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Have you ever thought for a moment that you've could do something else and could've change your whole life? 

 Yes, I'm pretty lucky to have accepted something that I never thought could actually change everything. I've worked my ass off a lot to reach this destination. And now I'm proud of it. 

 I'm twenty-four, four years ago, I was mourning around in college thinking that I won't be able to find my true self. Now I'm a songwriter of a popular group called the 'The Seven Boys' Which there is my boyfriend Ben, John, Steven, Romeo, Luis, Oliver,  and my true best friend Parker. Since then I've been their songwriter for four years. 

 Thanks to my best friend Parker that saved my life, he convinces his authorities to give me a chance to become something that I never thought I'd do. 

 I sigh as I sink into the couch, my head is pounding hard from all the work I've done today. I've to finish Parker's solo and Romeo's. Ben smiles as I cuddle with him.

 "Hey, baby." Ben smells my hair. I give him a small smile. My eyes travel to the smart tv, my mind wondering that we have a whole week of concerts in New York. California has been my home since I've moved from New Mexico, which was four years ago. It's hot right now and my skin sticks into Ben's. I flinch as I drag myself to the shower. 

 "Lollipop!!!" Parker screams at me as he knocks on the door so hard. I groan. 

 "What!" My new nickname is lollipop since that's the only thing I'd buy when we're on an interview. 

 "Hurry up! There's a call for you." I grit my teeth as I scramble out of the shower. I put my robe on and launched myself to get the phone

 "Um, hello? Lana Brent speaking?" I give Parker a very suspicious expression. He shrugs. 

 "Hey! Uh, we wanted to know if you wanted to collab..." The voice drags its sentence. I frown.

 "Who am I talking to?" I ask.

 "The authorities of BTS?" My jaw must have cracked open. 

 "Um is this some kind of prank?" The man chuckles. 

 "We'd like to do a video call you all to see if we could collab. No this isn't a 'prank,'" The man seems to sound serious. 

 I nod. "Sure, I'd love to, I mean, the group would also love to, um...when do you want call?" I can't believe it. No, it must be some kind of prank. 

 "Tomorrow at eight at night for you guys." I look at Parker for a moment. Eh, what??

 "Sure...sure we'll meet you then." I hang up. I grab Parker's hand. 

 "The...the BTS!" The k-pop, pop stars want to collab! Parker raises his eyebrow. 

 "BTS? What do you mean?" I smack my forehead. I'm too excited.

 "They want to collab, they want to make a song with us!" I squeal. Parker grin. Parker and Romeo are the only ones that have hazel eyes while the rest have blue eyes. Parker touches his brown curly hair. 

 "Um, you're joking?" I roll my eyes. 

 "No, they said they want to have a video call with us!" I move his hand around. He seems shocked. 

 "No way!" He pulls me into a hug and starts screaming. 

 Parker and his band are quite a good band. Their handsome faces make everything more charming and good in their songs. 

 While Parker and Ben are the only boys in the band to have brown hair, the rest have black hair that's wavy. All of them are tall except for John that is my height, I'm 5'6 by the way. 

  Luis, Romeo, and Steven have tattoos while the others don't. The boys and I live together. Yes, I live with them too. I'm not weirded out ?that I live with these boys because most of them are basically my brother. Except for Ben of course.

After what seems like a whole year to look for something to wear, I hear the boys singing songs together outside. 

 'Senorita" blast through the Bluetooth as Oliver tries to sing with his female voice 

 "I love it when you call me SENORITA!!!" I giggle as I enter into the gazebo, they all are singing loudly. I'm not surprised that the neighbor isn't arguing at us for singing so loud. 

Then Parker starts singing Shawn Mendes part. 

 "Land in Miami, the air was hot from summer rain." I look at him for a moment. Woah, that heavenly voice just came out of nowhere. 

 "Sapphire moonlight we danced for hours in the sand, tequila sunrise, her body fit right in my hands. La-la-la." Parker must have felt my stare because when he turned around he stopped singing. He winks at me as he continues on like if nothing happened. 

 Ben grabs and pins me to the wall. He smiles while he kisses me. But his kiss wasn't the same anymore. I've felt someone staring at us. I feel uncomfortable. I flinch. 

 "I love it when you call me senorita, I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya, but every touch is oh-la-la," I push Ben away.

 "Lana, what's happening?" Ben touches my skin. No spark. Nothing. I knew it ever since we started dating. 

 But I wanted to feel loved. This isn't working. 

 "Nothing is wrong." I see Parker in the corner of my eye. I give Ben a small smile as I walk away. Why haven't I broke up with him?

 Yes, Ben, has his charm. But I've dated him for four months now and our relationship never went extraordinary. It's always kissing and hugging. Why hasn't he step out of the boundaries? 

 I then remember, my own parents, abusing me. Ben never went out of the line, thinking that he will hurt me. A tear roll down my left eye. Pain. I walk into the house sinking into the floor as the boys start singing 'Stand by Me'

Submitted: April 14, 2021

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