Frosty Nights Of Winter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Frosty Nights Of Winter



Covering up in a red shawl, I'm sitting under the black sky
I have smile on my face but these heavy eyes want to cry


Sweet darkness of the Winter Nights clinches me in its wings
And takes me to the quiet island where peaceful are all the things\


The melodious voices of nightly birds slowly emerge from the distance
They recite melancholic dities and kill spectacular spell of the silence

In my imagination, I silently droop my head over twilight's shoulder
When I get exhausted of the ache that scorches my heart's border


Sweet rhythm of rustling leaves provides me a soothing company
And I miss you much in chilly nights with little tinge of the agony


My surroundings fill up with your empty presence

When cold air presents me your Epistles of abhorrence

Gone days flash in my mind and I enter the deep ocean of tears

Were those days merely an illusion of my mind? or the series of nightmares?

The reply gets stuck in my thoughts; I gain nothing but a painful sigh
I think, think and overthink; I cry, cry and outcry


Whatever I do, a hidden memory of beloved warmly welcomes me
Between silence of my lips and emptiness of my heart; I have lost me

The frosty nights of winter always remind me of your presence
How we used to cry and laugh feeling each other's essence


Your eyes when shine in my mind, still make me a hopeless friend
What we used to be; what we are now, sense this strange end


Past has become a memory leaving some moments and promises behind
All forevers are not forevers but only mirage of the mind


Sidra Shabbir

Submitted: April 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sidra shabbir. All rights reserved.

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