The Beginnings |A Rapishian Tail

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Over 100 years ago the Rapishians arrived. This is the story of their journey. This will be one of many short stories about this world and the creatures within it.

Over 150 years ago the Rapishians arrived in this land. We have no knowledge of the beginnings of our time here as no records were kept, many think on purpose. I am Repol Ropebulid and I am a historian of the Rapishians. I have kept records of our journey across this land and of the Rapishian ways for almost 20 years. So, I will start at the beginning what we look like.

we have big roundish ears and most have a long tail. We range in fur color from black to brown and red and every combination unbeaten. There are 2 variants of our kind, the taller lander varieties and the shorter mountain varieties. I am of the land varieties, in case you were wondering, my fur is a soft brown. Now as far as clothing goes, all most of us wear are a cap of the color of our town or city. However, there are those who live by the water who shave their fur and wear cloth coverings. Those are a strange group of Rapishians for sure. 

Food, ah food, we tend not to eat meet as most of the creatures that could provide meat would as likely eat us as we would eat them. I have heard of some who do eat the flesh of others but it is very rare. Mostly plants, fruits and plenty of cheese. This contentient is filled with so much bounty and good things to eat that you could spend a year eating and never eat the same thing twice. 

Our country is set up in the known areas and the mystery areas. as you can see below. 

Now the area I am from is the capital in Grassy Valley a wonderful city of grand towers of learning and the home of the guilds. 

Now every Rapishian strives for one thing in this life, to get named, what I mean is recognized by their peers and city and in rare cases by a guild with a special name that is related to what the did to get that name. For example, the head of the Historical guild, and my mentor, is Trevu "the written" Decront so that middle part, "the written" has something to do with how he got the name. Now normally the story of how they got the name is a secret known only to a few but there are always rumors about the most famous of those who have been named. 

Rapishians are not by nature warriors we are farmers, creators of beauty and the bravest among us explorers. However, the creatures that were here before us left many treasures to be found and some have been found by the most secret of the guilds and by others who may not have always used what they found for good. 

So the guilds, there are the literary guilds, historians, poets and education guilds and of course the government guilds. but the most coveted guilds, by those brave enough, are the science guilds, specifically the artificer and the Alchemist guild. these guilds, and to a lesser extent the Rangers and the Tinker Guilds, explore the world around us and provide the common Rapishian with wonders from the beings that lived on this content before us. 

Now as I write this brief intro of my people, there are many other creatures that fill our world, and as i eluded to most are pretty dangerous, thus why so much of our world has yet to be explored even after 150 years or so. In this series of short stories I will tell you about the people, the mysteries and the creatures of our world and the best place to start is with the story of the first explorers the one story we have in the age of mystery, or the first 10 years after we arrived. 

So this first entry in my exploration of our past starts with a part of a book that was discovered 75 years ago written by Rass "Rapishian" Thothfield one of the first historians of our people. 

There were 7 leaders each with a tribe of followers of a few hundred each. Each of the leaders took a land and named it. they plowed the land and harnessed the animals for their own purposes. The land was wild but was tamed with much ease, but the leaders did not move beyond their borders but the reasons were lost to time. The stories have a long gap for the first 10 years. only one scrap of tablet that stated what I have mentioned about the 7 leaders. 

Now not much is known about those leaders but we do know that out of their leadership, not only was the goverment founded but also the guilds as well. The adventuress that those Rapishians must have been amazing. Now thats not to say that there still isn't a lot to explore in our world, and the rumors of the powers that lie in wait are incredible. everything from doorways of light to the towers of the Mdiol users (no idea what a Mdiol user is mind you). So to start with the first adventures I know, there was a group of heroes in the first recorded records called the "Adventures of the Legacy" i will tell that story in the next short story. Now on to our culture. 

The Rapishians are farmers as I mentioned, but they are also traders by nature. We have a barter system in place that has served us for many decades. We build many building and are always looking for the next big building to build so we can leave a reminder of who we are. So while we are very creative, we are also very peaceful and do not normally crave adventurs. Our goverment is set up in a simple fashion City Government is elected by the people every 2 years and only people who have a birth and given name are eligible (given name is a nickname given by their peers) they run local police, security and worker unions.

Provincial government is elected every 4 years and city governments report to this body of 6 people that each manage one of the provinces territories that they have been elected from. They manage the Clorispor which are provincial solider/police that manage larger threats to the nation in times of war or catastrophe. 

So I know I have covered a lot in this simple book but there is much more to come. Please check out my other books, "Adventures of the Legacy" and "A fast guide to food prep for groups". 



Submitted: April 17, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Robert Dragon Pollack. All rights reserved.

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