A trilling venture

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you hear a sound in the night would you inspect it ? what if i told you that someone got into your appartment, would you ignore all logic and stay still and pretend you're asleep just to satisfiy your curiosity ? would you be prepared for that guest whoever or "whatever" they may be ? are daring enough ? well let's see how your luck will play out
this short story is played out from a first-person experience, you as the reader will experience that venture from this person's perspective.

This was the change of it all, this was the moment that started everything for me, a memory that I myself don't know if I should call it a happy opportunity or a curse led to me by bad luck but from that moment onward I knew that my life would never be the same anymore. what I am about to tell you is one of my most precious memories , it happened long ago but it's still ever so fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday . Always the same old tape that I kept playing in my head every now and then. Every time that I missed him for a while, I would stare unto space and then start giggling to myself. Even though it was an odd way to start things, I still wouldn't have it any other way. Well enough with the inner thoughts, I'll let you decide however you chose to deem my story and hopefully you'll be able to feel what I felt and see the world from my eyes.

What I remember from that raining night is a tall figure slowly approaching my bed in the dead of the night. My tired body couldn't move a muscle , I had no energy left within me to get up and react , I was at a point that I didn't care whether I was currently getting robed or a cat just flew right in from the window I most likely forgot to check . All I could think of was where I put my electronics and hoping that it won't be as bad. Instead I was lying there barely opening my eyes and watching the mysterious guest getting closer and closer . the sound of steps was irregular, slow and sometimes heavy , I could feel the tension rising and the air getting heavier by the step, it was oddly hard for me to breath instead a sharp feeling was washing over me , it's like every fiber of my being is telling me to get up now and run as hell away from here. The sound of steps stopped beside my bead and then he slowly bent over. I closed my eyes shut as fast as I can, fearing that I'd get caught. I heard the squeaking noise coming from the bed and felt the weight drop beside me : he sat on the edge and I could almost feel his gaze piercing my body like needles, staring ever so intensely. I felt the hairs stand up on my body and I tried to remain as calm as I could and ignore the doubts that kept riling up in my mind . I knew that what I was doing is borderline stupid and irresponsible, I know that logically I should kick this bastard as hard as I can , run like hell and call the police. I know ... but I just ... want to see what he'll do if I remain asleep , It's not like I'm totally unconscious and I'll move if I feel things will get messy , I'm just really curious, can you blame me ? My inner dialogue was suddenly cut short as I felt cold wet hands wrapping themselves around me and pulling me slightly up. Then I felt the icy cold skin of his face when he rested his head on my bare shoulder. It was a man but one with no warmth. I felt the coldness transferring into my body as our bodies kept getting entangled. And then, as I was gradually getting used to this freezing sensation, I felt the coldest droplets on my shoulders sliding away following the curves of my spine across my back sending chills down my body. He was a bit wet with rain. He tightened his grip around me, let out a sight and mumbled strange words that my ears could not distinguish . As much as I wanted to open my eyes to look at him , I kept them sealed shut anticipating with my whole body what he'll do , trembling at every move . Frankly, I was confused as to why he did not notice me reacting to his every move but I can feel like he himself was being consumed by his emotions. Unable to do anything, I shifted my attention to his voice trying to make up what he was saying. After sometime he laid me back again gently then he rested his hands on both sides of my shoulders facing me as he kept staring. However I felt his gaze shifting and I started to get nervous . Did he finally notice me ? Why is he glaring at me now ? Screw this experiment I'm moving out of here . ok on three I' m gonna kick him and bolt, one...two...thre...ah! Suddenly I felt his cold hands wrapped around my neck and a feeling of dread rushed through me. my heart jumped out of my chest and I broke down in cold sweat . I was torn between opening my eyes and kicking this maniac way from me or keep staying still praying he'll let go . I was pulled back by fear multiple times. I was afraid. I was vulnerable. He's got his hands tightly around my neck and god knows what he'll do if I resist .

My train of thoughts was cut short as I heard him laugh than he caressed my neck and put his hand on my cheek as his face grew closer to mine so much I could feel his breath. he bent down even more to reach my ears and he whispered :" don't be scared my darling . I'm not going to hurt you if that's what you're scared of. You know ironically I started to believe in fate when I saw you today again, I was really in a pinch and you just appeared in my line of sight. Wanna know how I found you ? How I knew that it was you even though I couldn't get a good look at your face that night ? Well it's because of this" then I felt his hand reach for my arm and he continued " this here is what led me to you , you have a cut on your arm , just like that night, the scent of your blood filling up the air around you like an intoxicating perfume. Well let's remove these bandages shall we .....There we go, isn't this better? now I could see the wound, hmmm still a bit of bleeding I see , pretty deep isn't it....a kitchen knife I presume ? haha you just got to love knifes : such pristine clean and beautiful cuts it makes....indeed... but I hate to see anything messing up your soft skin , let me just ..." then he licked the wound on my arm , as I let out a voice. he laughed and said " nice voice you got there, why don't you open your eyes now and we can talk a bit huh, I believe the show's over " . I reluctantly opened my eyes slightly , at this point I'm just trying to be as careful as possible.

"y-you said that w-we know each other , how?" I stuttered

" Oh no you don't remember me ? I'm hurt darling . that's cruel of you to say after what I did for you " he replied " well to keep it briefly I was the guy you pleaded ever so sincerely that night where you were ambushed by two thugs holding knifes that injured you just like this wound here , you said that you'll do anything but you ran away while I was taking care of that dead weight you left me with . you slipped by but I let it slide since I got your scent and I was full that night but now you've got to return the favor now sweet heart "

I looked at him in silence and in fast movement I grabbed the blinds to let the moon light in only to reveal a handsome man with light colored hair like it was weaved out of silver threads that shined under the light and amethyst eyes that were burning with confidence and desire staring right into me

" I'm not gonna ask the obvious but I'll ask this : what is it that you want from me ? and I have a strange feeling that you won't ask for the normal stuff are you ?" . I said

He laughed then replied " you don't have to worry , I'm not gonna take anything from you I just need your blood, that's all there is to it. More specifically I need to have your blood whenever I'm in a pinch and can't find a replacement. Pretty convenient isn't it "

"Sounds to me like I'm on the losing end here, that's a lot to ask for something like that" I said

" well, need I remind you that I saved your life that time and you know what, I'll throw in something extra : how about ,when you're really in danger I'll come to help you huh ...*sight*darling I suggest you take my offer on cuz I'm just trying to be a gentleman here and I'll warn you that I'll get what I want whether I have your consent or not, I'm just trying to make it easier on you "he said .

"...fine, do it quick and don't make it in a visible place"

"Oh no no no, not today . I wanna savor this and I don't wanna rush it, getting to taste you blood was a nice treat. It's fine , if I lick your wound it'll heal fast , don't worry . Now here's what's gonna happen , now I am leaving for the night and I'll see you in a few days ok?"

"Somehow your request doesn't sound like a request " I said in a trembling tone

he laughed then said "well it's not but if you believe hard enough it might become one, just one with only one plausible answer "

He kept gazing at me, keeping a lock on me with his piercing eyes . Then he suddenly got slightly up and got closer, my body flinched suddenly as I moved back without knowing . I felt dizzy by the second and my breathing was getting heavier , it was like air was leaving my lungs.

He moved closer and in a blink of an eye he was at ears, he whispered, laid a gentle kiss on my neck and left just like that . It's like he wasn't even there.

I was staring into space, without movement, only the sound of my heavy breathing breaking the dead silence of the night. then a feeling of dread and fear brushed my whole body like a wave as I was processing what the hell happened. Cold sweat ran down my body and I could feel the heat slowly returning to my body. I couldn't get a wink of sleep after that.

And just like that, the time to repay my debt came sooner than I thought as I heard a knock on my window one night. I sprinted out of bed and I opened the lock slowly like I was rethinking what is about to happen to me. And there he was standing tall in front of me. there were no lights turned on in my apartment , I could barely make up his figure, only the feint glow of that burning color of his eyes to guide me through.

I turned away in a hurry and backed away but he pulled my hand and said " where are you heading?"

"t-the l-lights...I'm going to turn on the lights, I can- I can't see anything " I said nervously

Then he pulled me toward him and sat me on the edge of the bed then he put his knee between my legs as he moved closer and whispered " You don't need to see, you just need to feel " . He kissed my neck and said " Hold on to me if you want and if you get weak I'll support you ok ? just let go yourself to me , you'll be fine but I don't mind this adrenalin rush you're having . Makes the blood move all the more faster "

The moment he finished that sentence he sunk his teeth in my neck and it sent a jolt through my body. I felt the need to grab and hold unto anything near my hand. I dug my hands into the bed sheets as I felt like everything inside me was being pulled out, I felt vulnerable and helpless in his grasp. Blinded by the darkness, I could only feel and my senses were only focused on that hot yet cold spot on my neck were he bit me and the feeling of his lips on my skin. I was breathing heavily, sometimes I flexed my muscles and squeezed the sheets in my hand but he'll quickly tighten his embrace telling me to relax and let go. the sounds he was making and my voice were buzzing in my head. then I felt a force pulling my eyelids down bit by bit. He stopped, gasping for air, licked the wound and said " hey ,hey I got you now don't worry ... I'm just gonna lay you down like this ok?" then he stared down at me and let out a giggle. He started licking my neck and kissing it then he surprised me by giving me a soft gentle kiss on my lips then he said " It's ok if you fall asleep darling " before he proceeded to continue sucking even more of my blood.

the sounds kept filling up my mind and the last thing I remember was the way he caressed my body ever so gently from head to toe and I followed that cold hand as it stocked my neck then it slowly worked its way down my body ending in the softest touch along my legs. It was a freezing sensation yet somehow left me feeling a burning heat at every move. And just like that I gave in and fell asleep in his embrace like it was the most natural thing in the world to me.

That's how we spent our first night together but trusts me our story is far from being over.

Submitted: April 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 A.goldfeather. All rights reserved.

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It may be lacking but I hope you like it and feel free to leave your thoughts about it

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