Away from the dark

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Mita was happy and excited for she was going to meet the famous director Manish for the first time. It was not easy to arrange a meeting with Manish for he didn't like to give time to ordinary actresses and actors. He always works with top actors and actresses although he gave some top actors and actresses to the film industry. It was her manager Jasmine who somehow arranged this meeting. She did not tell Mita how the meeting was arranged. She hoped that the meeting would be fruitful for both sides.

Mita was an actress in the film industry. She had been in the film industry for the last three years. During these years she played leading roles in four movies. Her work got applause from the viewers but the applause was not needed in the film industry. She is a talented and beautiful actress but still struggling for getting work.

When Meeta told Sameer about the meeting with Manish, he got happy, too. Sameer was a singer who has been struggling for making his career as a music director. He was well versed in classic music. But the success was far away from him. He did not get even a single chance so far. He belonged to a middle-class family. He met Mita for the first time in the shooting of a film. Since then, there had been a friendship between them. They were with each other in their struggle. They used to meet each other whenever they found time and talked and share each other's experiences.

"You are a cheap musician, " once a famous music director said to Sameer. When Sameer denied it and argued, that musician commented, "those who are from my group, are good and talented and those who are not from my group, are cheap and fool."

Sameer replied, "then would you like to include me in your group?"

That musician replied, "not anyone can join my group, my group is for my people."

And everybody knew who are his people. And the other music directors were like that music director. From that day Sameer began to lose his hopes. In addition to being a good musician, he is a dentist. His parents also wanted him to make his career as a dentist.

And Mita went to meet Manish. Manish told her that he had been impressed with her performance but she needed some more effort. He told her that he had many options for his next movie. Why he should take her for his next movie.

That evening Jasmine told her, "you failed to impressed Manish."

Jasmine was looking into her eyes. Hearing this, Mita got sad. She has had hope from that meeting. Jasmine can see this sadness in her eyes. She took advantage and said to her, "don't lose hope. I will again talk to Manish about you. You should try to impress. It is not easy to impress him but you get success to impress him, he will change your fortune." Mita asked her in a low voice, "please arrange another meeting with him."

Jasmine lit a cigarette and began to puff at the cigarette She thought for a while and then said, "would you like to attend a party being given by Amar tonight?" Mita said, "I am in no mood to go anywhere." Jasmine said with enthusiasm, "Manish will attend this party, you must take advantage of this advantage."

That night, for the first time in her life, Mita attended any such type of party. At the party, some famous actors, actresses, producers, etc were present. All were busy drinking and smoking. One or two were lying intoxicated on the floor. All of these were famous and esteemed in the eyes of common people. And then her eyes fell on Manish who was sitting on the chair. He was heavily drunken and famous actress Ameera was on his lap.

Jasmin got busy drinking and smoking as if she came here only for this purpose. Nobody gave attention to Mita. She was sitting alone in a corner. She was not familiar with this side of the film industry.

And she saw Manish staggering toward her. Seeing him coming towards her, she stoop up to show respect. "sit down. What the hell are you doing here among us?" He questioned her.

"Jasmine invited me to the party?" She gave a reply.

He said, "Jasmine is a sweet woman and you are her client. If you follow her advice, you will get success."

He looked at her and said, "why don't you take a drink or smoke?" And without waiting for her reply, he called a waiter and ask for a drink to her." She said to him, "no, I don't take a drink and smoke."

He said loudly, "no, it will not work. You must take some drink. It helps reduce the tension."

He paused for a little while and then said, "I have a role for you in my next project. If you are interested, meet me at my office tomorrow."

Because she was without work for a long time, she immediately agreed and said, "oh, thank you, sir, I will."

And then the waiter server her a drink. Manish said to her, "don't hesitate. Do as others in the industry are doing." Saying so he took the glass in his hand and stick it to her lips and said, "if you don't take it, I will feel bad."

She didn't want to make him feel bad, so she took the drink for the first time in her life. Jasmine was looking at them from the other corner. She smiled and murmured, "she is gone."

When they were returning from the party, Mita told Jasmine that she was going to meet Manish tomorrow, Jasmine said with a time on her face, "now try to please him. Once he got pleased, he will get you on the list of the top ten actresses.

Mita was under the influence of the drink, she didn't talk to Jasmine anymore and she put her head on the shoulder of Jasmine and closed her eyes.

The next day, when Mita was ready to go to Manish's office, Jasmine said to her, "you're getting a role in his next movie is certain. As your manager, I did my best. Now it's your turn."

Mita replied, "no need to say, I always give my best. One can see my performance in my last movie."

Jasmine said, "every actor or actress gives his or her best performance. Nothing new in it. I am asking for your acting talent."

She looked at her and said, "don't be so innocent and try to understand the situation."

Mita looked at her with a question in her mind. Jasmine said, "several actresses like you are wandering in the film industry and are looking for just a single role. But who got the work in the film industry?"

She paused and lit a cigarette and said, "those who surrender before them and do what they want right or wrong."

Mita said, "I can do anything right. But I can't do anything wrong."

Jasmine retorted, "then you are wasting your time and age here. Go to your home and do something right. There is no scope for right in this industry."

Jasmine's remark threw cold water on Mita's enthusiasm but she went to meet Manish.

Manish was at his office. Seeing her, a wolf inside him began to awake.

He gave her the good news of choosing her finally for a leading role in her film. He gave her a cheque for the signing amount. He told her the date for beginning shooting.

She was happy after getting a leading role after a long time. When she told Sameer about getting a role in Manish's movie, he got happy and feel motivated.

"Find out a godfather for you and then make him happy, " Jasmine suggested to him when Sameer discussed his career with her. Making space in any gang and joining it was difficult for Sameer. So no progress in his career.

One day Sameer met one of his old friends and told him his story. Listening to his story, his friend advised him, "look, you are a dentist. Still, you have opportunities to get a job in any hospital or you may open your clinic. Why are you wasting your time in that filmy cesspool? There is no place for a gentleman like you in the film industry."

It was good advice from his friend but he didn't take notice of this advice.

After some days, Sameer met an actor who was one of the top five actors. He said to him, "what can you do in the film industry except for composing the music. If you want to get success you must be ready for doing anything from trafficking to stealing to being a traitor to the killer. If you can't do so get away from the film industry. No space for an honest and gentle person."

Here the shooting of the movie began. The hero of the movie was Saleem. He was a son of a superstar of old times. Despite having a lack of talent, he got roles in movies because he belonged to a film family. He didn't like to talk to those actors who didn't belong to filmy families. Mita was forced to hear comments and taunts from Saleem.

"There is no use complaining against him, You have to bear all these things," Jasmine advised her.

Mita had no other option except to bear all this. She could not do other work and did not have a talent for doing another job.

And then happened what she had never expected in her life. One day, when she was preparing for the shooting, Manish came to her room and began to cracking vulgar jokes. She did not pay attention to his jokes. And he put his hands on her shoulders. She immediately asked him to remove his hands but he didn't and then she showed his real face. He did what he wanted. No one was to help her, to save her. All were deaf and dumb animals.

After this incident, Mita stopped going on shooting. Jasmine was out of the city. After some days, Jasmine came to her and asked, "Why aren't you going on shooting? Everybody was waiting for you there." Mita began to sob. Jasmine got irritated and said loudly, "What happened?"

Mita kept on sobbing. Jasmine stared at her for some moments and said, "nothing new happened to you. Some of the actresses like you have to face this. Let go on shooting." Saying so she called two women who were standing outside. Jasmine ordered to women in a cold voice, "lift her and come with me." Hearing this, Mita shuddered. She had no option but to go with them.

On the way to the shooting location, she thought about her future in the film industry and found that it had better for her to leave the film industry forever and return home and try to be a good and useful citizen of the nation.

She called Sameer and told him what happened to him. He was shocked to hear her story. She told him about her decision to quit the film industry and live a respectful life. He agreed with her. He, too, had decided to go home and to do something useful and good. Both of them were feeling relief. He took her in his arms. She was dreaming of her future with her.

And the next day after completing the shooting of the film, they left the film city forever. They were welcomed in their homes. Sameer opened a dental clinic and worked hard. When he established himself as a famous dentist he married Mita and they are now living a happy life.

Submitted: April 17, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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