The Adopted Princess of the Indian kingdom "Michor" with pure British origins "Sundarta" discovered, years after getting married to her love the British Prince George, that her step-father was planning to attack the king of Michor due to his greed for Michor's wealth.

Must she protect and defend the kingdom that gave her birth, or stand along with and fight for the kingdom that raised her? And especially that she was known for her wisdom and talent in martial arts.
However, the fair decision she made lead to the worst nightmare ever...

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Table of Contents

Part 1

(To my mother, who helped me a LOT with writing this novel and its events... To my father, who helped me a LOT with the historic deta... Read Chapter

Part 2

In 1600, the East India Company was officially founded. And since then, EICo became super powerful and wealthy in trade. And with wealth,... Read Chapter

Part 3

Edward had already finished chatting with his ministers. Ann entered the meeting room in hurry. She stopped in front of Ed and bent while... Read Chapter

Part 4

Milady walked with the convoy toward the throne room where Krishna always was sitting there with his ministers and chancellors on his thr... Read Chapter

Part 5

Worthington asked herself if her daughter speaks British or only Hindi. Chandramukhi understood her and so she nodded as a yes. The mothe... Read Chapter

Part 6

The brunet king, Worthington and the British prince went back to the throne room but they just stopped in front of it. Before they do, An... Read Chapter

Part 7

After lunch, Krishna called his chancellors and this time Milady too to the throne room. And as mentioned before, Sundarta was one of the... Read Chapter

Part 8

A minute later, Milady came back – full of sweat – with the British Prince. The latter got happy too to see Sundarta in the room.... Read Chapter

Part 9

George got out of the throne room, barely catching himself of jumping of happiness. And he went back to his bedroom. A few minutes la... Read Chapter

Part 10

A few weeks later, still at March, and after that Sundarta and George really got along with each other that they meet up every day and ta... Read Chapter

Part 11

On the next day, George wore the same Indian clothes and got out of his room few hours after the sunrise. He saw from the balcony a w... Read Chapter

Part 12

Finally, at September, the British convoy arrived. It entered the palace under the surveillance of Krishna on the fence. The convoy s... Read Chapter

Part 13

After lunch, Edward asked Krishna to meet his son. So, the Indian king took him to his room. However, they didn't find him. "Where's ... Read Chapter

Part 14

At night, Krishna sat up another meeting, to discuss for the last time about this contract. He called also Ann to join them. Everybod... Read Chapter

Part 15

  Sundarta was wearing a beige sari, watching from the balcony of the celebration courtyard the burning of Ravana effigy. ... Read Chapter

Part 16

Finally, the Hindu marriage was done. Now, the two families started their trip toward Great Britain to finish the catholic marriage, and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

At night, Ann went to Sundarta and George's bedroom, to check her daughter's psychology. And she was right: when she knocked and the prin... Read Chapter

Part 18

5 years later, after successive trips of George toward Asia, and at September, he came back from one of them. His wife asked one of h... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Sundarta stared at him for a long time, completely in a deep shock as much as George's sadness. After, she asked to get sure: "George, ar... Read Chapter

Part 20

At night of that day, all of the Michorian army got out by order of the king to arrest and imprison every single British person, either i... Read Chapter

Part 21

In her path toward her daughter's bedroom, she already met two guards with swords too. She killed them angrily during a short time that s... Read Chapter

Part 22

During their trip, Sundarta and her brave 100 men faced some bandits. Their number was about the same of the soldiers. So, they asked the... Read Chapter

Part 23

After they hanged Edward's head on the top of the fence, the palace servants prepared for Chandramukhi's sati. And the sati was a histori... Read Chapter

Part 24: The Final Chapter

Milady got shocked that she got frozen for several seconds, as she knew before the jauhar's meaning. After that, she questioned the Queen... Read Chapter

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