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Ben coughs and then out of nowhere he starts talking.

 "Jungkook was in your room." Ben glares at me. Jungkook elbow hits mine. I grit my teeth and frown at Ben. And here it comes. I knew he wouldn't let this go, our breakup wouldn't let go of us. 

 "Ben nothing happens at night, he was just helping me write the song, and then we slept." All the boys were quiet. Jungkook raises his hand.

 "I didn't mean to sleep in her room." Some of the boys were speaking in Korean, Jungkook growls and starts speaking in Korean to them. I look at Ben and crossed my arm.

 "Stop it, Ben, we have been done for almost two weeks now, no need to be my godmother and stalk me everywhere." I stood up. My hand are in a fist, I see Parker worried but doesn't move at all. I walk out of the kitchen and sink into my room floor. I sit there not moving an inch as I close my eyes and imagine what it would be like if I didn't date Ben if I just said no, none of this could happen. Now what? The BTS and my group will think that I'm a total slut. 

 I hear a knock at my door. My eyes start to tear immediately. 

 "Come in." Wait I regret what I just said. What if it's Ben that comes inside. Jungkook gives me a smile as he enters my room. 

 "I'm so sorry, I've should've left at night." He murmurs as he wraps his arm around me. I put my head onto his shoulder. I hear the door open and I close my eyes feeling that someone has come here to create more drama. 

 "Jungkook can you leave me here with, Lana for a couple of minutes." Parker's voice was in control but a tint of anger is in him. I gulped. Jungkook looks at me and gives me a small smile. 

 "I'll see you later, Lana." He whispers softly as he leaves the room. Parker walks to the door and closes it. More fear enters into me. 

 "So what Ben told us was true? You and Jungkook were in your room at night? All night?" I look down and frown. What is the matter with this man? Doesn't he seem proud of me for finally meeting a cute guy that I actually like? Or is Suga really telling me the truth, that Parker does like me and is probably jealous. 

 "I thought you knew." I pouted as I mumble under my breath. I hear a sharp hiss coming from the lips of Parker.

 "Jungkook was here, nice, just want I wanted to hear, do you know the boys are leaving back to South Korea, in two weeks!" He snaps at me. I roll my eyes. 

 "And your problem is?" I cross my arms and glare at him. He grits his teeth.

 "I don't want you hurt!" 

"I'm not going to get hurt!" I shout back. I stand up. I see Parker's face full of surprise. I walk out slamming the door against me, knowing that I'm walking out of this door to lose him. 

 I walk but almost run to Ben, my mind has snapped and I reach out and slap him as hard as I could. 

 The boys were talking but I was not going to let that out of my mind. He's trying to ruin my friendship with Parker, and my friendship with the others. I'm not going to let him through. 

 My hand stung for a moment when my hand reaches his face. 

"How dare you try to ruin my friendship with my best friend!" I scream at the top of my lungs. Jungkook and V stood up walking towards me. No.

 Ben looked in shocked. 

 "What did I do to you, I was just telling everyone the truth about us." I give him a glare. 

 "And you think that Jungkook and I were doing something together at night! Like what the fuck is happening inside your mind, for thinking about that stuff." I started crying. Jungkook stops mid-track seeing me, his expression turning angry. V though doesn't stop and reaches out for me. 

 "Lana-" I stop V from saying anything else.

 "Taehyung, don't." I back out as I walk out of the kitchen, not satisfied with what I've done. 

 "Lana wait!" V yells at me. I click the button of the elevator as fast as I could. I need to get out of here. When the elevator opened I rush inside, and only with the elevator closing its door, V stands there, an expression of hurt and stressed.

 After a whole four hours of being outside the hotel, I've finally managed to calm myself down as I go inside our hotel floor. I hear the BTS mumble as they seem relieved to see me. 

 "You're back." RM reaches and hugs me tightly. I haven't made eye contact with V or Jungkook.

 "You okay?" RM whisper into my ear. I shake my head.

 "No, I'm not." I manage to say without crying. RM nods, I feel a hand in my back as shivers run down my spine. I bit my lip. 

 "V." I turn around and wrap my arms around him. He laughs softly. Tears run down my cheek. I wipe them fast trying not to let V, notice me crying. 

 "Shh, baby, it's fine, it's going to be fine, don't cry." He squeezes me tightly while running his hand onto my hair. I cry harder. 

 "I'm going to lose Parker, V!" I bury my head onto his chest. V tries to soothe me. I open my eyes and see Jungkook in the background. More tears swell into my eyes. Jungkook walk near V and me. 

 ''I love you." He kisses my forehead. As I'm left with only a tender kiss on the forehead. Soft silky lips from heaven. He walks away. I'm left with V, in his arms. 

 I'm in V's room, his room all tidy, light blue curtains with a big flat screen. I'm snuggled up in one of his sweaters while still sniffing my tears back.

 V's singing, while doing some projects in his computer. 

 "You want to do a Vlive?" I look at him. 

 "Huh?" V smiles brightly.

 "Vlive?" I look away for a moment if people see us in a Vlive together will they think we're together? V and I wouldn't be cute couples. He's way out of my league as he's the topmost handsome guy in the world.

 "Sure." I shrug. And then I knew that it was a bad idea. Why? Because I know many, many armies are going to see this. 

V says hi in Korean as many armies have woke up or are about to sleep like us. 

 I wave even if I can't really see any of them. Only there comments that were saying hi to us. 

V smirks at me, making me blush. 

 "This is Lana." V gestures me to waves at them again. 

I see an army comment if we're dating. I gulped, I knew this was going to happen.

 "Oh no, we're not dating. Actually, we're friends, and I'm his songwriter, I'm helping him with their song." I explain while smiling at V. He whips his black bangs out of his eyes while still managing to make eye contact with me. 

 "My friend." He says softly. 

 "My friend." I mimic him. I read more comments as they rush and post a lot of them per second. 

 You guys totally look cute together.

"We are not together, we're friends," V responds again as he starts talking in Korean to the army. I'm in the background of the Vlive just reading a book. After forty minutes, Taehyung says bye to the army, I'm waving in the background while seeing V stop the Vlive. 

 "They asked so many questions." Taehyung rubs his head. I grin at him. 

 "But you love them." I move around the office chair. V just stays there looking at me, with a small shy smile.

 "I do love them so much." He whispers. I look at him for a moment. Black hair, bangs, curly, hazel, brown eyes, tall, muscular, and super nice. Talented, adorable, charming, handsome, there are so many words that can't explain that can describe this true beauty of V's. 

 "I love you too," I murmur as I stand up. Taehyung stands up. I look confused as I reach to hold him. 

 "Jimin's coming, I have to leave soon." I squeeze him. He holds me tighter. 

 "Don't leave," he whines. I close my eyes. 

 "V, I have to." Taehyung looks at me and gives me the most cutest puppy face I could ever see. I soften a bit. 

 "Jimin will be in my bed, you stay in the other." He explains. I nod. I mean who wouldn't say no, to be in the same room with the most handsome guy in the world. Jimin must have heard us because in a matter of two minutes Jimin comes rushing inside the room.

 "Lana!" Jimin smiles brightly giving me a tight squeeze in the shoulder while raising an eyebrow when he sees me in V's sweatshirt. V shrugs and answers Jimin in Korean. 

I snuggle into Jimin's bed while Jimin and V are practicing English with an app. My eyes drift off slowly closing by themselves. 

 "Goodnight lollipop." I hear Jimin say. A tear rolls out of my eyes. 

 "Goodnight, Jimin, goodnight V." I drift off to sleep. 

 "Shoes on get up in the morn, a cup of milk let's rock and roll!" My eyes immediately open. I see Jungkook in jeans and a white long sleeve shirt, V's in his phone while Jimin already disappears. I rub my eyes. A tiny groan escapes my lips. Jungkook smirks as he has finally accomplished waking me up. 

 "Morning Lana!" Jungkook walks up to Jimin's bed and sits near me. V coughs a bit and stands up. Jk looks at him and gives him an eyebrow raise. 

After talking to Jungkook for a while, I go back to my room, surprised to see Parker sleeping soundly in my bed. I take a deep breath, hopefully not to tear up again. 

 "My lollipop should wake up, it's time to get it spicy." I sing softly to Parker as he usually would sing me this song when I wake up after him. He rubs his eyes and squints at me. 

 "Elena." I backed away, cringing at the way he said my real name. Elena, the name that my parents would say. The one that I will forbid for anyone to say to me. 

 "Lana," I say with a stern voice. Parker studies me. 

"You left me here, and now you're making me say your nickname?" Parker growls.

 "I don't like it, you know that I don't." I go to the closet to retrieve my clothes. I don't want to fight anymore. Parker rubs his forehead. 

 "Lana, you know that you're going to be hurt in a matter of weeks, he's leaving." I make my hands into a fist. 

"Parker, I'm not dating him, he's a friend," I say calmly. Parker looks down. 

 "But you were sleeping with him." I shake my head.

 ''Jungkook was there and slept because we were trying to put our song together." Parker isn't understanding. I need him to understand. 

 "Jungkook likes you." I bite my lip. 

 " Parker, that doesn't mean anything, he's a friend for me. Parker...." I drag my words as I see him shake his head. 

 "What?" Parker sits down. I lick my lips, and this was what I wanted to say for many years, I just didn't understand, until now. 

 "I love you, Parker, you're probably the best human being I ever had in my life." Parker flinches. I flinch back. He doesn't like me like that. I guess that meant, he only cared about me as a friend. 

 "Lana, that can't be what you meaning to say." I shake my head. No, Suga and V were dead wrong. Parker never loved me like that. He's my best friend. Not boyfriend material. 

 "I meant it," I say back. Parker shakes his head. 

 "No, Lana, we can't," He stands up. His expression hurt. A huge lump in my throat formed. 

 "Parker!" I want to reach for him. But he leaves me as he walks away not even looking back.

 I angrily kick my pillow that was on the ground. I've ruined everything. My best friend left, and now I'm stuck in the middle of what I was when I was only eighteen. 

 "Stupid, stupid, luck." I yank the heart necklace out of my neck. The necklace that Parker gave when I first came to their building. I throw it at the bed. Knowing that I'm going to have to start all over again. 



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