--- Follow Us ! -- "DOWN the RABBIT HOLE !" ++++++ Zelda's Secret Quest in the 'HIDDEN SUBTERRANEAN Wonderland' ! -- FROSTED UNDERGROUND RABBIT ?!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

----- '' FOLLOW US '' ! ------ ''DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ! ''--- ZELDA'S Secret Quest !
++++++++ ALICE IN WONDERLAND! ------ ''Follow the Bizarre Frosted Rabbit'' ?! --- FROSTED UNDERGROUND WARDROBE !



The Telepathic Distress Message (From an Unknown Source):



"Zelda!  Zelda!


Under-Land requests your presence!


Follow the furry and pink, glow-in-the-dark rabbit!  He will lead the way!  Don't lose track of him!  Your way lies further into the underground!


To begin, you must find him!  Your quest begins!"



Stage 1:  Down the Rabbit-Hole.  PHANTASMICA.




Zelda (ALICE) is a gorgeous and quite alluring young girl, with straight blonde hair and frilly pink ribbons that adorn each side of her head. 

A crumpled and crooked top-hat rests askew on her head, a glittering red ribbon tied around it.  She wears a sparkling pink dress with striped stockings and pointy ruby heels.



Zelda is lying asleep beneath an elegant and very large Christmas tree, deep within her family's decadent and regal mansion.  The decorative Christmas Tree soars above her in the twinkling darkness.




Glittering curtains of satin-silk are draped from the majestic colonnades that tower above her in a surreal manner.  --  Crooked portraits and large, sparkling "pink candles" cover the blackness of the walls to each side.


Surreal and crooked doorways are sparkling from within the walls, from somewhere behind the hidden darkness of the silky curtains.



The Christmas Tree's lights grow very dim and the sparkling fire of the candles on the walls vanish in a flash of phantasmic red smoke.


  Zelda's top-hat blows off her head and into the glittering darkness, as her dark-blonde hair wafts around her face, from a powerful stream of fragrant and curious smoke that fills the room. 




"Zelda!  Zelda!

Under-Land requests your presence!

Follow the furry and pink, glow-in-the-dark rabbit!  He will lead the way!  Don't lose track of him!  Your way lies further into the underground!

To begin, you must find him!  Your quest begins!  Zelda!"  - A bizarre, telepathic voice resounds from within the fragrant smoke of the mysterious darkness.




Zelda yawns decadently and slowly awakens from her deep slumber, still drowsy, in a state of dreamy lethargy.



A glittering paste of different colours is swirling in a glistening pool near her in the dark.  It shimmers in a strange radiance, as the enchanted minerals are glowing in the icy-rich syrup. 



Lovely steam and fragrant red smoke rises from the rainbow-paste that is floating in the pool.



 Zelda furrows her bushy eyebrows and squints, resting her gaze upon the bizarre spectacle on the ground before her.



Suddenly, a strange flash of damp, pink fur with two pointy ears quickly traipses by her!  She turns her sparkling head and espies a large furry creature that resembles an adorable and very handsome rabbit! 


Yet, how PECULIAR his countenance and how MYSTICAL his garb! 




 Why, this rabbit was wearing clothes!

The NERVE of him!

Not only that, they were the most surreal pair of clothes that she had ever seen!  They were certainly more avant-garde and fashionable than even her own outfit! 






Sparkling stockings and glittering boots, along with a waist-coat and a very bizarre top-hat, are covering the furry creature's body.  His fur is glittering-wet, dampened with a kind of frosted icey paste that is splotched along his clothing and body.--- Pink icicles and velvety purple syrup drizzles from his indulgent whiskers and floppy bunny ears.





"Oh my furry whiskers!  Oh my dear and dainty paws!  How very late it's getting!  How very late indeed!  The party is almost starting without me!"  the strange voice of the furry creature echoes upon the fragrant, ethereal air. 

It's tone of voice is very disturbing, with a bizarre mixture that resembles neither a male nor female in its bravado.




The furry pink rabbit withdrew a large NEON candle, covered in glitter, and a very strange pocket-watch from his over-sized waist-coat.  Twitching his furry rainbow-whiskers, he thumped his bushy tail and turned his hypnotic gaze towards the young girl, winking one of its eyes in her direction. 



Pink syrup drizzled from his rainbow-coat and his furry paws were covered in lavish essences of a dazzling richness!




His furry red eyebrows furrowed momentarily, before he began hopping off into the sparkling darkness.  He vanished behind one of the glittering silk curtains that were hanging down from behind the Christmas Tree. 







  "Mr. Rabbit!  Sir!  Do wait!  Please come back!"  Zelda cried out in haste, rising to her feet.




In Zelda's mind, she had never seen such a strange and furry rabbit before.  Much less a pink one that was wearing such bizarre clothing! 



She simply had to find out what he was late for and where he was headed!




She could hear the faint tramp of the rabbit's sparkling heels, and had just turned a glittering corner in the underground hallway, before she saw his pointy pink ears and furry tail scurrying down a vent's grate, vanishing into the roaring darkness of the unknown depths below.


The curious vent was built into the black-and-white checkered ground, next to an antique wardrobe that was covered in pink glitter. 

Piles of blue snow rested around the vent's entrance, with a mound of glitter nearby.  An icy-allure of a wintry chill wafted upwards from the underground darkness of its depths.




"My!  Such a peculiar place to have a party!  How very queer, indeed," Zelda whispered to herself, gazing into the fragrant current of tantalizing air that wafted upwards from the darkness of the entrance.

-- Roaring white noise and bizarre, mystical sounds echo from far below, resembling whirring machinery and a dull tramp of marching feet?



She traipsed over to the glittering wardrobe and opened it, retrieving a long neon-green coat from the inside.  This she donned over her shoulders, as she continued gazing into the icy depths of the vent's roaring darkness, unsure if she should follow the bizarre creature or not.



 Zelda must follow the bizarre pink rabbit into the underground vent! 




Her quest begins!




The End of Part I.






Submitted: April 16, 2021

© Copyright 2022 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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