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I nervously tap on my knee, every second is counted as the authorities tell me my schedule and how I'm not going to be in some of their shows since they usually only included the boys. 'In the soop' is a show that I'll be in while "Run BTS' is a show that they will only have the boys in. I will be in many concerts and will have to learn choreography and learn to sing the proper words to the songs. 

I see my schedule. Every day I have to have my skin in proper care, I can't talk to people other than my band members and have to tell my relationship to the authorities. I can't go alone to any store unless a member and security come with me. I will have to model two times a month or more if necessary. 

I check on my song list that I have to know for our next concert that we're going to be at in two months. Dynamite, Life goes On, and Film Out I'm supposed to remember until I know the real name of our new song that we're going to release in a month or so. 

I see my lines and am surprised to see that some of my lines are shared with Jimin's and V's. 

I look over at Jimin that is trying to sing part of the lyrics that I've made. "Sometimes I want this to be forever," Jimin says soothingly. I hear him repeat it several times as he tries to sing it as soft as he can, but no one can beat the fact that Taehyung can sing softly than the others. His voice is dark and soft, quiet and innocent. I love that reason about him. While Jimin's voice is more high-pitched than the others, which I love because it totally connects with V's. Which is another whole reason why V and Taehyung are together as best friends. 

 RM, Suga, and J-Hope's voice are faster and darker, their voice though is very unique and which that's why rapping totally is what they're good at. Jin and Jungkook's voices are more like V's and Jimin's. Since they do the vocals part and the other three do the rapping part this whole group is totally matched together. 

Parker's group never had that, only once did the rapping while the others do the vocals, usually, Parker has the main vocals, while Romeo has the lead vocal, and Ben, Oliver, John, Steven do the vocals too. Luis is the only one that does the rapping. Not many of them usually would sing onto a song, usually, Romeo and Parker keep the whole group song together while Luis gets some parts too. 

 After what seems like a whole hour that passed, I see that only thirty minutes have passed and it's only like nine in the morning. Dark clouds are forming and now that we've been warned that we're supposed to have a thunderstorm in an hour or so. So none of us can go out today, and we only have two days before leaving for Seoul. My main problem was is that, I'm not totally ready to go to this place that the boys tell me that's beautiful. I'm scared of leaving my country, but I'm also excited to learn about new places. 

 V is looking out of the window. He seems happy as he takes his phone out. Taehyung is very patient and seems to love taking pictures. His modeling skills also kill armies as he poses in the most wonderful ways that many fans love to see. 

 I'm surprised that I see a beautiful room that supposedly is extra just in case. Its dark blue curtain cut out the gray light from the outside. And the beautiful light green walls form a perfect scene for a warm spring day. 

I look around and manage to snag my phone and also try to steal V away from his photo-taking time. 

 "Taehyung!" I scream. V jumps as I say his whole name.

"Ah!" he responds back as he turns around to see me. I smirk. 

"Come here." I wave at him. He jumps off his stool and follows me to the lonely room. The floor is fluffy as we both don't are both not wearing any shoes. 

 "What is it?" he asks. I take out my phone and took a picture of him confused. He smiles. 

"Oh, that." He poses with a winky face and I manage to take one beautiful photo of him. He tells me to wait for him here as he walks out and brings some clothes with him. 

 Taehyung tells me to put on a large black jacket as I slowly slip in it. I see him take out his own phone. 

 "Pose." I pose with a v sign as I stick my tongue out. He laughs. Ten thousand pictures later I hear Jimin calling for us. 

"Lana! Tae!" He pokes his head onto the head and smiles sweetly at us.

"You had to see, Jin! He got scared!" He starts laughing, V smiles as he grabs my hand. Leading towards the boys. Jin starts talking fast as he puts a hand onto his chest. I laugh with them as they explain how lighting appears and made our poor 'worldwide handsome' jump to the ceiling. Jimin couldn't stop laughing while Jungkook and holding onto his stomach as his stomach hurting badly from laughing too much. 

Jungkook and I make eye contact for a split second, Jungkook's sleeve goes up and I can see Jungkook's whole tattoo. I frown for a bit, that his beautiful hands are marked with something that can't be erased. I know he loves the army so much that he'll do anything to keep them in mind, but I wouldn't do such a thing to have them permanently in my body. 

 V said he wouldn't put on any tattoos since his father never had such a thing as that. The youngest has tattoos than the others. I'm not surprised. Now I'm the youngest since I was born two days after Jungkook. 

 It's already one in the afternoon and the crew of the BTS wanted to create a ''Run BTS" episode. They are supposedly going to dress up as a girl and take the most beautiful pose that they can get, after that they have to guess who's the spy in the game that they are going to play. 

 I'm stirring my cup of tea when I hear Jin calling my name. 

 "Lennie!" I raise an eyebrow.

 "What!" I'm surprised at how easily Jin has created a nickname for me. 

 "!" He screams back. I poke my head out of the kitchen and see Jin holding the camera. 

 "You're going to be here too." He responds while forcing me to follow him by dragging me. 

 "In the show?" I ask. He ignores me. I roll my eyes and see that he's taking me onto the biggest room that we have in this hotel 10 room set. 

 I see cameras getting prepared and set while some older women put on the boy's makeup. I'm in some normal pair of joggers and a t-shirt until I see a young man coming towards with some light blue jeans and a black blouse. 

 "Go put this on, ma'am." I frown.

"Why? Isn't this okay?" I show my t-shirt. He shakes his head. I pout and lead myself onto V's and my room. I come out with the new outfit but just as I open the door, two Korean women rush to me, with makeup brushes they start playing with my face.

I'm in total shock at how the two women did my makeup fast. 

I was forced into the big white room again with large windows that can see everything that down onto the ground and skyscrapers that cover the rest of the small buildings. 

 I'm in socks as they didn't want me to wear any shoes, which is kinda weird. 

They take a few pictures of my large cute glasses. I'm not supposed to smile so I just so a kissing face while touching my lip. 

 They smile as I pose for my picture many flashes come out fast as I feel blinded by the bright light. 

After that, we're in an arranged seating. I'm next to Jungkook and Suga we are sitting on the ground with cameras in our hands. 

We all waved to the camera as they all start speaking Korean. I have a young female translating the words to me from a small speaker that is in my ear. 

 Some producer tells us our partners which no, V and I aren't together because we're then going to win. So I'm partners with Jimin as Jimin smiles happily with a bit of flush on his cheek. 

 Jimin says something in Korean to me and the woman tells me what he said. 

 "Yes, I'm ready. Where do you want to take pictures at?" Jimin has a translator in his ear too. 

 "We should go first to the balcony and then the living room after Suga and V take the picture in there." He responds. I shrug

"It's um..raining." I point at the window, Jimin smirks.

''And what's the meaning of that? We can bring an umbrella!" I shake my head.

 "Then how are we suppose to take the picture with the camera, the camera will get ruined." I smack my head. Jimin starts laughing loudly as he grabs me by my arm.

 "Lennie, it's going to be fine someone is going to be near the doorway while the model will be in the balcony." I love the way he says Jin's new nickname that he gave me. So British. 

"Who's going to be the model?" I ask, Jimin smiles in an evil way at me. 

"" I look at him with a panicked face. 

 "Of course you! You are way more pretty and have a perfect body. I'm fat." I start laughing with him. I smack him playfully.

 "You're not fat, you're actually way more skinny than you're supposed to be, Jimin." he shrugs. 

He moves his hair back as he scans his camera. 

 "I'm not quite good at taking pictures." He clicks on the button of the camera. I nod even if he can't see me nodding. He glances at me as I wander off to get an umbrella. I see in the corner of my eyes, Jungkook, and Jin taking pictures of each other. While RM is trying to figure out how to use the camera, J-Hope isn't even helping him instead he's laughing at RM's failure. 

 I play around inside the closet, trying to find the umbrella as fast as I can. I yank a yellow umbrella almost losing my balance I luckily get caught by two hands. I gasp and scramble out of whoever grabbed me. 

 "Opp." V voices come out of nowhere.

 "Oh, I'm sorry." I wipe my hands onto my jeans. Taehyung smiles and shrugs. 

 "It's fine, actually I was here to get something." He says softly. I grin. 

"Sure. All yours." I gesture him as I walk out with the umbrella. Spinning around my hand. Jimin was already by the balcony as I enter the kitchen. Some crew members were recording our way that we're going to take pictures. I give the camera to Jimin and lift the umbrella up as I manage to get out into the balcony. I'm scared of heights so I force myself to only keep eye contact with Jimin's. 

 I lift the umbrella higher as I look up at the sky with a smile on my face. Jimin took a picture immediately. As he hands me after the camera. He pulls a hand out of his umbrella and smiles shyly as the droplets of rain drip onto his small hand. In the background, I see lightning striking. My mouth was slack as the beauty of Jimin's and the lighting made it impossible to say wow at. 

 "Beautiful," I whisper as I show the picture to Jimin, he covers his face with his hands. 

"Thank you, but you're more lovely." He says again in a British way. I wink at him. 

"You are too." I put the picture onto a google doc. My fingers traveling onto the picture of took of Jimin. It was only a matter of time that Jimin and I are supposed to finish our picture taking. 

 Thirty minutes past and we're back at the big large white room that all the boys are in. 

V's and my picture were the ones tied up and all the boys groaned as they knew it would be us. Ten more minutes past and I am so ready to go to sleep, but we still have one more game to do, which was the game of spy and innocent. It's played by having to spy that is unknown and the rest have to try to find out who's trying to hack onto their business system. There are clues everywhere around the floor that can get you to solve its mystery. But the spies will try to change the clues so that can make others the suspect, except for them. 

 We got to pick a little ball that had our character of what we're going to be. I open mine to see, a detective as my character. I can't tell who is who. We all go to our own separate places as I hear some of the boys blaming each other. 

 I open the door to the game room, the lights were off and I can't really tell anything that in here. I turn on my phone's light and scramble to look around. They must have made this place's light turn completely off because I had to walk around to see if I could get a clue. The crew hasn't come yet but I hear footsteps nearby. 

 "Hey!" I jump

"Shit- ah!" I cover my mouth as I see Taehyung chuckle. 

 "Be careful with your words, Lana." I narrow my eyes seeing if V is going to do something to not let me get the clue. 

"Sorry," I mumble back as I hear the door shut behind us. I gasp, and V whips his head to the door. I flash the light so he can see where the handle is at. He opens it back up and turns around to see me with the softest, and gentle expression I've ever seen from him. He must have thought I was a worry because he cups my face within his hand. his touch sends millions of sparks onto my body. but I can't let him near me. I love V, but I can't hurt my Jungkook. 

 "Are you okay?" He whispers. I see his eyes exploring everywhere around my face. 

 "Of course....of course." I lied. Where in the world did I get these feelings. I try to shrug them off, but V's beautiful eyes don't let me. I turn around and see my clue. But V chuckles, as he leads himself to the clue first. 

"Honey...I'm sorry, but I'm the I can't let you get this..." He wraps his arm around me and pulls me to the white room. As the rules say. When the spy got caught the spy must get the detective out of the place before the detective tells all the rest of their team that they found the spy. And now I'm stuck in the white room, wondering to myself how wonderful it was to get trapped by someone that I never want to have a chance with, because I love his best friend.



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