Scream Ice Cream

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As a baby in America, the world was Seggy’s.

As a child in America, Seggy was a fairy,

As a tween in America, Seggy wrote her grandparent’s stories,

As a teen in America, Seggy was shunned aside and unacknowledged.

Now, at sixteen years old, Seggy felt as worthless as she thought she was.

There are people who matter, and most who don’t.

Was what she always told herself.

Growing up, Seggy’s grandparents would tell her stories about magic, love, and adventure, and they were interesting, very, very, interesting. She had always loved them, and she still kind of did. But now she was a teen, and that meant that she was grumpy, addicted to a glowing screen, self conscious, and more! To herself she was just Stinky Seggy. To others she was Broke Seggy.

Not very encouraging if you were asking, which you're probably not.

Everyday was the same, wake up, grumble at everyone, go to school in a hoodie, make eye contact and weird people out, ask unanswerable and time wasting questions, eat an eggplant and chunk of cheese, sleep in religious studies, go home, throw out majority of homework, eat chips and chocolate while watching random stuff non stop, stare in the mirror at her (NOT) pimply face and ‘greasy’ black hair, watch stuff until she falls asleep, repeat.

, right?

If you don’t think so, you probably have a similar life. 

Seggy always dreamed of light blue skin colored people with see-through hair and silver eyes. That’s what her grand and grump always said the Gezax’s looked like. The Gezax’s were the tribe that Seggy’s grandparent’s insisted they were from. Once a year, on a Christmas like night just in the spring, the Gezax’s would have a new year festival night, and their true forms would be shown. That’s what Seggy was always told by them.

She had believed them when she hadn’t started her double digits yet, since they would dress up exactly like that.

But then Seggy realized that there were such things as wigs, dying your hair, contact lenses, makeup, and more stuff to dress up like one of the Gezax’s.

Today was special for Seggy because she was going to the ice cream shop!

Yes, yes, most people wouldn’t consider that special, but Seggy did.

Her grandparents had said that a friend of theirs was the new owner of the shop so they got a free discount card, which they gave to-Seggy, of course.

They had said that it was only to be used on the new year morning, and she had happily (and impatiently) complied.

On the Gezax’s new year's morning Seggy skipped school to go to the ice cream shop at exactly ten eleven, which was when her grandparents had said it would be a ‘magical’ experience. Seggy stepped into the little shop at exactly ten eleven and was a bit disappointed to find everything normal. She sighed, had she actually been expecting something special? No, not really, but still.

She stood in line behind an old man and waited for her turn as he moved slowly she thought he might be a pernail-a person snail from one of her favorite tales that her grandparents had told her.

it was her turn, she turned towards the smiling middle aged woman and handed over her discount card.

“Ah, I see” She said with a smile, “A newbie to Kenjopla it is!”.

She scooped up some ice cream and handed it over to a confused Seggy.

“You might want to keep this” She said, handing back the coupon,

”Good life, madam” She said with a wink before walking to one of the back rooms.

Seggy stared at where the woman had been standing, she had said Kenjopla, which was a forest full of villages in her Grandparent’s stories.

said that they were friends with the owner.

So why can’t the cashier register be in on their craziness too?

She looked down at the coupon in her hand and started wondering-but stopped, since why should she care?

Seggy went and sat down next to a boy around her age who had just started eating his ice cream, not even bothering to ask if she could.

“Sure, you could sit next to me” He says easily, waving a hand in the air as though holding a handkerchief.

“Mmmhh” Was all he got as an answer as Seggy started digging into her ice cream.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” He asks

Seggy holds up two thumbs.

“I hear that it’s absolutely ! They say that it transport’s you into a different world…” the boy continues talking but Seggy doesn't hear any of it, she is nearing the bottom of her carton, and the closer to finished she gets, the more out of focus she feels.

What was put in this thing?

And before she knew it, she’s standing in front of a desk, weird people milling around her. Why were they weird, you ask. Why, they were all Gezax’s! So, armed with stories and a sweet boy, Seggy begins to discover magic, adventure, and love.

Submitted: April 14, 2021

© Copyright 2023 M.C.R.. All rights reserved.

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Ivy Zoucher

Such a cute and relatable story with an ending where you could add on by yourself!

Tue, April 27th, 2021 11:15pm


Thank you!
I'm so happy that you think so.

Wed, April 28th, 2021 12:04am

Keke Serene

I thought this was a really sweet (no pun intended) story! Thank you for your entry into the contest! :D

Sat, July 3rd, 2021 11:28pm


Thank you and no problem ??

Tue, July 27th, 2021 7:29am

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