In the name of safety

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Be safe out there! What with all the criminals. God bless the country we inhabit. Loyalty and progress. All in this together. Everyone filling their own role. What a perfect world we inhabit. The imperfections are scarcely worth mentioning. But together we will illuminate the dark with our measures of light. Good vs Evil. How wonderful we are. How honest and kind!

“Are you sure it’s safe?”

These words came from a wide-eyed woman. Her heart was beating very fast, and her thoughts raced.

“Fret not my dear, for I have taken all necessary precautions. You will not be harmed, and I will ensure nothing out of the ordinary occurs… however in the interest of not omitting the truth I will warn you: if bad does happen, God forbid, that matter will be dealt with accordingly, and the perpetrator will suffer for his… ahem… or her sins in accordance with the infallible system of justice our ancestors erected into this great civilisation of ours.”

The wide-eyed woman felt a flood of relief.

“Oh Lord, it calms me so to hear such words from such an upstanding citizen as yourself. What of your accolades, and to think you’re so selfless!”

Her benefactor smiled professionally.

“Dear, it is only my sense of duty to uphold the standards expected of an authority such as myself, and in doing so protect you from the opportunistic vermin that lay in wait to commit sin. Tainted souls such as theirs have no place in our humble society, and I will exhaust the bounds of my power to protect such a sweet and endearing, and might I add charming, woman such as yourself.”

He blushed and then continued to speak.

“Anyway, I will not hear any more of your ingratiating remarks, for my pride is nothing to me, and to speak solely about myself is a grave romanticism. It is only my duty that I must perform. I am sworn by it, and nothing else matters. I would lay my life down for you despite all else, and with no expectation of personal gain.”

“How brave!” the woman swooned.

“Now, shall we?”

“Why, of course!”

The words that came from such a wonderful leader of men were immensely reassuring to the woman who previously felt dread. Blossoming with newfound joy and a sense of security, the impressionable woman took his arm and together they entered the supermarket.

Submitted: April 17, 2021

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