TransYouth, TransPersons - The Question of Identity

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How I view this Current Affairs Topic and the Soul Reasons for Exploring Gender Identity.

TransYouth, Trans Persons


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





As one might surmise by those who choose to read my opinions, I  bear grave concerns about very young, impressionable children being offered gender reassignment as an Option before they have true understanding of “Gender Identity” - nor do they fully comprehend what is involved now or in the future in using “Puberty Blockers,” Surgery, etc.


So I will offer my opinion on this subject, which is all any of us can do. People who want to FORCE opinions on anyone else are being abusive.


No matter the Form, Souls are the Beings present.


Out of one’s body, one will behold the Illusion, the Illusionary construct, which is what we previously presumed was our True Reality.  Physicists and scientists will argue that our Reality is measurable.  Well, dears, you are measuring an Illusion.


You will find out.


Therefore, Souls are the Beings present. It is highly likely they wrote up their Life Plan to include and experience the Source Lesson - that this is the time for the Redefinition of Identity and that includes Gender and gender roles.


Souls are genderless. Throughout their Incarnations they may have been both male and female, depending on what they wanted to accomplish in that Life. After a number of Incarnations, they may have settled on Male or Female as the most suitable for their Minds.


What ALSO happens, rather sadly, is that male or female-identified Souls are asked to, suggested to, or want to, experience Life in a gender they do not commonly choose.


Then what can happen, is the Soul STILL thinks It is male, even though It has chosen a Female Body or vice versa. Despite the popular notion that Souls are all veiled, a lot of them are NOT.  And then they are stuck feeling like the wrong gender for their Body.


And they are stuck with that pre-life Choice for the rest of that chosen “Life.”  This does not work out well.  Now they have a partial Solution.


I have become more and more sensitive to the loaded and traditional meanings of “words.”  How uncommon for a Wordsmith.


There are a considerable new words for the new experiences Souls and people claim to want/need, which I find misleading or subject to interpretation.


Cisgender, transgender, gender-identified, gender-nonconforming, an entire list of such.


Ever wonder why “Gender” is such a Hot Topic at this stage of Human Development?


Because The Source wanted that for Mankind to explore.  Satan is only happy to oblige Soul Students with experiences they wanted to have.


What would have happened if it had not been so?


I think I’d rather experience being a gorgeous, genius, highly healthy, wealthy female explorer who decided to experience being a PIRATE. I hang around with a generous crowd of Hans Solos and fly around the Universe, having adventures.


Please. We are not talking about sexual preferences. We are talking about personal Identity - there are a lot of Identity Issues being explored by Souls and Human Beings during this Time, not the least of which is the THEFT of one’s Identity and product purchases, online banking information, by Hundreds of unknown others for criminal interprise and various purposes.


On a personal note, as my Readers can review, Miss Kern was raised in a very socially controlled environment, in a protective bubble, as my kids like to point out.  My parents, God rest them, did not want us to worry about things like BILLS and other important Life Realities. We were to earn Straight As on our Report Cards. As I only earned As and Bs - they were NOT pleased with me.  We were not offered other Genders. We were offered to stay in our bedrooms studying and forgoing Dinner, if we did not conform to our strict parents’ desires. I can assure you, at age 20 I had no clue what was going on with me. I had zero insight. I possessed zero Life Experience.  I did not understand what the word “relationship” meant. I was stupid beyond belief.


And that was not SO uncommon for my peers and church associates.


How on Earth is a 10 year old going to absorb and understand concepts of Gender Identity?  It is a popular subject on the Internet. Their social media contacts are talking about it. It is offered as a Possibility.


An Option.


I do not believe those children have any idea what the outcomes might be - of both the drugs used (which they are assured are safe and reversible, except those which are NOT) and the horror of what might happen when they have grown older and far wiser about how they perceive and understand Gender and that it is only one of many ways in which they characterize and understand themselves and others.


For instance, I am a writer, artist, thinker, Judeo-Christian and unhappy Visionary and that’s about it. I was born female and am the Girly Girl type.


I am WELL experienced in the failure of many pharmaceuticals - which were, at one time, proclaimed to be oh so SAFE and “proven medicines”. I was told so in a very aggressive manner to make sure I took those drugs - and they are mostly now off the market for their deleterious effects upon my brain, body and Mind.


Are the children and young people informed that sometimes medications are later found to be very dangerous?


We won’t get into the wonderful cough syrups available by prescription and over the counter in the days of the Victorians. Google and Ye Shall Find:


Alcohol, Camphor, Arsenic, Opium, Marijuana, Cocaine, Laudenum (highly addictive substances) and other poisons used in multiple nostrums sold by “chemists.” People believed what they were told by the physicians and chemists.


Ayeeee!  And do not forget how “safe” Radium was proclaimed to be - by DOCTORS.


Just because something is NEW does not verify that it is GOOD for you.


Puberty Blockers are SAFE, it is averred. They are reversible.


Never accept the assurances of “experts” - research for yourself. The Internet is at least useful for THAT.


One of them is a diuretic I was prescribed for my hypertension. Ladies in Hollywood are dying to get their diamond-studded fingers on Spironalactone, as it causes thinning hair to grow in thicker and your face and skin enter into a state of juvenescence. It often causes gynomastia in men and larger breasts in women.  Whether or not it is reversible is not the issue for me - it was hard to withdraw from. You can take my word on that. Your thick hair falls out (very distressing) and your face wrinkles again.  What a drag. It raises estrogen, which causes ME to get depressed, and fast. Therefor it has hormonal effects on me and probably many others.


To this end I compose this warning - I notice there are now entire therapists and social workers and others of their Ilk, who proclaim to provide a safe place for TransYouth (<—- words) to talk about their gender dysphoria and offer safe “treatments” to help them along on “this journey.”


“This Journey” is 100% Soul Talk.


SOME TransYouth <— Souls who want to explore what it is like to be gender dysphoric or confused) say such support systems and approval from (paid) “experts” saved their lives. There is a high rate of suicide among people who do not feel understood or accepted. We cannot support suicide as an option - the Holy Realm of Source will only send them BACK, to continue the Lesson in another Life.


All right, maybe so. But Miss Kern does not believe very young people fully understand who they are, what they are and what they want for themselves in this Life. I was 40 years old before I realized my parents were better parents than I turned out to be! I was amazed to learn of their impressive pasts and their proven genius and great social manners.


See TransYouth as Souls who WANT this journey.  They know every last bit of what is going to happen to them. They are so bored of perfection, Heaven and being Loved, Loved, Loved for who they are - that they WANT the entire journey/experience no matter how awful or gloriously informative such experiences may be toward their ultimate goal. Which is consciousness expansion and search for experiences which will steer and direct their spiritual development. To that end, some Souls take extremely difficult Lives and feel all proud that they met their challenges and learned from them. Their “Human” is buried and unfortunately deprived of their opinion of the Life they struggled through and hated. Souls often see their Lesson Lives as “just perfect.”  Ugh.


It is well with me to encourage young people to feel safe when talking about their feelings, needs, wants and desires, rather than being forced to obey without question.


It beats making an error and having your father send you into the field to locate the tree limb which will be no wider than his thumb, cut off the branch, bring it back home and hand it to said father, drop trou and allow him to whip your booty with it. I know PLENTY of people personally who were “raised” with this incentive to behave without question, the rules and regulations of their parents. All of them turned out well - surprisedly.


Pain concentrates the Mind wonderfully.


My parents did not engage in that kind of punishment, thank God.


Before we condemn people for following the desires of the Soul Mind and Yearning for Experience, the least we can do is support them and listen to them, knowing they are after a Journey of Self-discovery. Souls have NO GENDER, so there is no point in the journey, but okayyyy.


I would prefer such discussions with doctors and social workers and parents occur after the young person is 18 years old, that's all.  The Soul is present but do not forget they are Immortal and can explore all manner of experiences. To them outcomes are not all THAT important.


So we must try for the tried and true: be nice, you cannot fail.


These are only my opinions. However, when people are talking about cutting off gender physical parts in order to re-order their body to conform with their desired gender, the word (words) “gender reassignment” does not work for me. It is willful mutilation and that is the truth of the matter.


I know some people WELL who chose that Option and that surgery. One woman who was convinced she was really a  man, took the hormones for some years, had her breasts surgically removed, and then later met a man and wanted his children. Since she had not been fully surgically re-mastered, she went ahead and gave birth to their baby.


Sometimes these arrangements work out.


I am through on this topic.


At 66 years of age, I can promise you that I came to the realization that I cannot change the mind of even one person. NO one listens and no one ever did.  I used to spend a lot of time writing OpEds and enter vigorously into Rant-A-Thons and long discussions on many topics, to “friends” I met over the Internet - dozens of people. All a waste of time. No one remembers, not even me, what I was ranting about.  I did not really know those people and have no notion of where they are now. People will believe what they want and NEED to believe. They will do what they want to do, overtly or covertly, unless forced to do otherwise.

The very people I would have sworn on a stack of the King James Version were my longtime loyal, loving, supportive Real Life friends, were the most back-stabbing of all. I was so shocked by their disloyalty and cruel assessments of our friendship I did what I always do - walked away.


The people who never did that, never changed their good opinion of me, never would have hurt or harmed or injured me or my reputation were those I had known from my youth, especially school friends.


I should have, should have, should have married my High School Boyfriend. At least my parents knew his parents, he was well known and much liked, I knew his dating history and his sexual history and was utterly safe with him.


Creating a strong family support and network is absolutely vital for everyone to feel safe - all their lives.


That is an Unread and Useless diatribe for another day.


Pax and Lux


Submitted: April 16, 2021

© Copyright 2022 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

Mind opening and important piece of writing RexMundu555. The only thing I present as an addition in reference is 'spirit' rather than 'soul'. Spirit is identity of mind, soul is the boundless energy which powers the physical body. Spirit is absolutely without gender.

Fri, April 16th, 2021 8:56pm

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