Where Dragons Rule: Lyndria

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The House of Imagination

To save himself and his family from a dragon’s wrath, William Delcat must become that which he hates and dive deep into a world of lies and espionage to uncover a truth best left buried.

Book 1 of the Where Dragons Rule: LOST series

Note: I'm began posting earlier than intended as part of a writing challenging so I apologize in advance for any typos.

Table of Contents

The Dragon's Secret

Chapter 1: The Dragon’s Secret     There was something about the crackling of a fire that Lyndria alway... Read Chapter

The Discovery

Chapter 2: The Discovery     William sipped his cup of green tea and sighed. The view of the city from his lofty es... Read Chapter

A Brief Reprieve

Chapter 3: A Brief Reprieve     William yawned and stared out the window of his office. Normally, such a fantastic ... Read Chapter

The Greatest Taboo

Chapter 4: The Greatest Taboo     Caius adjusted well to his new role as bodyguard. He accompanied William wherever... Read Chapter

Fighting Back

Chapter 5: Fighting Back     Things had become tense since the attack on William’s life. Lance refused to leave W... Read Chapter

Point of No Return

William and Lance arrive at Osharese Fortress but find things already not going according to plan.
Read Chapter

Nest of Vipers

Lyndria finds a way to reverse her outcast status. William runs into someone unexpected at the prison.
Read Chapter

No Compromise

William struggles to maintain order as the power struggle between Cutter and Harold escalates.
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The Sacrifice

Lyndria begins to feel the consequences of her actions.
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Raising the Stakes

Lyndria makes her move and it puts William in a corner.
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Extreme Tactics

Lyndria struggles with her newfound freedom. William is forced to make a tough decision as tension rises within the prison.
Read Chapter

Payment in Blood

William makes his decision but struggles with the consequences.
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Clever Girl

Lyndria exacts her revenge but things don't go as planned. Cutter makes her move.
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Chapter 14: Escape     Smoke was all William could see as he fled down the prison’s hall. Around him, roars of ra... Read Chapter

The Dracaena

Lyndria meets someone unexpected and William begins formulating a way out of Cutter's game.

(This chapter marks the end of the writing challenge, but the story is far from complete)
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Growing Silhouette

Lyndria questions her loyalty to Sareen. William learns the true reason why Cutter wanted to go to Osharese.
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New Players

Taken into custody once again, William learns the identity of his newest captors and makes a startling discovery.
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New Additions

A new arrival to Lyndria's home brings grim news.
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Darkness Rising

Lyndria and the others prepare for the inevitable clash with Tanor.
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Making Plans

William makes a startling discovery. Lyndria and Sareen lick their wounds from their defeat and plan their next move.
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A well written fantasy novel in the vein of George R R Martin, and Raymond E Feist.

Wed, August 25th, 2021 5:29am


Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Wed, August 25th, 2021 9:49am

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