Gently, Sweetly Home Again - Part 13

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Gently, Softly Home Again - Part 13

by Allen Henriquez


A week later

Fulton street, Brooklyn

Nate is sleeping in a room he rents its early morning with the sun dawning in the sky. Nate screams out in horror and then crawls out of his bed and slithers onto the floor, where he lays crying for an extended period of time before he stops and falls into a quiet sleep; while still on the floor.

Hours later Nate and Zack are with containers of coffee sitting in Fulton Park. The two sip coffee and look about as: people pass sit, and talk; while pigeons solicit.

“Zack do you remember, Garrett?” Nate asks in-between sips.

“Garrett Aloyisis Smith, the sharpshooter from Macon, Georgia. Yeah, he was something, you couldn’t outtalk him or outshoot him. What about him?” Zack

“You remember what happen to him?” Nate asks

“Yeah, he got hit by incoming in Iraq, during an attack at night, while he was on guard duty. You told me about it.” Zack

“Yeah they lit us up on Christmas Eve. I had a dream about him. I was in the chow hall sitting next to him when this dude I never saw before sits next to Garrett takes out a grenade, pulls the pin and throws it, then he takes out another one, pulls the pin and puts it on the table in front of us. I woke up before the grenades went off.” Nate

“Did you see anyone else in the dream?” Zack

“Yeah Curtis “Calamity” Bowman, he had his food tray and was walking toward our table.” Nate

“Is he out?” Zack

“Yeah he’s here in Brooklyn.” Nate

“Where?” Zack asks


To be continued. . .



Submitted: April 18, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Allen Henriquez. All rights reserved.

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