hemingway was the best of umm.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a view of the world through the eyes of hemingway.


Hemingway is the Best of Them

I sat in wonder of a beautiful woman she sat directly across from me at the bar and I could not imagine a world where I do not wind up spending the night with her and she had a wonderful aurora about her, it was one that is hard to match. That is she had a perfectly formed face one that leads to attraction and eventually passion and desire. Her short hair made one feel as if she were an old chum instead of a woman but whenever she finds her womanhood will be tough to match her in the in the bedroom as she could indeed be the type of woman for every of man. It was because she had feminine qualities that she would hide behind her masculine appearance I knew that she would indeed be the one for me to not only sleep with but to also to pass the time. In wanting to make it possible for us to have a life outside of the bedroom and chum around, making merry as we go off into a splendid sunset. As I aimed my conversation towards her I began to notice a of response and I could not help but to notice that every time I may have affected her with my ability for fluent conversation. As I spoke she would take a few  drags off of her cigarette and yes, indeed, it was a cigarette she would smoke. She would press the filter to her womanly lips and dive her brown skin in a ploom of smoke making for a sort of magical scene of disappearance, only to re-appear once the smoke had vanished. These Spanish girls are not like the American ones because they do not care to play the fool but naturally by my own debonair type qualities with such as my uncanny eye to spot beauty, I realize that she may be innocently interested in me. Much unlike and American girls who would spot a man gazing at them from across the bar & would assign and inappropriate name as they would refer to him as a stalker saying that he has an obsession as they place dislike before enjoyment. However, this Spanish woman was much different and she enjoyed the attention. Maybe it is because Spain is much tamer than the United States as there is less incidence of crime in Spain. Or, maybe the Spanish wind loosens the situation and makes it easy for me to show that my true love was on display for the world to see as we just need to find a common ground for us to approached one another and show that we do indeed admire and will eventually crave each other. Maybe not now but eventually after we have tasted each other as we will know that our behavior cannot dictate this situation because it must be fated.

Her stare became increasingly seductive as she ate the Spanish Olives from her Martini and I could tell that she would be in proper spirits after such a drink. It was there that I tried to approach her succeeding in a way that man often does when trying to relieve his passion for his own desire as I opened with a joke.

“So, what is it that you are drinking?” I asked.

“Martini,” She replied.

“Hey barkeep! Will you get this woman another Martini?”

Seconds later the Martini was prepared and she had put her luxurious womanly lips to the rim of the glass.

“So,” I said, “How are the martini’s here. Do you enjoy them? I mean for such a big drink it is a wonder why it is called -tini”

“Well,” she replied, “I do enjoy them but how can I speak for everyone else? They suite my taste but how will I know if they suite yours? It is a sort of strong drink.”

“Strong drink, Huh,” I replied, “Bart keep, two shots of Marker Mark straight up with a beer chaser,” I shouted knowing enough to know that I had to grab his attention.

The bartender took the bottle from the shelf and poured two shots delivering them to us in a moment’s time.

“Now this is a small but strong drink. Go ahead and shoot it down and then we will see who could handle their strong drinks,” I said.

The girl looked at me and smiled saying, “Yes indeed it is small and strong so let us hope that all good things come in small packages.”

“Well,” I said, “you are not exactly what one would call a big girl. No, indeed you are small thus making your point even truer because you are probably the best thing I have come across since I came into this bar and now the question remains, are you that good?”

“Indeed, when it comes to drinking I am good but I do not know what else there is to be good at,” said the girl.

She then took the glass of whiskey in her mouth and without hands tilted her head back to down the shot without it ever swishing around her mouth. Instead the shot went right down her throat after she came up for air she asked, “Is that a good way to do it?”

“Oh, how true it is, you do indeed know how to drink. Do you even need the beer chaser or had I ordered it in vain? I say this Because if it were ordered in vain I would not expect you to pay me back because then there is one more beer for me to drink and believe me I am as good a drinker as you so let me show you, ok?”

“Fine,” she responded.

“Barkeep,” I shouted. Strong and loud enough to grab his attention to order a drink. “One. No two shots of tequila with the lemon and the worm. In fact cut the worm in half so we can both share in it.” I then grabbed the shot of whiskey and downed it as if it were water saying, “See, I too can drink with the best of them. The best of whom I do not know but I do know that if one were to comprise a list of who can drink the best I am sure that I would be on it. Indeed one does not always know where this talent will take a man but for right now it has taken me to you and I am glad.”

At the end of his monologue there came two shots of Tequila and two half worms along with two lemon slices.

I took the worm and place it on the back of my tongue saying, “This is how you do it. You place the worm on the back of your tongue then wash it down with the tequila and then eat such the lemon to counter the taste of the liquor though it is warm.” I then took the shot and downed it washing the alcohol-soaked worm to move down the throat leaving a warm trail behind it. I then took the lemon placed it on the tip of my tongue moved it to the front of my mouth and  sucked the juices out of it. “That is how it is done,” I said.

She looked at me sort of hesitatingly and saw that I was waiting for her to place the worm on the back of her tongue. She then placed it as I had instructed. “Good, “I said, “Now wash it down with the Tequila and then suck the lemon,”

She smiled and giggled saying that the worm was still alive and was crawling around in the back of her throat, “Don’t be ridiculous,” I said, “That worm has passed on from this life many years ago. Don’t be afraid. Just drink the shot.”

“Ok,” She said, “but if that worm is alive and I want you to suck another lemon.

“Fine,” I said, “I will suck a lemon if the worm is still alive but I don’t think that it is so you should not think it either.” Then she took the shot and quickly grabbed the lemon to sooth the warmth the alcohol had created.

“Good,” I said, “Now you can trust me. For we both drink with the best of them. That is if the best of them ever got together then we would be invited, too. Not to get your hopes up though I am not sure where the best of them meet. Perhaps we could meet up with the best of them at church?  I hear that church goers are some of the best people alive and I am sure that a good portion of the best of them attend every weekend.

With this statement she put her finger to my lips she then took the lemon from her mouth leaned in and kissed me with a strong acidic kiss. The two of us sauntered out of the bar making for a magical night. The magic went on until the sun rose and I was glad I spent this night with this Spanish woman as her ideas of love were the same as my very own. The sunset was beautiful that night and now with her by my side I feel that this morning’s sunrise is just as beautiful.

Submitted: April 17, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Sowie. All rights reserved.

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