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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short thriller about a prank.

Hey. My name is Dave. I'm 39 years old, and live in the Arizonan suburbs in Gilbert, Arizona. I have a story to tell.

Now, when you live in subrubs, better said, in any neighborhood, you're going to have neighbors. Young and old, welcoming and annoying, child and man, the kind you'll have will vary. As for me? Well, let's just say mines an adult man who acts like a child. And let me tell you, I don't like him. He's one of those younger kids, barely starting his years in his 20s, who is constantly up with the internet. He's the guy who has exploding paints or sodas in his backyard every weekend. He's the guy who plays paintball in his house. He's the guy who rolls in his driveway with a new, expensive car each week after he destroys the previous one. He's the guy always hosting parties and never doing anything else but having fun. Always doing those challenges and pranks on the internet or whatever. And always holding a camera in front of him, which told me he was a vlogger. Yeah, I'm boring, so what? It's not like I always like being kept awake every night and or wanting to be uncomfortable to live peacefully in my home. I think everyone likes peace and quiet every now and then, but with this kid, it's hard. Whatever, I don't hate him, I just find him obnoxious. 

One day, I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door, and it was the kid. He told me that he was going away on vacation for a few days, but he was expecting a package to be at his door while he was gone. He asked me if I was able to keep that package in my house while he was gone so that it wasn't stolen or anything. I didn't want to hate on this kid and tell him to screw off, since I didn't want him to know that I hated him, so I told him sure, I would take in the package and give it to him when he came back. He told me thank you, walked to his car, and went off. This should be fun, I thought to myself. I mean, at least he wasn't around to cause more trouble anymore, right? Just as long as I took in the package, it would finally be peaceful here.

Days passed, and the package came to his door. It was a pretty large package, and I was wondering what he could have possibly gotten for himself. I didn't think about it too much, but instead walked towards his door to take the package and enjoy the next few days without him. Arriving at his front step, the box seemed large enough to hold pieces of chairs or a table or something, which made me think it would be hefty but not very heavy. Boy, was I wrong. Picking up the package, it felt heavy as hell. I had to put it back down, since I wasn't prepared at all for the weight of the box. Jesus, what did he get?, I thought to myself. I adjusted myself again, this time heaving the package with both arms, getting it towards my home. I figured, since it was so big, I would put it in my garage, out of the way of anything inside my home. Oh, my garage..., I thought annoyed. So yeah, there's a thing with my garage and the door. Every time I open the door, the garage door opens with a disgustingly loud, creaky, screeching cry, and it barely motions upwards smoothely. It jams up, and it screeches even louder, no matter how many times I try to fix it. So at this point, this heavy box from my obnoxious neighbor I need to take into my horribly functioning garage. 

Arriving in front of the garage door, I try to hold the package with my left arm while opening the garage door with my right arm. As I did, with no surprise, the garage door screeched, slowly opening. Come on, you damn door..., I thought, gritting my teeth as I repeatedly pulled the garage door upwards. As the garage door yanked upwards, it let out a horrifying scream. As it did, I accidently lost hold of the box, dropping to the ground. Something popped inside, like a light bulb or plastic or something. Damn it, I thought, hopefully he won't get pissed to find whatever he ordered broken. I mean, he could just assume it was the delivery service and not me, right? I got the garage door open, and that's what mattered, so I hauled the box into my garage and left it there until he came back.

A few days passed, and there was this awful smell in my house, and I didn't know what it was. At first, I thought it was my carpet, since it was kind of old at this point, so I had a carpet cleaner come and clean it up. Another few days passed, and the smell got even worse. I was thinking an animal died within the walls of my house, so I had a guy come and inspect and tear open the walls. Nothing. Was it the drains of my house? Something in the ceiling? Old food under the fridge? It was none of these things. A whole week passed by, and the smell was haunting my life. What could it be? I thought. I then realized I didn't check one place: my garage. Going to the entrance to my garage that was inside my house, I thought it was something from my car or oil or something. I opened the door, and a wall of stench blasted me. The entire room smelled absolutely disgusting and rotten, as if something died. Finding the source of the smell wasn't a mystery either. It came from the box. Looking at it, it looked just as gross as the smell was. The cardboard was loose and droopy, as if it was melting from the smell. Dark green and grey stains covered the base of the box, and it just looked like the box itself was rotting away. What the hell did this kid order? I thought confused. I didn't want to wait any longer, I couldn't stand the stench that was inside my house for so long. I had to know what this was.

Probably another prank, like garbage or a stink bomb, I thought angrily. Whatever this kid was doing, I wasn't going to take it from him. Slowly approaching the box, I was cautious to open the box. Using only my finger and my thumb, I tore open the top of the box and peeled away the folds the best I could without touching it. What I found wasn't garbage. It wasn't a stink bomb. It wasn't what I expected.

It was the kid.

It wasn't long until the police were at my house. Of course, me having the corpse of a young man in a box in my garage didn't make me seem innocent, so they took me down to the station for some questions. They asked where I was, where the kid said he was going to go, how long ago was he gone, when did I first notice, and questions as such. I answered the best I could, and they proved me innocent. Not just through the questions though, but through what they found with the kid in the box. Since they saw me confused and a bit scared to see my dead neighbor, they allowed me to review what happened. In the box, there were different packs of snacks, a flashlight, the kid's phone, water bottles, old bottles filled with what we knew was piss, and a vlogging camera. They plugged the vlogging camera to a TV, and allowed me to see what really happened.

The video starts off with the kid arriving at a shipping center for mail and packages, with his buddy next to him. He then started entering a cardboard box, with all the things that we found him with, and heard how his friend taped him up in the box. He then explained how he was going to prank his neighbor by being inside his house through a package. What the hell? I thought, he really is nuts. The video went for hours, time lapsing how he drank water, ate packed snacks, talked to the camera, laughing mostly, and even how he was forced to pee in bottles. Finally, there was a point where the package was moving around, as if someone was carrying it. He was giggling, trying to hold in his laughter. Suddenly, the package dropped, and in the tight position that the kid was in, his neck broke. Since then, the kid died, and the camera kept rolling, eventually showing me discovering the body in the package. They turned off the camera. They explained that he might've died when the delivery company was handling the box, and in the tight space the kid was in, the sudden drop of the delivery forced his neck in a way in which it killed him, and said I had no fault in the situation. They said further steps were going to be taken, and they said I was not guilty of anything.

I know I should feel fine since it wasn't my fault he died. At least, that's what they told me. It's been weeks since then, and I haven't slept or ate the same since that day I saw the footage. The fact that he died doesn't haunt me, but the moment in the video in which he died. At the exact same moment as his neck popped, I heard a loud, screeching sound in the background.

The sound of my garage door opening.

Submitted: April 16, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Ezra Enzo. All rights reserved.

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Suspensefully Morbid

Sat, April 17th, 2021 12:59am


Thank you Sowie. - E.E

Sat, April 17th, 2021 10:17am

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