all living entities are souls

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all the living entities are parcels of god . they possess consciousness due to presence of soul in them .... .soul can only make its own decissions and because of that it's responsible for its karmas.

There are total 80,000 living entities in the material world.

From lower Organisms to higher species all possess soul, which is responsible for consiousness.

Every living entitity born , become young , adult and then old age and lead to death . 

Lower  Organisms have less consiousness compared to higher organisms. 

Plants , sponges , insects , aquatic life all possess low conciousness.

But human beings are of higher consciousness.

Every human beings should utilize this life but gaining spiritual knowledge from proper spiritual master.

As we wear cloths and change them as they tore off.

similarly soul will separate from the body which lead to unconsciousness It's called as death.

So, no one should upset with bodily attachment . But every soul is suffering in material world . So, it's everyone s duty to liberate soul by gainig proper spiritual knowledge .

Every one should fullfill there responsiblity under God consiousness.



U only think once and utilize the human life given to us .............

.Applicable to all living entities specially human beings since they are highly intelligent.




Submitted: April 15, 2021

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olive tree

Personally I think god is what we call the manifestation of consciousness. Because we’re abruptly hoisted into life. Following that god is within all of us, and other animals too. We aren’t special nor do we have special claim to intelligence. How do you measure the intelligence of another organism, not understanding how it operates? We don’t even understand ourselves. We like to think we do. We like to think we’re civilised. That’s just it. Pride is all. Pride and greed will be our undoing. Because we can’t just be content with nature. Because we’re indoctrinated from birth to be superstitious and impressionable. To take adages at face value is to see wisdom in folly, to be dependent, gullible, not think for oneself. That’s my view, at least.

I’m too cynical to believe there is an immaterial part of us that lives on after death. Personally I think this train of thought how we reconcile our fear of death: by romanticising it.

But something like Douglas adams said, it should be enough to look at a garden and appreciate its beauty without having to see fairies at the bottom. Life is beautiful. And death is natural.

...and like Epicurus said: “When we exist, death is not; and when death exists, we are not. All sensation and consciousness ends with death and therefore in death there is neither pleasure nor pain. The fear of death arises from the belief that in death, there is awareness.”

Sun, April 18th, 2021 4:43am


I really respect your belief mam . But as u said when we exist , death is not , and when death exists we are not . So, our consciousness will also left with death . That counsciousness itself is soul . Soul is immortal but due to the karma of jeeva soul is kept in another body . And about intelligence out of eighty crore living species human are of higher counsiousness.

Sun, April 18th, 2021 6:07am

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