Her ice eyes (fairy tale submission)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

fairy tale synopsis
her ice eyes
this fairy tale begins with Kiyo yuri, a senior in high school while barely making it through her dreary life. with her situation at home, with her father being a chronic alcoholic and her mother’s been out of the picture for years now. she’d do anything to get out of her life, but what if that anything is leaving her life altogether? what if she gets a call to meet up at the white lily garden at 12 am and all they mention is they need to see her ice eyes. she’s never had a second thought about her eyes being anything abnormal, but after the 12 days of persistence by the strange calls she finally caves.

Her Ice Eyes

Fairy tale submission TarvB

Were used to a life of luxury and indulgence, but what if once upon a time there was a girl that was given nothing. No money, no friends, and no love at all in her life. However, what if one day that just all changed? That everything in her life was given. Everything she deserved was given, and that fairy tale is going to be told right now.

"KIYO! G-get in t-the k-kitchen right now!" My father, Rhazi Yuri, spoke in a drunken slur once again, some days I wished that my father wouldn't drink. I know he does it to get out of this cruel world, but while doing so, he hurts me. It breaks my heart to see him going through so much pain, but at the same time, I despise him. He's had 12 years to get over my mother. But, I can't expect someone to get over something that I haven't either.

I stumble my way to the kitchen where my father's voice echoed throughout the broken-down house I called my home. My feet were aching from walking half an hour from school.

 However, of course, the pain didn't distract me from the overwhelming smell of alcohol that filled the plywood room. I stared at my father while he guzzled down another beer bottle and chucking it at my face.

Of course, I wasn't prepared for getting beer bottles chucked at me, so, the bottle shattered on the ground making a loud bang. While I hold my cheek at where he threw the bottle at my face, it left a red impression on her right cheek while tears welled in my eyes.

"Did you wear the contacts all day, Brat?" He said in an aggressive tone while rising from his chair to grab onto my face roughly.

"Don't be such a baby, you're eighteen god damn years old, I shouldn't even have to look after you! I should have just left you with your dead mother, but that would be considered child neglect and a crime," he said while his warm alcohol breath brushed up on my face.

My eyes are drawn to the glistening pieces of shattered glass on the ground. The glass was sparkling from the holes in the roof with the sun rays beaming down onto the kitchen table.

From the corner of the room, I gripped the broom and dustpan and started cleaning up the mess on the dusty tiles of the kitchen floor.

I clutched my hand and I sudden urge provoked me to ask a question I despised asking, "father, when can I stop wearing my contacts?"

Scoffs come from where my father was sitting and he raised his voice to get his point across, "you will never take off those eye contacts!"

"B-but w-why?" A stutter overwhelms my speech making my voice seem almost worthless.

The hairs on my neck started to rise to notice someone was very close, I just hear a faint voice take over my senses "go to your room, Brat. I will not ask again." The cold voice sent shivers running down my spine, as I pick myself from the ground and scurried off to my room.

The door shuts behind me and I slump down into a ball with my back facing the door ensuring my father wouldn't just barge in unannounced.

'Brrrr' 'Brrrr'

The noise of the vibration of my phone rang in my ears while I press pick up on my cell.

It was the same unknown caller that had been calling me for the past 12 days, but today their voice was desperate, "please go to the White Lily garden at twelve AM," and then they hang up. Not even a second more for me to respond.

If they have been this persistent, they must know who I am. However, I don't talk to anyone at school or any other time of the day, but I guess what's the harm in going? I've got nothing to lose and the worst is unlikely.

My father's steel-toed boots were smacking onto the ground at every step he took, while my heart ached at what I was going to do. If he were to ever find out, my dreams would all fade at the sight of his wrath.

But, being his daughter of course I know everything he does during the day, and I'll be able to get out easily except when he awakes can be spontaneous.

Through the thoughts, the overwhelming voice was whispering...

'Get out now and never come back.'

The thought I've been thinking over and over again and maybe this is when I finally commit. I'm not happy here, I'm abused and disrespected, what would the difference? Except I barely have a roof over my head.

That moment I had decided, I have to get out and the Lily Garden is going to be my ticket out of here.

11:30 PM

This is it; I'm going to jump; I'm finally going to pull the trigger I've been yearning to pull for the past five years when the abuse had gotten unbearable.

As I listen to bear roars my father was letting out while sleeping, I leave a note saying

'Thank you for putting a roof over my head even if you couldn't give me anything else.' With a little smile that had been smudged while still trying to dry.

And sneak out the window and start jogging towards the White Lily garden in the middle of town.

The harsh breeze brushed up against my face while walking and with the howl of the wind my thoughts soon dissipated into nothing but a blur.

As I approach the Lily Garden my eyes are drawn to a figure admiring the Lilies that were just in bloom. They truly were a spectacular flower. One reason that I loved the lilies was that when my father retold stories about my mother he always talked about calling her his White Lily.

So, when I was born I had those eyes and it always put a smile on his face. However, then came the lightning and my mother perished with what seemed to be my family's happiness as well.

That's why he always tried covering my ice eyes, it just brought too much pain to look at them.

The cloaked person in the Lily Garden started picking one of the flowers and I immediately yelled "HEY! You can't do that; these are private property."

They kept their head down while turned towards me and all I could see a pair of lips with a faint smile on their lips.

"I know, I'm just picking this for my daughter, at least I hope I am. I don't know if she's coming today or ever?" The voice sounded that they had just been crying.

I just mention "my mother loved these flowers so much." I mumble with a small smile.

They take off their hood and jolt my head so I was looking into their eyes.

Her Ice Eyes glowed with the White Lilies as if they were magical. In my peripheral vision and she clears her voice and mutters "and I still do, my dear Kiyo."

Word count:1197

Submitted: April 16, 2021

© Copyright 2022 TarvB. All rights reserved.

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I think this is a charming story.

Wed, May 12th, 2021 7:18am

Keke Serene

Wow, I found the premise of her eyes being able to see the ghost of her mother particularly shocking and intriguing! Thank you for your entry to the contest!

Sat, July 3rd, 2021 11:33pm

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