.I have spoken with them over andover gain, but their response has been isto stay married to Yakov, he will come back. Yeahlike shit he will return. He took my money and my furniture,threatened me and I am taking part of his taxi salary, there is no way the guy is ever coming back to River City."

She looked out the window and I could see she was starting to tear up. It left me to stop talking. But momentarily she began again

"Lucien and I are expecting." She said suddenly in a very dramatic assertion, trying to hold back from bawling.

"Does he know." I asked in a whispered voice.

She was now really beginning to sob drawing the attention of some of the dancers,. Mary Ann her best friend in the dance troupe came over from the seat in front, I changed places with her.They spoke in low voices , which was difficult to hear . We stopped near Toronto to have lunch and I left the matter for a while. When we got to Welland about 2 hours later it was just time fora fast dinner and a short sound test and rehearsal.The show went great and I had my work cut out for me with cues, directing the guys. The audience was thin, which was a surprise for us. But Lucien hugged me and everyone congratulated me on the cues along with theorchestra performance.

The hotel was a second class but had a bar and restaurant where we ordered our late lunch and had a few drinks. I didn’t see Lucien or Ruthie until about a half hour after we checked in. Ruthie came over and waved to me and Lucien left her at an empty table .WE talked about the show and then she left heading up to bed.

The next day while we waited for our bus tothe next show, I saw Ruthie and Lucien having a very spirited shouting outside the truck which we hadjust loaded. I begun to walk over because it looked like they were getting ready to strike one another. I could hear her shouting at him. " You told me you were begin wearing a condom." He jumped in "I thought you said you were on the pill."

They both stopped the conversation "I ran out and forgot to get a refill." she said in a weaker voice

They stopped their discussion, I moved away heading over to the bus which had just arrived. We started up, before we had gone a few milesthey kept on sniping ateach in very low voices but it began to get louder. The manager came over, asking them to quiet down, thatthey were getting annoying.

Chapter 7

The show was a flop in the Niagara Region . WE had less that 50 people for the last concert and everyone was disillusioned. But the show had to go on. The next weekend we played Toronto area and more thin crowds. We were all becoming worried especially when we played Oshawa which was a real downer, 36 people in attendance.

Lucien and I spoke on the phone the next week, we decided to have a rehearsal to spruce up our playing. He then told me what had happened with he and Ruthie.

His tone wasdespairing even on the phone:

We could not stop our brickbats at each other I went to my piano to try and shut her up. She was really pissed off at me. Blaming me for not accepting what she called the inevitable result ofmen and woman rolling in the hay. I said not these days , she had insisted that she was on the pill. She didn't say at any time wear a condom, it must have been in her imagination. The worst was yet to come , her mother and father were so angry that they again told us not to come near them. Her mother kept saying that the baby would be a Catholic, for that matter so did my parents. I did find that humorous. She - Ruthie decided to find another place to live, but I soon talked her out of it. I haven't slept with her for a week. She is down nearly 80 pounds on her weight so she is in good health to have a baby so her Doctor told her.

We spoke for awhile, talking about the show. The weeks rolled on . I saw Ruthie a few times and she had become noticeably pregnant. Lucien and I took turns in running the show, but the audiences were falling off. As winter turned to spring, the manager kept telling us things would improve , but they didn't. In April, we hit milestone, it happened in a show in Kingston, Ontario. We had less than 10 people in our  audience. We gathered at the intermission backstage, considering our options. I said we must finish the show but we had consider the future. Nearly everyone agreed.The guys in the band all had daytime jobs, or private incomes like Lucien, but the dancers were depending on the show to live on. The manager said we would have to close on May 1st, he would cancel the  remainder  of the  season. For me it was devastating. I had worked weekly dances for so long the show became a morale booster. So it all ended in tears in Toronto, where we played  Spadina Playhouse and drew 50 people.  The trip home was one of sorrow, Ruthie had come along  because everyone wanted to know about her pregnancy. Lucien seemed to be resigned to being a father.

Ruthie had a baby girl at the end of May ,  they called the baby Rachel, some kind of Biblical name I guess. I spoke to Lucien some weeks after the blessed event. It was a a very sad story unfortunately, I could sense his grief:

Thanks for the call, things have sort of spiralled out of control for me.  Ruthie and I have split , she took our daughter, moved out taking all her stuff and lots of mine. I tried to reach her at the law office but she has taken maternity leave. her parents hung up on me when I tried to geta line on where she was hold up. But despite my efforts, her whereabouts were not found. Then of all things I went to the River City drugstore in Riverside where I saw her at the  pharmacy counter. She was busy with the woman behind the counter , not noticing I stood nearby. The baby was ina buggy near her. Within  a  rather tall bearded man came up and stood beside her, reaching into his pocket to pay for a prescription she was handed. She turned to face me, smiling when she saw me, saying a very nice hello, and then she introduced  me to the man , this is my husband Yakov. I shook hands with him, noting how well dressed he was. Well we must go, nice to see you Lucien.

Jack Kay

April 2021 

Submitted: April 13, 2021

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