Crux and the Spirit of Liberation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Faith and Trials

The third and final part of the story 'The Rise of the Robotic Humans.'

One android has to be left behind, but it finds itself in conflict with the darkness defeated in the past, which stubbornly pushes to rise up again to bring trouble and grief to the human race.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Self was. There were others. There was That One, and This One. Self wasn't This One or That One. Self was Self. “Your name is Crux,... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

As they flew, Sirius radioed, Philip, Danny’s father’s going to be there, isn’t he? Sirius. Sirius, Yes. Please tell him ab... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

After vowing to never use the sparks again if he could help it, Crux explored the city for something to do until morning. As he walke... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

In Dayton some seven hours later, the sun hung low in the evening sky, and Crux came upon a sizable commercial development lying just p... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

After straightening the body of the woman so she looked more like she was sleeping, Crux stood for several hours over her, unable to br... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Pete pointed at the single-story frame house up ahead. “That’s my place.” “That’s different,” Crux said. “The last few ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Randall, leader of the people of the Divine Council who had escaped to this Pacific island from the destruction of Gaia’s Justice and... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

After four more weeks of travel, they reached the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and Fafnir was awed by the grandeur and ruggedness ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Once Crux was confident everyone was sound asleep, he checked the boy, then turned on his glow to have communion with God while he kept... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Four hundred and seventy-five years had ticked by since Crux had been begotten. Dressed in a colourfully-beaded leather jerkin and brit... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Passing the torch to Red Fox, Mardek paced around the small room, tugging distractedly at his beard and muttering, “What could the pa... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

On their way back upstairs, Adamite stopped to check the contents of the crates and boxes on the seventh floor. “Finding anything u... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

“Good day to you, Mister Shavez,” the guard at the gate said to the elder, seated in his one-horse shay, with Crux/Ella beside him.... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

NA4LP3 was several days into grade two, and was staring at the third arithmetic question on the board: he didn’t get it. Putting ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

The next morning, the twelve Ranger cadets were rudely awakened by the sound of reveille being played right outside the barracks. T... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Dread overwhelmed LP3. Something was terribly wrong, but he couldn’t think of what it was. Suddenly Father Abraham loomed over him ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

After studying the checkpoint he’d have to go through to get out of the city, LP3 wondered what he could say, if anything, so they’... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

LP3—no, Markoh; so strange to have a name—dropped the rock he’d been carrying onto the growing pile at the side of the field Char... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Once the chores were done the next morning, Markoh approached Stephen. “Can we talk, sir?” “What about, Markoh?” “Crux ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

The next afternoon, while Markoh was off hunting for game, Crux picked up rustling sounds from the other direction with his pumped-up h... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Sweeney glared at Crux. “Now I’ve got you, I’m going to have to see if there’s some way of torturing a mechanical child.” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

That night, as Markoh settled for sleep, Crux said, “At this pace, we should get to Dallas in another ten days.” “Only as lon... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

“Hey, Crux,” Markoh said later as they were running, “since you’re not connected, if any of your people came here, how would th... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

“You’re a Tag, too,” 55A said to Markoh as he rode along beside them towards Memphis. “You’ve got the tag on your forearm.”... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Neviteh sat on the floor beside Markoh, watching him breathe. He’d landed badly after being thrown by his opponent, there’d been ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

“Councillor Mentawk,” Markoh said once he’d tracked down the elder in his house. “I would … humbly request, uh, that your war... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Crux and Adamite informed Elder Sief they’d deleted the data from the device. Then they went out into the plaza, and Crux radioed Min... Read Chapter

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