Das Kapital is beaten at its own game... (in the wake of pandemic...)

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A view on pandemic, through a different prism.

London, Paris, New York, Shanghai, the world capitals, bustling metropoles – they are all deserted, empty streets, paranoid faces, shut down restaurants, lifeless cafes, silent theaters. The changed landscapes reflect some mystery or thriller from a Frederic Forsyth novel. Being a longtime Parisian I see that the life here in Paris and around the world has turned into a surreal picture. The pandemic has affected not only the outlook of life, it has also entered into people’s psych.

I feel like looking at the whole phenomenon through a different prism…

On the one hand, we have all the obvious facts and analyses available. On the flip side, we are not fully aware that the life and universe are also mysteries. In addition to all the obvious elements behind this pandemic, there is also some metaphysical force that is in action.

Since ancient times, fights for getting hold of maximum resources have been at the core of human evolution and survival. These conquests were among the dispersed tribes taking over the land and other essential resources of those times – leading to the modern political and economic systems. As a result, the capitalist mode of production and progress emerged – where everyone is free to accumulate as much wealth as they can in free market economy.

In contrast, Karl Marx’s communism doctrine appeared as the opposing force with the motto: equal distribution of resources, necessities for everyone. The capitalist economic system was led and practiced by the United States and other Western countries (followed by most of the world…) while the communism doctrine was led by the Soviet Union. History has witnessed the visible and invisible conflicts between these two major camps – in many regions: Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria… And it still goes on in many different forms…


What I am writing here is not to advocate or oppose either side or any school of thought, but to examine this phenomenon and its impact, objectively.


The communism doctrine in the Soviet Union was beaten by other forces – while the capitalism continued. At the same time, the inherent race between these two major camps remained alive.

Well, the key element of capitalist economic system is its vested interest in taking over the maximum resources, through different means. War and weapons are also one of the most useful means to achieve that end. And it’s evident that the preparation of biological weapons has been in the experimental pipelines since long. So what happened? How this pandemic emerged? It was a biological weapon that was in some phase of its experimentation – and the experiment turned out to be a failure. It came out as a pre-matured delivery. The original idea was to create it and keep it to use only at a chosen time and in specified regions of the world - whenever the need for such action arose. But the Djin came out of the bottle before time – and now the pandemic is all around us...

Here are two main questions that I am raising:

  • What is the metaphysical force that is in action against this man-made madness?
  • What is the lesson that we, the citizens and those who are sitting in the corridors of power should understand?

The answers are already there if we take a look at a few things on the world scene:

The masterminds, the power machines of capitalism (Das Kapital), in their quest for conquering everything, have created wars and destruction, in the name of so many things - men, women, children are killed, losing their arms and legs, turning into handicap beggars, flood of helpless refugees…


The point for our dear Das Kapital is to understand that no army, no waring force came to beat them in their grounds. But they themselves have bombarded their own cities with their failed experiment of biological weapons. They have deserted their own metropoles. The lively cities of London, Paris, New York, etc., are like ghost towns. I love all these cities; I love the people living there; it’s all so sad. The masterminds of wars and destruction should understand there was a metaphysical force, the law of nature that turned their biological weapon into a failed experiment – and the pandemic emerged before their chosen time and place!

There’s a lesson for those who are in the corridors of power, and for everyone else. The Roman Empire collapsed. Many other powerful dynasties are no more. The abuse of power is always beaten, sooner or later. As I wrote in the title of this essay, “Das Kapital is beaten at its own game!”

It is like the story of Frankenstein that is re-appearing…

At this point, some people will argue that Karl Marx’s vision failed. I hold the view his vision didn't fail, but the adherents to his doctrine could not implement it successfully. Some would say that Das Kapital is everywhere. Yes, that’s right. But in the race for acquiring more power and resources, capitalist forces, due to their failed experiment of a biological weapon, have devastated their own territories – and are being defeated in their own grounds.

Though I am not an adherent to capitalistic manipulations and power games, yet I cannot express any pleasure to see them defeated in this way. I deeply feel for all those citizens who are suffering due to the greed for lust and power of a select few. But it will change for sure, because the law of nature is mightier than the human misdeeds.

In this phase of the history, Das Kapital is certainly beaten at its own game! Das Kapital forces are facing an ironic defeat – where no enemy has invaded them, they have been hit by their own hardballs.


Of course, there are still some large-scale profits that some large corporations can make from pandemic (since the free-market economy teaches us to benefit from every situation, whether it is some up market phase or a human misfortune.) So we can call this new phase, “the rise of neo-capitalism…” How far this neo-capitalism would go? We don’t know. We’ll have to see the waves of time.


Submitted: April 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Aslam Ansari. All rights reserved.

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Interesting. But the pandemic didn't come from a capitalist lab. It came from a communist one that follows the ideals of Marx. Thus, it was a failure more of communism than of capitalism. Capitalism has done the job of creating a vaccine that will correct the blunders of communism. That seems to be the natural order of things. Think the ecological disasters of the GDR and USSR.

Thu, April 15th, 2021 7:12pm


It's altogether a different point that who was doing the experiment that failed. There are many different stories revolving around... Chinese officials blame American soldiers for bringing Covid-19 to China during the Military World Games held in Wuhan in October 2019. So every side hold different views about the source of this virus. My principal point is my concern for citizens: due to the race for acquiring more power and resources, common people are suffering. Their lives are devastated. It's vested interests in wars and weapons that caused this human misfortune.

Fri, April 16th, 2021 1:50am

Sumit Kumar Arora

Soon the corona will be controlled. And then the creater of corona will be defeated and destroyed.

Fri, April 16th, 2021 7:31pm

Sumit Kumar Arora

China is responsible for corona.

In china, thousands of Muslims are being persecuted and killed by Chinese. You are supporting china despite being Muslim.

Fri, April 16th, 2021 7:36pm


I am not supporting China or any other side for this matter. My focus is to raise the point that powerful elements in their race for acquiring more power and resources, and due to their failed experiment of biological weapon, have devastated their own cities. And the average citizen is suffering everywhere.

Sat, April 17th, 2021 2:20am

Peter Piper

Hi A A I think you are looking at the pandemic the wrong way. Whist it may have forced people off the streets and out of cafes and restaurants; it has, "ipso facto" curtailed consuption. It has had a great beneficial effect on global warming with fewer or no aircraft flying. The world has been stopped in its tracks. Perhaps we need to slow progress every now and again in order for the planet to recuperate. Civilisation is engaged in a headlong dash for what?
However the pandemic started and whoever was responsible is of little consequence provided we learn from the experience. Good luck with your writing best wishes Peter

Sun, May 9th, 2021 10:04am


You're right. that's another way to look at it.

Sun, May 9th, 2021 7:47am

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