A middle-aged man is about to retire. Like a lot of us he has always wanted to write that novel and soon he’ll have the one thing he’s always needed, plenty of time. He only has to wait a few months. But then his mind keeps drifting back to his first affair with a beautiful, alluring woman and a magical summer from his youth. His memories become so vivid that as soon as he puts his hands on the keyboard off, he goes. He is once again completely wrapped up in that magical summer with that unforgettable woman. It all becomes so real that he’s not sure if he’s writing it, living back then or maybe, it hasn’t quite happened as yet. But there is no turning back. He just can’t stop, till he gets it all down.

Table of Contents

Chapter 5

Chapter 5    So, when he hit the bench, Bobby got slaps on the back from the entire team.  Th... Read Chapter