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Chapter 3:  Another New Home

It did not take too long for Ben to find another house. The house was big. Anne, her sister, and her brother got their rooms. Anne likes her new room. The neighbors were nice. Anne, her sister, and brother were going to a private school. Pam and Ben both agree they did not want their kids going to public school. Pam saw that Tammy was trying to call, but she was not going to answer the phone. Tammy lied to Pam about being nice to Ben and Anne. Pam was not going to let Tammy insult her husband and daughter ever again.

Pam told Queen Pollyanna she would protect Anne from any harm and she was going to keep her word. Pam did listen to Tammy’s voice mail. “I do not know why you are making a big deal on what I said. I speak my mind and I’m sorry if you don’t like what I have to say,” Tammy replied on the voice mail. Pam deletes the message. Pam did not tell Tammy where they were living now. She did not want Tammy to come to visit until she started treating Ben and Anne with respect.



Tammy did not know why Pam was being stubborn. Pam knew that Tammy always spoke her mind. Tammy did not promise she wouldn’t say anything to Ben or Anne. Tammy said she would try not to say anything. Tammy thinks Anne is a spoiled brat and Ben was a jerk. If Pam does not want to talk to her that was her problem, not Tammy’s. "How can you be so rude to Anne and her mom?!” Holly asks. “I did not like you hanging out with Anne. Anne is a spoiled brat!” Tammy replied angrily. “Mom, the only person who is behaving badly is you! Anne is a good person and she is not a spoiled brat!” Holly replied angrily.

“How dare you speak to me like that? I am your mother!” Tammy yells angrily. “You taught me to speak my mind and that is what I am doing. I am sorry I have to speak to you like that, but someone has to tell you that you are acting poorly! Dad is scared to tell you anything! You need to respect other people’s feelings. If Aunt Pam is happy with Uncle Ben why can you be happy for her?” Holly asks. “I want you to go to your room!” Tammy yells. Holly storms out of the house. “GET BACK HERE AND GO TO YOUR ROOM!” Tammy yells. “OH, SHUT UP!” Tammy heard her husband Hank yells.


“How can you let our daughter speak to me like that?!” Tammy asks angrily. “Our daughter is right. You are behaving poorly. I do not know why you cannot stay out of your sister’s life. Anne is not a spoiled brat. You don’t take any time to get to know her. You just made up your mind about her and nothing's going to change your mind!” Hank replied angrily. “I need you on my side!” Tammy replied. “I cannot be on your side when you are wrong!” Hank replied angrily. “You can sleep in the guest room!” Tammy replied angrily. “Fine! I don’t want to sleep next to you anyway!” Hank replied angrily.

Anne gave Holly her phone number, so Holly called Anne. “How are you doing?” Holly asks. “I am doing good. We just moved into a new house and I got my room. How are you doing?” Anne asks. “I am doing ok. My mom is giving me a hard time,” Holly replied. “I am sorry, Holly. I hope you can work things out,” Anne replied. “Thank you. I am glad you and your family got out of here. My mother is not the easiest person to get along with,” Holly replied.




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