Green Psycho (Villain Deku Fanfic)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

All Might has died and Deku figured if the Symbol Of Peace will have to die in a world of heroes, why should there be heroes at all? So he begins his mission to kill each and every hero until all that stands is a "perfect" society where villains rule the world with no problems at all.

Table of Contents

Chapter one (btw this fanfic gets a bit mature, okay anything like that I will write in the chapter names.)

Deku POV All Might died recently and it hit the entire world, hard.I was scared. What was going to happen next? I thought. The ne... Read Chapter

Chapter Two (Kissing)

Finally, it was done. It was odorless, tasteless, and scentless. Perfect.   Deku POV again   (FYI it ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three (Sorry the last one was short)

Chapter Three (Sorry the last one was short) Obviously still Deku POV   Kirishima and I walk through the park. We just... Read Chapter

Chapter Four (sorry i really wanted to do a bakugou pov)

Chapter Four (I cut last one off because I really wanted to do a kachan POV) Bakugou POV finally something that ain’t Deku. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five (This chapter is just to get Kiri’s side of him being sick.)

  Kirishima POV. Also this is two days later on a wednesday.    Mom tells me to stay home, so I do. Bakugou ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six (Kissing )

Deku POV again finally.    The poison had to have kicked in now. I thought. I could only think about the poison. I co... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven ( Kissing,TONS of fluff Topless Deku and Shoto, VERY close calls)

  My crush and I walk to my house. When we arrive at the front porch, Shoto does something only couples do. He kissed me. I co... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Shoto POV   We both ran out of his room. I was first to the door so I answer it. Deku lays in my armpit. “Pizza.”The p... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine (TW!!!! ABUSE)

Shoto POV   I walk into my house and immediately run upstairs to my room. I toss my bag onto my chair and see my dad sitti... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten (Sorry the last one sucked)

Deku POV   I am sad to see him go but he has to. I give him one last kiss and a hug and he leaves. I shut the door and lay... Read Chapter

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