Brothers and Sisters

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Emma-Lucy Stories

to be written

Table of Contents

Back in Japan

It was a sunny spring day in Japan and Zoe was talking away to her dad.

“Yeah, I ended up in London and bumped into Chocolate then we travelled to Cornwall and met the most amazing friends. Maddie, she” said Zoe but she stopped when she saw her dad’s face “who’s
Maddie?” asked Zoe’s dad.

Zoe looked at her dad.

Meanwhile, in England, Maddie was watching some television with her older sister when her mum Sophie, her dad Michael, her Grandmother Elizabeth and Aunt Hilda came in looking happy.

My mum Sophie switched off the telly.

“Mum, we were watching,” said Hannah “we’ve got some news,” said Mrs Nicholas looking at her daughters “what’s the news?” asked Hannah as Aunt Hilda and Grandma Elizabeth walked in “Rosie is coming
to visit,” said Aunt Hilda interrupting.

Rosie is my cousin, and she works in a cake shop called Rosie’s cake shop and she is now 25 years old.

I smiled.

But my mum Sophie looked at her sister crossed.

Aunt Hilda looked at her sister confused then my mum looked back at Hannah and me.

She started opening her mouth to say something then the doorbell rang.

Aunt Hilda went over to answer.

She opened the door and it was Rosie.

I smiled and walked over to my cousin.

“Girls, please we need to tell you something,” said Mr Nicholas.

I turned and looked at my dad smiling.

“What is it, daddy?” I asked grinning.

Mr Nicholas smiled.

“We’re going on holiday,” said Mrs Nicholas.

I smiled so big that my gems started to hurt but I carried on smiling then I froze and started to run upstairs.

“Maddy, wait I got to tell you something,” said Hannah but it was too late, I had already gone upstairs.

Meanwhile, in Cornwall Crystal Woods, at the campsite St Meryl’s. harry was walking in the woods when Rosie and Josie came running up to Harry.

“I wonder what Zoe is up to,” said Josie looking at Harry as they walked further into the woods
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Zoe, meanwhile, was sat down against a tree when Chocolate came walking up to her and saw how sad she looked.

“You alright sis?” asked Chocolate “I miss Maddie,” said Zoe “yeah, me too and everyone back home,” said Chocolate “what do we do?” asked Zoe “can you still contact Maddie?” asked Chocolate “you
mean my secret language?” asked Zoe.

Chocolate nodded.

“I have an idea,” said Chocolate “I’m listening,” said Zoe “get in touch with Maddie, tell her we’re missing her and we’re coming home,” said Chocolate “with dad?” asked Zoe.

Chocolate nodded.

Zoe smiled at her brother and went over to a tree to send a message to me. back in England, at my house.

It was an early morning, and I was sound asleep when I suddenly woke up and opened an eye, looked at Hannah’s bed. It was empty. I sat up, my whole body was hot, starting to panic and put my
dressing grown on and rushed downstairs wearing my teddy bear slippers.

I rushed into the front room, where my mum, my dad and Hannah were.

“Hey, mads,” said Hannah casually looking at me out of breath.

“Are you okay? Your bed was empty” I said “yeah, because it’s morning mads” said Hannah smiling and laughing with me as I joined in.

Then I smiled but suddenly felt the chill and looked at Hannah “are you cold?” asked Hannah “no, could I see you upstairs?” I asked.

Hannah looked at me confused but nodded.

We got upstairs and walked into my bedroom.

“I think Zoe is sending me a message,” I said, “what do you mean?” asked Hannah.

I looked at her honest “when I felt the cold, that was Zoe sending me a message” I said, “are you sure?” asked Hannah. I nodded.

“How can you tell?” asked Hannah “that’s how we communicate with each other,” I said “okay,” said Hannah trying to understand, she was still struggling and having trouble that Zoe can talk

“What was the message?” she asked.

I signed “Zoe and Chocolate are coming home,” I said looking sad “that’s great, isn’t it? We go on holiday tomorrow,” said Hannah “why are you looking so sad mads?” asked Hannah “because they are
coming home with their dad. Isn’t auntie Hilda, Cousin Rosie and Uncle Gabriel and Grandad Jimmy coming?” I asked.

Hannah nodded. I looked at her.

“They don’t know,” I said, “yes which is why when Zoe and Chocolate come tomorrow with their dad, we’ve got to hide him,” said Hannah.

I smiled nervously.

“Madison! Hannah! Could you come downstairs please?” shouted Mr Nicholas. We looked at each other and rushed downstairs.

We rushed over to our mum and dad “what’s up?” asked Hannah “it’s time to go. Are you packed?” asked Mr Nicholas.

We both nodded excited then we had a knock on the door.

It was Grandma Elizabeth, Grandad Jimmy, Aunt Hilda, Cousin Rosie, and Uncle Gabriel.

I looked stunned.

“Grandad, what are you doing here?” I asked then turned to Mrs Nicholas.

“Because I fancy joining you all on holiday this time Mazdzer,” said Grandad Jimmy.

I smiled at my grandad.

“Okay, has everyone got everything?” asked Mrs Nicholas. We all nodded but Hannah had gone.

“Where’s Hannah?” asked Mr Nicholas “she’s gone upstairs to get our suitcases dad,” I said, “okay princess,” said Mr Nicholas.

Hannah came down struggling with our suitcases.

“What on earth do you have in here mads? The kitchen sink?” asked Hannah laughing “just a few teddies” I said “a few? Feels like your whole bedroom?” asked Hannah laughing and smiling.

“Right, let’s get going,” said Mrs Nicholas and we all got into two cars and drove to Cornwall.

2 hours, we were there, and my dad had set up the tents.

“Mum?” I asked, “yes darling?” asked Mrs Nicholas “Hannah and I are going for a walk,” I said “alright princess. Be safe and stay together,” said Mrs Nicholas.

Hannah and I smiled then we started walking into Crystal Woods.

When we got halfway, we saw Zoe and Chocolate coming up to us.

I smiled

“Zoe!!” I said bending down to give her a hug “I’ve missed you so much. I got the message; you’ve found your dad. That’s great” I said.

A bear came out of hiding and nervously smiling looking at me
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