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I don't make any contact with Ben as my eyes stay focus on the camera. I've cast our meeting to the smart tv that has the camera. 

 I hear some mumbling in the background. Something in Korean is blurted out and somehow the camera wasn't set up. 

 The camera of theirs was rearranged and was now set to seven guys. I gulped. This isn't a youtube video of them. It's actually a real-life video call, for us only. 

 "HEY!!!" The boys wave happily at us. I smile and all of my group waved back. 

 "HI!" We scream back, except for Ben that just seemed to mumble. I wanted to grab him and throw him across the county. I hate him, for what he's doing. The way he's acting is so childish. 

 "We're so happy you enter here, we wanted to talk about getting together and create a song with you all," RM seems to be in charge of all this. He's the leader of the BTS. 

 "We're so happy that you wanted to get together with us too!" Parker shows his wide smile. Jimin, one of the BTS member gives a shy smile and look at V, also known as Kim- Taehyung, his best friend.  The BTS includes seven boys too, V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jin. 

  "Our authorities said they've talked to your songwriter, which is Lana Brent, right?" I blush and nod. 

 "Yep, that's me,"  I say softly. Suga, Jimin, and V study me for a moment. Even if we are doing this meeting virtually, I can still feel some kind of weird stare even if we're across the country, on different hours and different days.

 "Beautiful," Jimin says. I blush even harder and look straight down. Parker chuckles. 

 "They like you." He mumbles. I smile and look back at the camera. All the boys are nice, we talk for a while, we then finally set up on getting to meet each other, face to face. In real life, person to person. Outside, I'm acting cool, like if I'm used to seeing celebrities all the time. But inside, I'm jumping around while my heart is beating a thousand times a minute. We're going to meet up in New York next week, for only a week, we're going to write up our song. Then we're going to do our scenes hopefully near Nevada while going to Seoul, to finish the rest. 

  We say goodbye, and go off to our destinations. 

I scroll down on my Instagram, checking one by one. The boys are outside playing around except for Romeo that's cooking the dinner today. 

 "Um, what happened with you and Ben?" I bury my face in my phone. 

 "Lana..." He sings as he walks to me with his spatula. the scent of chocolate cookies fills the living room and kitchen. 

 "Yeah?" I look at him. Hazel eyes and black hair. A beauty that is filled in all these seven boys. Romeo gives me a crooked smile.

 "Are you okay with all of what happen today?"Romeo seems concerned about me. He's never been shy towards me. He's always very confident towards me which I love that about him. 

 I sigh. " It's fine, really I should've broken with him earlier, could've not have waited until today. Now he will probably think I'm breaking up with him so I can go and smooch one of the other boys." I mumble. Romeo chuckles. 

 "Smooch? Well sweety I think you should've done this earlier if you didn't have any feelings for him." I smack my forehead. 

 "Yeah, I'm stupid thanks, Romeo," I try to say with my bad British accent. Romeo grins at me. 

 "Want to help me with the cookies?" I smile and grab his hand as he leads the way toward the heavenly smell of baked cookies. 

 Today I finally eat dinner beside someone other than Ben, I'm seated next to Romeo and Oliver, I have avoided making eye contact with Ben. He though has done the opposite. I can feel his stare though. It feels like the demon is staring into my soul. 

 "Jungkook and you are songwriters so, both of you can do this by time." I pick up my food while I listen to Luis talking. 

 "I don't think it's okay to leave Lana with the boys alone." I roll my eyes as I swallow my food. 

 "Ben, it's none of your problems, now. Jungkook and I will do just fine." I grit my teeth as I finally make contact with Ben. Ben seems angrier.

 "Just because we broke up doesn't mean that you aren't my problem, you live here, it's my problem." I flinch feeling the pang of hurt that he created. I stood up and put my plate away. That's all I needed to leave dinner because this idiot doesn't trust me with another celebrity that just likes them. Who knows if the BTS become like brothers to me just like our group of boys. ?

 "Let's watch Mean Girls!" Parker squeals as he climbs to my bed and turns on my tv. I move around trying to find a way to make myself comfortable in my bed. We brought too much snack. Parker and I shoulder's touch while we laugh during the movie. 

 At the end of the movie we just stare at the dark. Parker's arm is wrapped around my shoulder while my head is buried in his chest while we lay there hearing our breathing. It's only a matter of time when I slowly drift to sleep, hearing Parker singing softly to me. 


 One day before meeting the BTS.....

 We're in New York, in one of the most expensive hotel rooms. We all are singing BTS songs while counting down the time they reach us. They are coming to the hotel sometime at twelve at night. And we're going to stay up all night for this. Parker and the boys have been decorating the BTS rooms while I'm trying to rearrange the papers that I'm supposed to give to their authorities. 

 "LANA! LANA! LANA! They are coming in fifteen minutes." I run too many rooms and scattered balloons. 

 "Do we meet them here in their rooms or at the lobby?" I scream back. 

 " No, we can't make a scene if not the boys will be disturbed by army fans!" Parker screams back. 

 In a matter of ten minutes, I have already have put the balloons around the aisle of the room we're located at since this aisle is blocked for the week so no person can enter and hug any of them. Or us. But mostly them.  The elevator opens and we see four of the boys entering then on the other side we see the other three. My butterflies started flying fast inside my stomach. 

 "BTS!!" We scream as all the seven models seem to be smiling at us. Kim Taeyhung caught my eye as he seems to walk towards me. 

 "I'm V.," He says softly. V somehow has the lighter color of hair, which is near the black but not entirely black. Hazel's eyes shine bright. No color contacts or anything. This must be his real eye color. His hand wraps around mine. He has soft gentle hands. I'm in awe. He's too gentle. 

 "Lana Brent." I smile shyly. Don't blush Lana, don't blush. 

V chuckles as he excuses himself to meet the other boys. 

 "Yes, finally a girl in a boy band!" J-Hope runs to me while Jimin and Jungkook tag along. 

 "Hi!" I say again. J-Hope is tall while I'm only a 5'7'' and he's somewhere in the 5'9'' or 5'10''. 

 "Wow..." They drag their words as they never saw a girl before. I shake their hands, Jimin's hands just a little bigger than mine. I laugh as we see if his pinky finger was bigger than mine. Mine was bigger though. 

 Another ten minutes past and we enter our rooms. BTS came with us to eat dinner while we sang more songs. 

"How many years have you been with these boys, Lana?" RM seemed to translate it to me from Jungkook. 

 "Four years actually, I was never even taught to be a songwriter, I just start to put words together." I look at Jungkook. Somehow he understood. 

  "You and JK will be good at this," Jimin says with a wink. Jungkook shakes his head while his cheek form to red. V laughs nervously as he stares at Jungkook. I move my eyes from Jimin to Jungkook, to V. These boys. I love these boys too much already. V then stares at me for a moment. 

 "I want to go with you." He says, stares...his eyes traveling around my face discovering everything he hasn't seen in my face. 

 "Sure." I don't take my eyes off him. Stop V, stop, you're too cute. V grins at me as he looks at my boys that are laughing with Jin. Parker then looks at me giving me a questioning look. Another pair of bright hazel eyes staring at me. I love them. 




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