Jam for Letters

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about an unusual journey and how one girl loved reading again.

One day, when Maya was fourteen and a half years old, such a story happened to her. It was unusual story on the one hand, but also the same on the other, which can happen to every boy or girl.

Here is how it was.

She loved and certainly loves to read, and she even has one very special Book. It's Magic Book and there are real living Letters inside. They can move - and they move when the time comes and needs to get out of the Book.And then they come back, with a new story.

Of course, they can be warm or cold. They're Alive!

When for some reason they are cold or sad, Maya gently takes Book in her gentle, warm hands, opens something page and puts her in the sunlight, on the table by the window. And if there is no sun, then she will simply warm the Book a little by herself. And everything's good.

And also, Letters can speak. But this happens very rarely. They are mostly quiet, as Maya listens to her own voice when she reads. And then they don’t interfere with her. After all, what they say is already written on the pages.

And, as it happened, one very ordinary day Maya felt that it was difficult for her to read. Just don't want it. She never didn't make herself to do it, and it looked very strange.  She loved reading and read quite often. But today, for some reason, there was no desire.

Three days passed in this way. And Maya decided to open Magic Book and tell the Letters about it. In the evening she sat down in a comfortable chair and began a conversation. Inwardly. But the Letters heard it all very well. And when Maya told everything, one of them, large and colorful, began to move. It was the Letter "B". She was in the word "boss" and the girl thought that she is probably the oldest and wisest Letter.

And it was so. She came out kind of all the lines, words and began to speak very quietly. So that only Maya heard it:

‘Hello, my dear. How good to see you! Can I, on behalf of all of us, tell you what I think about it?’

‘Of course,’ answered Maya happily. ‘Of course, you say’.

And the "Boss", after collecting one's thoughts, began:

‘What you told us, what you feel - it happens. Don't be surprised or worried. Every individual is the observer, the witness of what is happening. And if you have many other events, a lot to do, images in your life, then you also need rest. The most ordinary rest from what happened. For example, you are in school and read different books. Or turn on your phone, computer and internet. You are also having different letters, sentences, meaning inside it. And you read there. Social network, phone messages. Then there are films and TV series. But it's not like that "good" or "bad". Remember what I said about the observer. You are already reading there! And apparently, it's a question of the quantity and maybe the quality of what you read. After all, you must admit that you can make up different words with letters, and from them - different sentences, and from them - very different content. So, it's just balance, measure, and choice. And what is important - naturalness. And, of course, for example, your beautiful eyes can also get tired during the day and want to relax in the evening. And then let them rest. Don't worry that you don't feel like reading. This is temporary. And in due time the book will find you by itself. Not even necessarily ours, Magic Book. In general, that's the main thing that I wanted to say.’


The Boss come out of the book, walked a little by the window, the sun was shining there and, returning to Maya, he smiled and said softly:

‘Well, so.’

Maya listened attentively and understood everything. And inside she was very calm.

And Boss looked at her slyly and asked:

‘Listen, since it's the case, we have one question for you.’

‘Of course, I'm listening.’ Maya answered.

‘You see,’ the bright letter "P" began, ‘All the same, we are lying here idle, but we want movement. So, do you mind if we travel a little around the world?’

Here Maya was a little surprised:

‘Where are you going? And for how long?’

Boss spoke again:

‘Letter "P" said correctly. We want to see the world, other places, other books, scripts, texts. We are interested in what people read, how they read and where. At home, on the street, in a park or garden, on the beach, at the sea. Or, for example, on a train that travels along a mountain serpentine road. On the Internet, in letters, in bookstores. But we will not interfere with other letters at all! We just want to see what and how, and see the world.’

Boss finished and Maya immediately asked:

‘Can I go with you then?’

‘Of course, you can. But not right away. But not right away. For the first time, we go, in general, for exploration. Plus ... you have your friend Sasha and your school friends. Weren't you going to travel with them in this summer? And already planned it. You yourself told us!’


Yes, that's exactly how it was. Maya had a friend Sasha. And he too, although there is nothing so unusual in it, had his own Magic Book. Only with no stories inside, tales and novels, but with poems. And sometimes on the book's lines you could read something like this:

What an inspiration is!

What a joy, a grace!

What a wonderful bliss!

Under the rhyme and Letter find a Space!

Indeed, Maya was going to go with friends to Madagascar in the summer. See the island, its flora, fauna, ocean, forests. And just relax.

This idea came from Maya's friend Stella on her recent birthday. She said that her parents had already been there themselves a couple times and this summer they would be happy to take children with them.

‘Yes, exactly!’ Maya answered Boss and all the other Letters that sat quietly and listened. ‘Just ... what if you ...get lost??? And won't come back??’

‘Yes, you are right - said the Boss and the Letter "P" somehow wilted and a little scared - But there is one sure way. If we get stuck somewhere, something happens to us - you ask your mother to cook cherry jam and we, smelling it, will immediately return, wherever we are. Its aroma, the same Magic as we are, will reach us and everything will be fine. Although we do not eat anything ourselves, we smell wonderful.’

‘Wow!’ Maya said. ‘And if someone else cooks it? You won't confuse?’

‘Of course not! Only your Mom, you or your Dad.’ Boss answered confidently.

‘And if Sasha or, for example, Stella will cook? They also know how ...’

‘They are friends - they can.’


And with these words, Maya laughed. Together with the Letters that felt great joy.

‘Hey, come on, look at the first page!’ said the letter "P" cheerfully.

Maya looked up and saw the familiar inscription:

A heart was drawn in Letters, and below


And she, like the Letters, felt very warm and pleasant.

It was already completely dark. Maya carefully closed the Book and went to bed. And Boss, in order not to waste time, called the Great Council of Letters and began to say:

‘So, guys ... we have been discussing all this for a long time, and you know it, but it makes sense to remind everyone what awaits us. A huge world awaits us. And what is there may not always be pleased. Just be careful. If you find yourself where there are, for example, the words and letters like "WANT", "SHOULD", "I", "YOU", "ME", "HOW MUCH" and others ... The complete list will be with us all the time. So ...  keep your eyes open! I'm not saying that this is "bad". But such letters can drag you into the unnecessary and harmful. Everything, of course, depends on the specific case. Be careful! We will travel, like Maya, for about one month. And then - to home.’


Boss finished speaking and the Letters agreed with him. Although he seemed to be the Main One among them, but in fact they were all very intelligent, developed, full of good feelings. Plus, no one agreed with Boss just because he said so. Complete equality, freedom, brotherhood and understanding. “LetterasOne”.


It was a wonderful night and everyone was asleep. A new day awaited them.

In the morning, Maya went to school, and the Letters hit the road. For the first time they came out of Magic Book for long. And for the first time they left the house where Maya lived.

We won't tell about their journey today. It was their own journey and maybe sometime they will tell us themselves about it. With the words of all Letters.

And Maya, after passing the school exams, went soon with Stella, her parents, Sasha, and two more of her friends to Madagascar. Mom and Dad helped to pack up and walked her on the road.


And the road was waiting for them ...

And the plane flew to Indian Ocean ...


We'll also tell you about this journey sometime, our dear readers. It was very nice and useful journey. Well, like the most common journey for many children and adults, boys and girls. Exactly so.

And so ... After one month, everyone was gradually returning home.

Joyful, full of impressions, new energy children and the Letters.

Almost all are back. Only a few Letters were missing.


Another day passed, and at noon they returned too, and happily climbed into the book.

Only "P" has gone somewhere. It seems that nothing like this should have happened, but she has been delayed and did not appear. There was no connection with her. Boss said so.

‘Let your mom cook jam.’ said Sasha on the phone when he found out what happened.

Maya thought about it too. And so, in order to keep it a secret, she told her mother that Stella's older brother was born a son and that she invited her to this celebration, and the jam would be a wonderful gift. And really, it just so happened that Stella's brother had a baby. Maya wasn't making it up anything.

And so ... from the kitchen ... through the open window ... Magic cherry sweetness stretched out ...

Mom looked at her daughter affectionately and said:

‘No, one jar is not enough here. But what about us?’

Thus, three more jars of yummy were cooked. And then, at last, the letter "P" appeared. Jam magic did the trick.

Tired but happy with her journey, "P" told Boss, the other Letters and Maya that she was stuck somewhere in Bermuda, being on a yacht and in the company of the words "ALL INCLUSIVE" and "VERY BEST".

‘I warned you’ said Boss. ‘You're so curious! I'm very glad that you are back.’

And with that, he hugged her.


Magic Book was filled with warmth. Letters have neatly settled down along the lines, preparing a new story for their favorite. Maya, after celebrating the birthday of Stella's nephew, walked with her in the evening in the park, listened to the night birds and thought about what Boss had said about reading. And also, that she wants to read again!

And it happened by itself. Exactly the same as with many, many children and adults, who at one time find the book they need, or it appears itself nearby - and then, sitting or lying down, they read it, breathing evenly, calmly, plunging into its vibe.

And these are Wonderful Moments.

Submitted: April 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Alexander Melnicov. All rights reserved.

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