Sea Of Gamnets

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

“CAPTAIN!” Puft hollered down onto the deck “Here. Now shut up unless it’s important” Answered Captain Surlenvab “Oh it’s important alright. Ship with da white and green Plaffman flag is approaching from North East” Shouted back Puft. “PREPARE FOR A NICE HAUL” Captain Surlenvab added a deep, rumbling laugh into the echo hole when he finished talking. 

“Sewejpai, we have a disturbance under the bed. Relay to Captain” Muttered Fendetgarwee to Sewejpai before rushing off to prepare the lorball throwers. “Surlenvab, disturbance under the bed” Sewejpai rushidly relayed the message to Captain Surlenvab 

“You dare call me, Gamnets greatest, most feared Captain singlayodxa, by my name alone” Surlenvab advanced on Sewejpai, images of flames erupting in his neon blue eyes, one of which, had a smudge of neon purple. 

“I...I...I-Was an unfortunate, never to be repeated mistake, Captain Surlenvab.” 

“Very well” Relented Captain Surlenvab

“I won’t let ya off the hook as easily next time around” He added, wagging a dark, hairy finger

“Now WORK” He barked before turning around and marching off to his room, where the one stolen bed in all of eleven kingdoms rested. 

“Sir Judd, Where is ballroom stage?!” Asked a little girl's voice from behind Captain Surlenvab’s cabinet, which was snugly fit next to the wondrous bed, which consisted of peeling white paint on splintering wood. 

“I don’t know Madeline, definitely not anywhere near a broken piano or crowd of people” Answered a man’s raspy voice.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here. A shaken old man and a young madam, second one in a supedfa!”. Captain Surlenvab had mentally sharpened his gruffness before walking into his cozy french style bedroom to face a wispy, older man and a young girl, she of which, had long, wavy white hair, blinding white eyes with long white lashes, pale skin, a chaplet of white flowers (A chaplet is a band of intertwined flowers, or a ‘’headband’ of any ornamental material, that is fully circular and therefore placed around the head), a light, cotton, white dress, and lastly (unsurprisingly) white sandals.

“What a supedfa? And I’m not a young madam, I’m four in a half! Plus, your weird”

Said Madeline defensively “another stupid american” muttered the captain before turning to the little girl “in your language a supedfa would be a year. And also in your language I am the worlds, as in this worlds at least, greatest singlayodxa captain, which means pirate captain” “cool” chirped Madeline

“Not so” growled captain Surlenvab.

“Quitasderfmak prepare the weights and gang plank”.

“It is a custom to give those who await death a tour in their native tongue” said the captain while fastening thick metal chains around their wrists and slightly lighter ones around their feet.

“Were so honored” sarcastically muttered the old man named Judd 

 “The honor is mine” smirked the pirate captain.

“Why are you two being impolite?” Asked Madeline genuinely

“Because pirates don’t have manners” said Judd quite matter of factly 

“Watch your tongue, old man” breathed Captain Surlenvab

“Excuse my naughty body” Judd said in mock fear

“Why are you like this?!” Suddenly exploded the captain, having turned around and pinned the old man to the wall.

Judd wheezed and made horrible retching sounds, if he had been doing so into the echo hole, then everyone aboard the giant ship would cover their ears and cower on the floor, in failed attempts to escape the sounds of death.

“Why are you two not scared of me?!” He demanded, lowering his voice slightly.

“I always tell the truth, and truth is that your not very scary compared to piano exams and concerts” said the little girl in all honesty, the truth of her words rung in Captain Surlenvab’s ears, and a loud gong sounded ‘inside’ of his body, right next to his eardrum. He rubbed his ear. 

Things like this weren’t uncommon on the planet called Gamnet which consisted of a sea of magnets which there were called Gamnets. There were eleven kingdoms, all of which were islands with shiny, black, and chipped stones as the ground, that of which was the same color as the thick, pulling substance called Gamnet, that filled the majority of the world.

There was one bed from earth, constant people appearing and disappearing in between twenty intertwined worlds, snickers of magic, and tons of pirates or also known as singlayodxa’s.

“Is that so…?” Asked the Captain cautiously

“Most definitely”, Madeline was quick to reassure him.

“And you?” He asked, turning to face the gutty man Judd

“I am about to die! Am I not?” He said simply

“And…?” Prompted Captain Surlenvab upon realizing Judd was done talking and thought he got whatever he had said

“And I might as well annoy you before I die” he said as simply as though telling someone the time.

“Valid point” noted the Captain

“Now, for the grand tour I was talking about! By the way, there is only one destination you’re gonna be brought to, your death” said Surlenvab

“Not fair” grumbled Judd before they were both dragged away.

“Grrrrrr” was all he got for a response.

“What a friendly man you are” commented Judd, before falling silent once and for all. “How come we could speak the same language if were someplace...else?” Asked Madeline innocently, the fear in her eyes barely distinguishable.

“Because that’s the way the worlds work” growled the angry captain, calming down only slightly.

“Okay. Is it normal in all worlds for people to be mean pirate captains who float on dark silver water?” she asked, innocently once more.

“I’m not mean,” said the captain slowly, “I’m evil!” he cackled in a rough voice, an evil, deep, echoing, laugh.

“Now come with me” Captain Surlenvab barked.

He snapped his finger in a complicated manner and four burly men waddled over.

Well, two of them did, anyway.

One had bright red hooks for feet.

The other had large, bare feet, which had burn marks all over, barely visible against his dark skin, and therefore causing him to walk upright but grimace in pain with each step.

The third was missing several toes on his pale feet, and had an asian complexion that startlingly looked like Judd’s best friends, who had been rumored to have died during a hunting trip through a thick forest on a snowy night.

And the last walked perfectly upright.

He was actually quite normal, and maybe even handsome!

With his calm but clear blue eyes and long chestnut hair that was pulled back in a mix between a braid and a low pony, he could pass off as an olden day noble man.

The two earthlings gawked at the pirates as they loyally dragged them after their captain.

“Now, my two guests of honor, I welcome you to...Your deaths!” Said the captain so enthusiastically, that one might have turned their head and cleaned their ears in search of an applauding crowd.

“I would like to kill you slowly, savor every moment of the wonderful thing called death,” He whispered the word death as a look of curiosity and amusement overcame his face “But there's a thing called mercy and hungry Swoonrapdaikl’a” He hissed, a creepy expression covering his face.

“How old are you?” asked Judd, ignoring all the things Captain Surlenvab had said and seizing the odd man up with his two normal eyes.

The captain growled.

“We do not age on this planet, we are born at one age and only die when killed, no sickness, no drowning, no fire, no natural death, unless killed or in love” He said the word love with obvious, seething hatred.

“What happens if you fall in love?”asked Judd curiously

“You age one year every ten years, in your time” he answered, losing his patience.

“Just throw them in” he commanded

“I’m not here for entertainment right now, we have a ship to take over and riches to take” The captain screamed.

“Tonight is SOGGY ADAVV” said the chestnut haired man slowly, 

“And?” Asked the captain impatiently

“The girl...I sense something, maybe leave her be till tonight, and see her change” he said, confidently now.

“Fine, but if she doesn't, you’ll pay for it” said the captain menacingly before acting like a pirate and getting Judd thrown over the side of the ship, where he was swarmed by weird looking shark creatures that looked like fan girls, and Madeline unconscious by a punch in the head.

~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~

“It’s time” Whispered the previously chestnut haired man to Captain Surlenvab

“Bring her here” the Captain said back gruffly.

 A few minutes later the now shoulder length blonde haired man came back with the knocked out girl.

“Wake her up” Commanded the Captain to the now green eyed man, who did as he was told.

Madeline’s eyes fluttered open, they were filled with confusion.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here” said Captain Surlenvab as her eyes immediately started straining towards the direction of the moon, or what is more commonly known as the ‘sura’.

“What?” She asked innocently as her eyes continued to try and penetrate the very solid ceiling of the Captain’s cabin.

“Bring her outside” Commanded Captain Surlenvab before exiting his odd bedroom, going up the creaking stairs, and out into the fresh night air.

He turned his shaggy head (which had its share of bald spots) towards the sura and immediately felt the strength pulsing.

Once every fifty human years (which is only about fifteen ‘years’ for the immortal living on the islands in middle of the Sea of Gamnets)

The moon/sura would work it’s magic on the beings of Gamnet.

Captain Surlenvab let out his legendary low cackle that alone could cause a child to pass out,

(Parents always told their children about The Captain, who would come get them if they wouldn’t listen, and so on and so forth.) as his eyes roamed his extravagant ship.

It had skulls and eyeballs hanging as decorations, and carvings that looked as though from a powerful old kingdom.

Which was in fact where they were actually from.

After all, Gamnet housed quite a few old and powerful kingdoms.

After a few moments (a few too long) the green eyed man appeared carrying a small body wrapped in a patchwork quilt.

“What took you so long?!” Demanded the Captain.

“Hmph, harumph mmm ph” was all he got for a response.

Apparently when you transform not all your muscles can join.

“You better work out a bit more” Said the captain before closing his hairy arms and tapping his bare foot as he waited impatiently for the guy to set the girl down in front of him.

There was absolutely no way that he was going to rush over and help.

“Set ‘er down here” Commanded the captain as the other guy neared him.No one else was on the deck, everyone had hurried into the most private places they could find for this night, and with a nearing ship, the deck was not one of them.

“My time is soon, but I’m older than her so it’s later, but we still have to hurry up” Said the Captain as the green eyed man set Madeline down at his feet.

“Where? What-“ Madeline started in a weak voice, but was cut off by a surge of-power.

It was a weird tingly, squirmy feeling in the stomach plus some back aches.

She grimaced-what was this?!

Suddenly, the small good feelings disappeared and the bad ones increased.

Madeline felt as though her skin was boiling, her whole body felt like it was stretching, everything felt wrong-and it was.

Madeline closed her eyelids and hollered out in pain.

She screamed and screamed and screamed.

Why?! Why?! Why?!

Was all she could think.

And then suddenly everything was gone-everything-it didn’t go black, it didn't go red, it didn't go any color or feeling, or anything, it went nothing.

As Madeline's body went slack and fell to the floor with a thud-the world non existent around her-Captain Surlenvab and the man ran for cover as the feelings hit the Captain, but this time, they were mixed with genuine shock, disbeliefs, reliefs, anger, and astonishment.

~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~

“How…? How, how, how? HOW?!” The Captain paced his room with a scrunched up face, trying to comprehend all that had happened.

-Madeline had transformed to a girl of about fourteen years old.

She was the same person, but she now had high intelligence, a sneaky side, heaps of gruffness, lot’s of speed and strength, and a tall and slim sunburnt body, with short, straight black hair, manicured eyebrows, full lips, a sharply defined chin, a perfect nose, and suspicious beetle black eyes, scrutinizing everyone with natural scorn.- And that could only mean one thing, that she had been born in one of the eleven kingdoms, on one of the few unoccupied islands, or on a ship.

But the strange turn of events didn’t matter to the man who had had confidence in her the whole time, but who now looked a whole lot younger, about sixteen.

“Captain, the girl insists on speaking with you” Came a voice from the deck.

The captain grumbled before making his way to the person who had spoken.

“Where is she?” he demanded.

“We tied her up with medal chains as requested, she is hanging from the side of the ship as all captives do”, answered a short man in a tittery voice, with a wobbly smile plastered on his face.

“Drink a bit less Cangfoe, will ya? Before you finish it all!” Demanded the Captain before making his way to the side of the ship which was used to hang special captives until either something would eat them or they would decide what to do with them.

“Why, hello” Said Madeline smoothly, with a small but sure smile on her pretty face.

“I heard you wanted to talk to me?” Answered the Captain ruffly, pretending to ignore her, although on the inside his walls were broken, and ropes were cut.

“I was just wondering….maybe I could join you?” Asked Madeline simply, batting her eyes a bit before hardening her face and pleadingly yet stubbornly looking up at the Captain’s hairy face.

Captain Surlenvab was taken aback by the blunt question, and as he looked down at the young woman he realized just what a unique thing she was.

Maybe he really should allow her to join the pirates.

Unique is not good, he firmly reminded himself.

Unique must be rid of.

He turned his thoughtful gaze into a merciless glare.

“No” He finally answered.

He suddenly realized how slippery she was, if he hadn’t been naturally cautious, brave, bold, blunt, proud, merciless, and evil, then she would have without a doubt have ended up joining them.

But what a talent that was.

She was so…..unique.

The word beckoned to him like a sweet smelling flowery valley to a farmer who lives out in nature, or like a drug to someone who was addicted.

He needed to let her live and join them!

“NO!” He shouted aloud.

Shock flitted across his face before he regained his balance.

“I think not” he said, a bit quieter, “We don't’ need you messing around here”, He pulled out a knife crusted in dried blood, and coated in splinters and small strings of rope and hair.

Madeline didn’t flinch.

“Coward” She growled, feeling no fear at all. “That’s what you are. A trembling being hiding behind a mask of rude manlihood.” She said quietly, her black eyes bearing into his now neon orange and bright red colored eyes.

“I AM NOT A COWARD!!!!!” He screamed, his voice raw towards the ending from the volume and hatred injected into the  five simple words.

“Cowarrrrd” She hissed as he started sawing at the metal chains holding her above the endless gray ocean.

After a few minutes of weird and in most situations awkward (But in this situations scary, threatening and creepy) hissing and growling, the chains fell off of her and clanged onto the side of the ship before settling down and starting to move in rhythm with it.

Madeline immediately jumped into action. She kicked her foot into the sturdy mix of metal and wood on the side of the ship and miraculously created a hole in which she placed her foot to keep her from falling. She proceeded to do the same with the other foot before reaching up and grabbing the Captains neck (he had been bending over to check why he hadn’t heard a splash or saw any ripples).

He let out a yowl like a wounded were-wolf before instinctively grabbing onto the ledge to keep from flipping over into the water.

Madeline pulled herself up, somersaulting over the Captains head and landing in a crouched position on the deck.

“No….no way” stuttered the captain, staring at Madeline with newfound awe.

“A woman cannot do such things. You must be a-” He stopped, “I will not tell you what you are!” He said, “And you will not join my crew”.

“Well you are correct, for I am a girl, not a woman.” Said Madeline, starting to advance upon Captain Surlenvab .

What won’t you tell me?” She demanded,

“I will not tell you” stood the Captain.

With lightning fast speed she ran forward, yanked Captain Surlenvab’s sword from his sheath on his belt and placed it onto his neck.

“If you make a sound, I swear I will make sure you never say another word” She growled, her eyes showing that she was telling the outright truth.

“Now tell me, what am I and can I join your pirates?” She asked, pressing his sword into his neck and causing a few droplets of blood to fall to the wooden floor.

“You may join my crew as long as I don’t have to tell you” He offered, “And if you kill me, you’ll never know” He added, raising his eyebrows at her.

“Deal. Am I officially a part of the apparently most feared pirate crew in Gamnet?” She asked, pressing the blade into his fresh wound.

“Yes. I officially anoint you…..” He croaked, too weak to continue.

“Anoint me as what?” Madeline presses, staring at him long and hard, 

“The first ever girl pirate in my crew” he says before slumping to the floor, unconscious.


~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~ “@!#%&!” ~X~

“Beautiful sky” murmures the blonde haired teenager,

“That it is” Answers Madeline, taking his hand in hers and looking him in the eyes.

“What’s your name?” She asks,

“Originally, Kalver” He answers looking back at her sheepishly

“Sounds like you, cute and brave” She says with a barely noticeable smile, “And loyal too” She adds as an afterthought.

“Why thank you, young lady” He answers teasingly.

It had been two years since Madeline had forced her way into the pirate crew.

Since then they had won more battles than ever, taken and sold more captives then in the past twenty or so years combined, and followed two leaders for the first time ever-Madeline and Captain Surlenvab, but now mostly Madeline.

Madeline was a young woman of wonders, with gifts and surprises at every turn in her life. Now technically sixteen years old, she was beginning to mold her close friendship with now ‘eighteen’ year old Kalver into something more-special.

She glared at him before pecking him on the cheek and standing up.

“Gotta go, were approaching land, one of the biggest kingdoms so I hear”

She said, patting him on the back playfully before heading off to give commands.

As they neared the huge island of smooth black stone Madeline wondered for the a millionth time what exactly it had been like as a kid in a different world, her memories were fuzzy since the change skipped years of life and went to how one would truly be at a certain age, and what the original Captain was keeping from her about her identity, she still hadn’t fished it out.

“The anchor is down and you may now depart, five of us will stay on guard as usual” says a voice from her left, 

“Okay, thank you” She says, trying out the nearly foreign words.

Madeline double checked that she had gold and jewels on her in case she decided to buy and not steal something.

She then held onto one of the swinging ropes and swung herself onto the shore, surprising a few people as she appeared, flying through the air.

“I’m with you this time” Said a familiar voice behind her.

Madeline turned to see Kalver striding towards her with a casual air.

“It’s just me and you, I convinced the others to let us have a bit of alone time, slipped a few stubborn one’s some gold”, he winked.

Madeline couldn’t help but smile as the handsome couple of pirates strolled down the street, hand in hand, looking around with curious eyes, and soaking it all in.

About an hour later the both went back to the shore, only to see that their black ship was moving away.

There was a large group of people staring at it’s retreating shape, they were all talking at top speed.

“What’s happening?” Kalver asked an old woman, pushing his way through the thick crowd to get directly in front of her.
“The silly old thing was on sea so long, they didn't know we don’t let pirates here. Were shooed away, they were” She said, nodding her handkerchief wrapped head as though she were the queen.

“Strange they are,” Hurriedly agreed Kalver before pulling Madeline to a side street, he looked to both sides and found that they were alone.

“Looks like were stranded” he sighed,

“It’s fine, we’ll be great” She answered, jiggling her bag and pockets to show how much money they had.

“I’m hungry and I smell some amazing bread baking, let’s go check out the source” Said Madeline before they both sniffed their way to a big but cute and cozy bakery. There were people milling about, and plenty of staff.

Madeline and Kalver picked out three loaves of bread, four muffin-like desserts, and six tightly sealed ceramic jugs of water.

Madeline went up to the table counter to pay, Kalver right behind her, the products in his hands.

“Hello, It seems as though you two made some good choices, our bakery is the best, and only, bakery in town, and definitely has the freshest water and ingredients” Said a smiling man, as he grinned from ear to ear in a contagious way. “I can see,” Said Madeline politely.

“The smell carries itself through the town like god strolling in heaven” Added Kalver, charming as always.

“Thank you very much!” Says the man, grinning even more when it seems impossible.

The man quickly packaged their food and Madeline handed over a chunk of gold.

“This is too much by far!” Says the man, shocked, as he pushes away the bar of gold. ”Just take it” Says Madeline, annoyed

“You could buy the whole shop with two of it!!!!!” He insists.

“Call your wife and ask her,” Suggests Kalver,

“That I shall do” Answers the man with slight relief, “Honeaaaaaaad” He hollers.

A few moments later, a woman comes out from behind a curtain with a girl about Madeline’s age trailing behind her.

Her apron was covered in flour, and she had some gooey egg remains on one shoulder of her green striped dress. She was short and plump and wore an equally large, if not bigger, smile like her husbands.

“What can I help-” She starts, but cuts herself off with a gasp.

“What’s that on your neck, honey?” She asks Madeline, pointing at the back side of her neck.

“Huh” say Madeline and Kalver at the same time. 

Madeline didn’t have anything on her neck! 

“Dear, I think we found Esmadgax” Whispers the woman, staring at her husband, tears of joy in her eyes.

“The what? Who?” Stutters Madeline, confused.

“You have the Mothers Mark, only mothers can see them, and only if they have twins. You are my lost baby girl, you are Smiklenada’s twin!” The woman shouts towards the end, grinning like crazy (in a good way of course).

“Mo-mo-mother?” Askes Madeline as early childhood memories come back in blurry snippets.

Honead cradling her in her arms, singing a song.

Honead tucking her in, whispering I love you.

Honead kissing her on the forehead.

A portal opening on her bed.

Her arriving in London.

Honead was her mother, Smiklenada was her twin, her name was really Esmadgax.

“Yes” Whispers her mother, pulling her into a hug, tears streaming down her face.

The next thing Esmadgax remembered was a beautiful wedding with Kalrev.

Catching up with her twin and parents.

Giving away the treasures she had on her to charities and her family.

Moving in next door to her family and across from the bakery with her husband and son Yubnamserwaf.

Inventing new recipes.

Having fun.

Being happy,

And having a real life.

One that doesn’t include ruining other people’s lives.

Submitted: April 16, 2021

© Copyright 2022 M.C.R.. All rights reserved.

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