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 Chapter 11: The Christmas Party 3

The next night was the Christmas party. A lot of people came to the party. Barbara made a lot of cakes. Anne could not believe what a great cook her grandmother was. Barbara agrees to teach Anne how to cook. Anne got Grady a book of The Lord of the Ring. Anne got Nancy some earrings. Nancy loves her earrings. Nancy got Anne a bracelet. Anne loves her gift. Anne was going to wear her bracelet on Christmas. Nancy was going to Florida for Christmas.

Everyone went to the living room. The living room was big. Ben got a lot of chairs out. They watch The Christmas Carol. Anne loves this movie. Anne and her family have been watching The Christmas Carol since she was a child. Anne also loves the book. Anne’s grandparents got her, her sister and brother a lot of gifts. Nancy and Jackie were going to spend the night. Later, everyone left. Anne and her friends went to her room. Kate had her friends in her room. Anne and her friends watched TV until it was time for bed.



The next day was Christmas Eve. Everyone was allowed to open one gift. Anne got A Little Princess book. Anne has loved movies since she was a kid. Anne was nine years old when she watched the movie. Anne did not know A Little Princess was based on a book. Anne also loves Alice in Wonderland. Kate did not like reading. Kate got a makeup bag with makeup in it. George got a video game. Ben got Pam a beautiful neckless and Pam got Ben a gold watch. 

Pam and her mom made a big dinner. They watched TV. They also played games. George was playing his video games. Anne was reading her books. Kate was putting her makeup on. Anne could not believe how nice her grandmother was. Her aunt went home. Anne had a headache and she was not feeling good. Pam sent Anne to bed. Anne hates that she was sick during the holiday. Anne had a high fever.





The next day was Christmas. Anne got a lot of gifts. Anne was still sick. Anne got a gift from Prince Edward. The gift was a necklace. “It looks like Grady has some competition,” Ben replied laughing. “Grady does not have any competition because Grady is the only boy for me,” Anne replied laughing. Anne loves Grady and she could not see herself with anyone else.  “I cannot believe you have two boys that are after you and I cannot get one boy to look at me!” Kate replied. “Kate, when we go to Paris you will find someone,” Anne assures Kate.

Prince Edward was thinking about Anne. He did not know Grady, but he hates Grady like he was his enemy. Prince Edward hates competition. Prince Edward was going to do everything in his power to make Anne his. “What are you thinking about?” Prince Edward’s mother Queen Victoria asks. “I am thinking about school,” Prince Edward replied. Queen Victoria knew Prince Edward was lying. “You are not thinking about that girl?!” Queen Victoria asks angrily. “That girl’s name is Anne!” Edward replied angrily.




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