Mr. Daisy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Quincy Daisy is a 7'3" beast-of-a-man who happens to be a substitute teacher. At the top of his head grows a chatty flower with mystical cosmic powers. He has arrived at Blue Diamond Elementary in the city of Almond Bay. There he will remain for a year. He must deal with three rowdy students, an odd assortment of faculty, and his past he is always running away from.
Maybe Almond Bay and its inhabitants will give the giant a place he can finally call home.
Go to inkitt to keep up with the story. I no longer update here

Table of Contents

Welcome To Blue Diamond

“I think you’re going to be a perfect fit for this classroom.” Two figures walked side by side in a school hallway, one was sli... Read Chapter

First Class

Mr. Daisy had drawn several animals on the chalkboard. All had been very well drawn with a realism style. He would point at the drawing... Read Chapter

The Bomb

There was a small play area attached to the elementary school made just for the kindergarteners, separate from the other playground tha... Read Chapter

The Three Terrors

Quincy’s ragged apartment resided in an unsavory part of Almond Bay. Many thugs and delinquents hung out in nearby trash-fille... Read Chapter

The Faculty

A small family-owned crafts store resided in downtown Almond Bay, rustic with the smell of unlit candles of various scents. A young wom... Read Chapter

A Night Out

A man and a woman were lying there, breathing heavily, and covered in sweat beneath the shade of a neighboring tree. A timid, clumsy ki... Read Chapter

The Nightmare Returns

Leena’s arrival was followed by a heated discussion on what genre of movie to watch. The two ladies were fighting over their favorite... Read Chapter

A Calm Night Stroll

An orchestra of crickets fiercely competed with the hissing and rumbling of the occasional passing truck beneath the twinkling onyx sky... Read Chapter

School Assembly

It’s been growled throughout the hallways at least twice a day for two weeks: “Quincy Daisy, I challenge you!” K... Read Chapter

The Blue Diamond Cup: Part 1

The morning of the Blue Diamond Cup, Quincy found himself alone in his apartment. Joy was neither sprouting on his head nor nesting in ... Read Chapter

Tiger Lily

Edmund slipped into the room and softly snapped the door shut, muffling the chatter of nurses and patients from the hallways. The air s... Read Chapter


The Blue Diamond Cup provided little in amusement and entertainment for young, adventurous Kari. Sure, she was excited to see Mr. Daisy... Read Chapter

The Blue Diamond Cup: Part 2

The gurgling rubber sphere sloshed gently in Quincy’s calloused mitt while Edmund practiced different stances trying to figure out th... Read Chapter

The Blue Diamond Cup: Finale

It was the final, unexpected, showdown between Team Otter and Team Skunk for the winner of the cup. The game they would play was dodgeb... Read Chapter

The Almond Pit Devils

The Almond Pit: a subdivision of Almond Bay with the highest crime rate in the entire city. Home to the delinquents and the poor; a wor... Read Chapter