World Building (Cam Kablam series)

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Take a walk through Cam's hometown.

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Sample #1:


The core of the earth was hot, sweaty and smelly.  It was dark all the time.  And it was impossible to keep a house clean there because everything was always shifting around every time there was an earthquake.  The monsters were desperate to get out. 

Years ago, they had decided to try to leave the core and they had all spent a long time digging a hole all the way to the surface.  But then, after all that trouble, some dummy came along and built a town right over their crack. 


Sample #2:


Nobody knew why anybody ever thought it was a good idea to build the city on that crack, but they never had much time to think about it.  A new monster was trying to escape and trample Blurg Burg every seventeen and a half minutes. 


Sample #3:


Blurg Burg – and everybody in it – really needed Cam to figure herself out.  They just didn’t have time to help her.  They happened to live right above a giant crack in the earth that led all the way down to the center of the planet, where the monsters lived.  And those pesky monsters were always trying to escape.

Submitted: April 16, 2021

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