The huntress

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


Kovita got off from the taxi in the busy street of a famous marketplace of the metro city Nagpur. It was nine o'clock and the market activities were in full swing. Everybody was busy and in a hurry. Nobody had time to notice the presence of her. She was a human-like robot designed to carry out some special tasks. She looked around the marketplace and thought for a moment or two and then immediately got lost in the crowd. The crowd consisted of almost every type of person. Besides her, there are many human-like robots in the crowd. This crowd was working as a shelter for her at that time.

After walking for a while on the main street on the marketplace, she took a narrow street that led her to an antique shop. An old man along with a humanoid robot was on the counter. She entered the shop and showed a card to the old man. The old man took this card and read it carefully and said, "come with me." Saying so he left the counter and led her to a room that was behind the shop.

He closed the door. The walls of the room were covered with some antique paintings. There was no furniture in the room except two chairs and a table.

They sat on the chairs. The old man came to the point without wasting time. He drew out a photograph from the drawer of the table and put it on the table before her and said to her, "this is Kaveesh. He is working for a terrorist group and he knows all about the terrorist group and he is also involved in fund rising for terrorism."

Kovita took the photograph and looked at it, her eyes caught every detail of the photograph, and she stored all these details in her memory.

She returned the photograph to him and said, "I will start my work right from now."

"And Kaveesh is coming next week for spreading the poison of terrorism among the youth of this city and rising fund, " the old man told her.

She replied," he can't escape from me."

The old man said, "remember that we can't take direct action against him. We can't even arrest him. He has strong political connections. He works in the guise of a journalist and writer."

She replied, "I know. I am not going to kill him. I have my own ways to deal this problem."

That was why she was called to tackle the problem.

The old man was an intelligence officer. He and Kovita were assigned this mission.

From that night, Kovita started her hunting. She spent all the night in the basement of the shop gathering all the information available on that man. By the morning she had a link that would certainly lead her to her prey.

That evening Kovita was sauntering near the motel Lib. a famous place with the local politician, socialites, writers, and journalists. The motel was crowded today because some political activists staged a meeting against the government taxation policy. Kovita had a chance for her. She enters into the people shouting slogans against the government.

Roma was a receptionist in this motel. She worked here day and night. She was a humanoid robot. She had been working here for a long time without giving any problem. She was an economic model requiring less energy. Kovita reached the counter and did a handshake with her. Handshaking was not new to Roma. Several people and robots had had a handshake with her. She didn't take notice of it. After a while, she felt that her systems were running slow. She began the process of self-diagnosis. She found nothing in the results of self-diagnosis. Instead of thinking over her problem further, after some moments she began to ignore her problem and after some time forgot it at all.

After this short meeting and conversation with Roma, Kovita immediately left the motel. This meeting was needed to infect Roma. Kovita returned to the basement of the antique shop. From here, she began her next task. After a while, she established connectivity with Roma. Roma did not know what was going on with her.

Within a few minutes, Kovita hacked Roma's brain and was able to give her any command.

The next night, Lucy, a young and attractive woman of age twenty-five, when going out of her home to somewhere, was kidnapped by some people. They took her to an unknown place.

When Lucy opened her eyes, she found herself in a dark place, laying on a stretcher. She was unable to move for she was bound to the stretcher. After a while, she heard the sound of opening The door. Then she heard her foot falling. Two people came in and stood near to her. She can't see due to darkness. Someone began to attach some wires to her brain. Then she heard a sweet female sound, don't be panic. I don't hear you. I want just to read your mind." Lisa began to lost her conscious and within a few moments, she lost her consciousness. She didn't know what happened to her afterward. When she regained her consciousness, she found herself in that dark room.

After two days, an important client who used to stay at the motel occasionally came by car. He was a handsome and middle-aged man. He had a briefcase with him. Roma knew him very well. Seeing him, a viral program got active in her brain.

He came to the counter and bade her good morning. The owner of the motel always kept a separate luxury room for him. She handed him the keys to the room. He was in hurry as always. Gathering keys he immediately rushed to his room.

The people knew him as a famous journalist and writer who always fight for the truth. But it was just a guise. His reality was quite different.

Whenever he came to this metro city, he used to stay for a week. During his stay, very few people came to meet him.

Here in the basement of the antique shop, Kovita received a message sent by the hacked brain of Roma. Reading this message, she sent an instructing code to Roma's brain. Then she went up to the old man and said to him, "I got the prey." Hearing this the old man smiled and said to her, "well done."

Lucy was still imprisoned in that dark room. She did not know who kidnapped her and why? But she was convinced that whoever the kidnapper was, he or she didn't want to kill her. She heard the sound of opening the door. She looked at the door. Unlike always, the kidnapper this time switched on the lights of the room. When she saw her kidnapper, she vented out a scream with fear.

She saw a woman standing there with a briefcase in her hands. She said to her, "don't make a noise. I don't like noise. I will not harm you."

Lucy asked her, "why did you kidnap me? Leave me."

The woman replied, "you are not kidnapped. You are detained. I will leave you when my work complete."

Lucy asked with fear, "which work?"

"You don't need to know, " the woman said to her.

The woman opened her briefcase and draw a small plastic box and said, "Lucy. Within a minute, you will see the most surprising thing of your life." Saying so the woman turned back and opened the box and draw out a facsimile of Lucy's face from it and applied it to her face. And then she turned to Lucy. Seeing her face, Lucy got so surprised that she can't even open her mouth. The woman was now looking just like a Lucy. She was looking as if she were Lucy's twin. Kovita had the capacity of changing the skin color. She changed the color of her skin as per the color of Lucy.

Lucy kept looking at her with a surprise for a while then she said, "who are you?" The woman replied, "I am Kovita." Lucy asked, " What do you want with me?" Kovita looked at her and said, "don't ask me questions."

All this was beyond Lucy's comprehension. Leaving Lucy in the darkroom, Kovita moved to the motel.

Koresh was alone and was missing his love, Lucy. All his attempt to contact Lucy on cellphone had gone in vain. Upon reaching the motel, Kavita asked Roma, Where is Kaveesh?"

Roma told her the room number. She gave Roma a broad smile and said, "don't let anybody disturb me and him."

Saying so, Kovita proceeded to his room. She knocked at the door. Hearing the knock, Kaveesh got alert. She knocked at the door again and said in Lucy's voice, "open the door, I am Lucy." Hearing the voice of Lucy, he opened the door. She immediately hugged him and gave him a passionate kiss. He, in response to her kiss, took her in his arms and began to kiss her. She was responding to him as Lucy did. He was not able to differentiate her from Lucy.

All of a sudden, he felt an electric shock, and then a jerk in the neck and the next instant he got unconscious and fell on the bed. Kovita immediately began her work. She put a helmet like a device on his head. And his brain becomes an open book to her. Within a few hours, she got all the vital information. She completed her work. She was not interested in letting him alive. She felt sorry for Lucy.

She got out of the motel and went to the basement of the antique shop.

The old man was waiting for her. She said to him, "I played my part. Now your turn."

She had all the vital information about the terrorist group. The name and addresses of the big terrorists, their hideouts, their political and social link and source of getting funds, and so on.

The old man said to her, "we will not disappoint the nation.

The old man thought for a few moments and then said to her, " And what about that rogue?"

She smiled and replied, "I injected a chemical into him. He shall die of heart failure within the next forty-eight hours."

Her claim proved right. That man found dead in his room. The post mortem report of his dead body said he died of heart failure.

And after four days, a big military operation was carried out in several places where terrorists were hiding. Thousands of terrorists were killed in military strikes. Thousands of the terrorists were arrested and thrown into correction camps. And the backbone of the terrorist movement had been broken by security forces.

Here, the Kovita set off for another city for a new adventure.

Submitted: April 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

Good story.

Thu, April 15th, 2021 12:16pm

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