A Dangerous Game # 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Dangerous Game 2 replaces Cyberpirates 2

Taranis the Celtic goddess of Storms was also voicing her disapproval . The geomagnetic storms were coming hard and fast , not to mention early. It wasn't Groundhog Day and the storm of late January wasn't extending any mercy to space pirates and cargo haulers like me

 The  decision to bring Snake ( Fish bait ) on board was met with hostility. My sister Didn't sugar coat her concerns. point blank she ask, Maria ( Deathbringer) Hume, What have you promised that man ( Fish bait ? ) You haven't promised some things you're incapable of delivering have you?  Are you sexting him ?


Sister, slow down,  I have promised him food and shelter. I'm inviting him aboard one of the star cruisers Gnarly left me. Snake Fish bait has accepted a position as Swabby ( deckhand ) he will multitask as my Cabin Boy. a chambermaid. I can and I intend to deliver on both promises. if Fish bait keeps his end of the agreement he has with me he  will no longer be unemployed or homeless.


Sister, am I sexting him ? Are you serious ? I would think you, of all people, would know me better than that . I'm not sending provocative pictures to anyone. My body image is far too low for that. I'm not that desperate to fall in the sack with just anyone. Honestly, I have my self respect and my pride.


She asked , " Do you remember Donny Edwards ? Do you recall the trouble we, the the.family had with clearing that man from your life and the  life of the family ? This Fish bait isn't going to be another Donny episode, is he ? 


The answer she wanted to hear was No ! The truth was I hope not. It was possible that 1976 and the history she questioned was happening again. 


I answered No ! Nothing like that is happening . We are both consenting adults.Thank you but,, I won't need my family to rescue me. I've got this. I was agitated that she'd bring up the Edwards indiscretion .She was hitting below the belt. 


She reminded me  it had been only weeks since our Uncle Morgan had intervened to eliminate a married man from my life. She continued he came to your aid because that man was preying on your vuneralbilities. It is doubtful he'll continue to rescue, especially when you habitually put yourself in the path of the predators.


I responded, you can tell Captain Morgan, his niece isn't being preyed on this time Fish bait isn't a polygamist. He isn't married or,so he says.i cringed as I said Fishbait isn't married. I recall the voices  that said without a doubt Snake (Fishbait) is married.


My niece saw romance in the unfolding Fishbait story. I failed to see any romance in Piracy or the life I offered Fish Bait. But I wasn't comfortable telling my baby sister and niece the unbridled truth about a pirate's life. There are some things a family shouldn't know.


The Reverend Mia contacted me to warn me my conduct concerning Snake was very risky and most unchristian. And,she asked if  I had considered the consequences of my decision. What consequences. I knew of others who were cohabiting . 


She openly accused me of sin. I was planning to live with a man I wasn't married to. I had accepted a man into my home I could never marry, Snake, she reminded me, is married to another woman. 


Without giving any classified information I thanked her for  her concerns. I tried to assure her that I would not be committing adultery, or fornication. Those are sexual sins and I would not be in a sexual relationship with that man. Snake and I have a mutual agreement, NO SEX.! To use Snake's words " it ain't that kind of party." 


Mia's next accusation was I was sinning because I was asserting my authority over a man. A woman's role is to be submissive.  She was scripturally right. But, this man had surrendered his authority to me. I knew the Bible as well as the Referred. 


I wasn't obligated to be submissive or obedient , Snake isn't my daddy and he isn't my husband. We are not romantically involved. Mia , Snake and I are not in love. As you've said, He is married, Snake will never be my husband. 


Her final concern was if I followed through with my plan, I could lose  everything I and my late husband worked to accumulate. I again thanked her for her concern but, I don't see how that will happen. Mia promised me it would. Then as a final attempt to slap some sense into me, she banned me from her Christian Community for the second time. Her threats to  excommunicate me did not phase me. I don't mean to be crude but, I've been excommunicated from mainstream Christian congratulations. What eternal consequences did being banned from a dating site hold ?


Taranis the Celtic goddess of Storms was also  voicing her disapproval . The geomagnetic storms were coming hard and fast , not to mention early. It wasn't Groundhog Day and the storm of late  January wasn't extending any mercy to space pirates and cargo haulers like me.


The solar radiation storms were striking everything from my communication equipment to my navigation system with the fury of a master's whip. The radiation, the Gamma Rays burst through the hull of my ship as if  they were some phantom. The health of my crew and myself was at risk, our minds and bodies are beginning to deteriorate. The frightening thing was I was powerless to prevent the storm or the consequences.


The radio communication came and went like a shadow person. It was Ultraviolet radiation. Asteria Goddess of the stars was making her opinion known. She was speaking loud and clear.Fish Bait wasn't granted safe passage through her  Heavens.


My crew wasn't any kinder. And like family, you weren't sugar coating their opinion. Captain, the code says Every man has a vote in affairs of moment; is Fish Bait not an affair of the moment ?


Yes, he is and you each had your vote and until this moment you were supportive. . Fish Bait had his vote. He voted , more than once to be a slave aboard my ship. I don't expect that vote to change. We were of one accord ,we are still of one Accord.


The crew stood United as one in their refusal to accompany me to meet  ( Fish Bait ) it was within their rights as Able bodied and ordinary seamen.


I dismissed them and summoned the relief crew. you too had reasons to deny my summons. The second and third relief crew begged off.  Finally, two members arrived three hours late, to accompany me to meet Fish Bait . The pilot / navigator was available because I was willing to pay three times the customary hazard pay. 


My security was there and available at the last moment because his wife told him , if I made the interplanetary trip alone, he shouldn't  be home when she came home. This wasn't the way I'd envisioned this journey.


 Still, I was relieved, I would meet Snake ( Fishbait ). He would come home with me unless he chose to abandon ship. I was finally getting my way but there was more to the story. If Fish Bait had a safe harbor to call home he was less likely to murder me.

An urgent subspace message from one of my Orion Slaves arrived. In her message " Captain, Mistress, abort the mission ! " I heard the desperation and concern in her voice. The slave Fish bait is an immediate threat. She submitted 200 +verbal messages and text messages from Fishbait demanding my home address and for me to leave my house key outside in a location where he could find it without alerting the neighbors or property managers. Her communication ended with the plea,that I alert the authorities at home, my current location, and at my final destination.at  my destination.


I acknowledged her transmissions and responded I am 10 minutes from my destination. I have reached the point of no return. I need you to continue to maintain order aboard the ship. 

The Gods and goddesses of the Stars were  telling me that Snake (Fishbait ) was a bad idea.but,  I wasn't prepared to listen. I told myself I was too far into this adventure to back out. The truth is I've given my word and I'm keeping it whatever  perils may come.


Fishbait knows too much about me and those I love. He is a threat to everything I hold dear. I don't want to believe his threats but, I don't want to risk  him taking vengeance on my family. I am an open target if he's the murderous type.


The trip to  meet Fish Bait was painfully awkward and I couldn't answer any of my companions' questions. I was 30 to 40 minutes away from moving a  person I knew only as Fish Bait or Snake into my home, my business, and my life . This was ludicrous.


As we hovered awaiting our orders to land my travel companions Saw  Fishbait before I Did . you weren't sure the person you saw was him. you saw what appeared to be a vagrant and a person of suspicion. 


The  pilot navigator instructed me to get between the seats and keep myself low to the floor.The emergency plan was to keep me safe and fly past this suspicious person( Fishbait ) without stopping. My security detail seconded the motion. 


When I saw what you were watching with such apprehension I saw a man who appeared to be a criminal one of the galaxies most wanted. 


I agreed  If our lives came under fire at any time, the order was " Haul Ass away from here at light speed." But, until then   I vetoed their suggestions.


Under the right condition I would abort the mission. But, before I abort and run to safe harbor, I was going to meet the pirate who had captured my fascination  face to face. I owed this to myself.


The face to face meeting with Fishbait  was painfully unpleasant. He smelled like rotting flesh, sweat, and decaying food. His knee britches and his  green Army Surplus coat left me with the impression he had been living in a landfill. I dismissed this observation on the basis there isn't any WIFI in the landfill. And secondly there aren't any landfills If he hadn't lived among garbage  he certainly shopped there for his clothing.


 Before He reached our location I and my security shared a private joke.Fishbait looked like Delos Nobles ,a skid row resident we knew back on Earth. 


As he entered the shuttle Fishbait handed me his gear, an army duffle bag with instructions ` Be Careful with that, My Apple Ipad is in there. You don't want to replace it, I doubt you could.


I handed Fishbait back his gear. " If the contents are that precious, you protect them. Barry , my security guard laughed. " Whatever an Apple Ipad is, it is useless where you're going. The pilot agreed. An Internet connection could be found at the right price.


As he settled in next to me I explained There are rules where you're going. All treasures are shared equally among the crew. If you're unwilling or unable to share you can leave  your possession in a locked storage bin or mail them home the best way you can. There is not any postal service at any price. 


The second rule you seem unwilling or unable to comprehend is RESPECT YOUR CAPTAIN AND THOSE APPOINTED OVER YOU. NEVER , EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LIE TO ME, YOUR CAPTAIN.you will atone  for several infractions of this rule prior to your arrival.


Wait, you can't hold me accountable for these actions, what lies , I've told no lies. I told as much truth as you could handle.


 I didn't know your rules. What is the punishment ? 


For stealing, you're marked. Your ears and nose are sliced then we maroon you in a heavily populated area.where you're going to be noticed.


I think Moses' Law will serve in your case.Moses Law is 39 lashes to your bare back. Actually it's 40 -1. I promise you will feel every lash. And hopefully you'll remember why you received them.


I can handle that stranding on my head. Fishbait scowled.


39 lashes for each violation.  Good ! Make a note to remind me to have the quarterMaster tie him up upside down before flogging him. 


Yes ma'am ! 


his odor assured me Fishbait would have absolutely no trouble adapting to an environment where water was a scarce commodity. There aren't any hot showers aboard  space shuttles. 


As my new slave took the passenger seat beside me. My stomach began churning. Still I offered to do the hospitable thing and buy everyone lunch. 


Bo, was developing a migraine. He asked to skip lunch. The pain was beginning to affect his ability to pilot the transport shuttle.


 Barry wanted fried catfish at some place he knew back on Earth. I reminded my family and security we were 120 light-years from Earth and fresh fried Catfish. 


My vote went to eating some almost home cooked provisions from the all you can eat  buffet there in space dock


. Fishbait said he didn't care where we dined but, it had to be a drive through. I explained, there are not any Mc Donald's in deep space. 


 Fishbait immediately demanded " Then leave me here to starve .  So what if I've not had food or drink In four days.


Not feeding him was an option. But, weak slaves produce shoddy work.as do dehydrated slaves. Dead slaves produce nothing. He would be fed. My Instinct said I should lead him into the space dock on a leash or prison chains.  I opted not to give myself away.


Fishbait rummaged through his personal belongings. He eventually produced a silver mirror and  brush. He handed the grooming Implements to me. I thanked him for his consideration but tribute isn't necessary. This tribute is unacceptable . Tribute must be shared with the crew. Fishbait, how am I supposed to divide the gift two thirds for me.and equal shares for the pilot and security officer ?


" Who cares " Fishbait growled. Your men are homosexuals." I assure you that you are not. " Then you are your booty buddies ." Yes,  but it isn't the booty you're thinking of.For your information, even that spoil ( booty) is shared equally with the crew.


Your " security " is a sissy and so is your pilot / navigator . Barry isn't man enough to discipline his wife and daughter. He takes orders from women.


Yes, so do you.your a slave. You are a crew member under my command. You obey me or suffer the consequences. You will not be disrespectful to either of them again. 


Fishbait snapped " Bite   my big one ! Bitch " I calmly responded, two more infractions.administered while he is bound head down. 


Bo asked what about us. He disrespected us too. 


Gentleman, your right two full floggings one for each of you.


Thank you ! But, what if his flesh won't tolerate the punishment ?


Gentleman, there is always tomorrow and the day after. Every lash I've decreed he shall receive it is in his best interest to take the punishment at one time and be done with it then the physician can bind his wounds at one time.. 


If he can't, then he can't. If he chooses the punishment can be extended one or two infractions per day. 


 With the messy business  behind us, or so I thought, I insisted everyone go to the food bar on   Echion and place their order. I will be hospitable and pay the tab. But, I am not a car hop or  a waitress. Everyone order whatever you like.


Fishbait immediately caused a scene. He  cancelled my order. 


His agenda was to force me to eat from his plate.  He took the small order of protein nuggets and divided it into three almost equal portions. The first was for him, the second share was mine, the third he wanted to package and send to his mama.


His excuse was he was saving me money. I thanked him for the consideration but that isn't happening. No one supersedes me or my orders. Fishbait you have a lot to learn. Schooling you will prove painful.for you but possibly delightful for your crew mates and me.


For his next episodic demonstration he threw a temper tantrum. His ice tea wasn't sweet "enough.the tea wasn't fresh enough or cold enough."  It was explained several times that the tea was freshly made. And he could sweeten his tea his way. Fishbait continued his immature temper tantrum until the manager asked us to leave. He also said  that he would call the police if we.didn't leave peacefully.


Come, gentleman,on my six take me and this invaluable slave property home. We have punishments to administer and work to do. We left peacefully as the management had instructed. 


I'll assign two Orion slave girls with deck brushes to   attend to him and bathe him. When he smells almost hygienically Clean I'll have them place him in the decontamination chamber. His clothing will have to be incinerated. Then I'll order  him flogged twice and confined to the brigg, in irons. As a welcome aboard gift, I'll have the cot or hammock removed. I want him sleeping on the steel floor. His orientation has begun.


I assured my pilot I have this situation under control.i will deal with the problem slave  privately aboard my vessel, He is mine for two weeks or life. I contacted his slavery for two weeks. But, if he chooses not to move on, the agreement commutes to five years after five years he's In for life. He knows the terms. He is trying to force my hand. If I strike him or say the words I feel inside I can be arrested. Fishbait isn't worth jail time or a fine.

I was unaware of the third and fourth incident. In the third incident someone identified as an unknown disgruntled customer allegedly pointed a weapon at the cashier. He allegedly held his finger on the trigger. The complaint was the meal he had was unsatisfactory, the beverage was stale, to the point of being rancid. The beverage was warm and beyond the point of sweetening. He was demanding a refund for his meal and the meals of his three companions. 


The fourth incident involved a physical assault on one customer by another. The criminal assault charge could possibly be upgraded to manslaughter when the authorities locate the perpetrator. and identify him.


Bo  approached me quietly and whispered I'll take him back and leave him where I first saw him. Please say the word. Maria you don't need this. Your husband wouldn't want you tolerating his disrespectful attitude. Let me maroon him. Please ! 


Neither of my companions were willing to tell me what had happened. From personal observation the pilot and my security guard were visibly shaken. Their faces were white as ghosts.  Both men continued whispering " your life is in danger. Don't be alone anywhere with him. He is dangerous.


I'll assign two Orion slave girls with deck brushes to   attend to him and bathe him. When he smells almost hygienically Clean I'll have them place him in the decontamination chamber. His clothing will have to be incinerated. Then I'll order  him flogged twice and confined to the brigg, in irons. As a welcome aboard gift, I'll have the cot or hammock removed. I want him sleeping on the steel floor. His orientation has begun.


 The Orion Slave girls were proficient with the deck brushes and scrubbing even before the whip Fishbait looked like a skinless  fsh.The sanitisers burned his flesh slightly turning it a blush pink. The decontamination shower cleansed his sorry hide to a bright pink


The whip had left thirty nine cuts across his shoulders and back.  One open stripe beneath the one before. The pattern left by the Quartermaster closely resembled a set of window blinds.  i'm told the marked pattern is a sign of a whip Master. I shouldn't revel in the suffering of another but it was beyond my control. The Devil made me admire my First Mate's handy work. 


His confinement was over. Fishbait was brought before me. When the chain and irons were removed  he physically, violently assaulted me. I guess the Devil made him retaliate for the punishment he received.


The Quartermaster subdued him with a phaser set on stun before any serious bodily harm could be inflicted. He had assaulted his commanding officer without provocation. The punishment should be death or life in prison. 


When he revives, if he revives return him to me in chains.you will restrain him to that chair. When I speak to him , I will have a captive audience. 


When Fishbait was returned and justly restrained his orientation resumed. I maintained my decorum as I calmly spoke. Fishbait I said there are rules aboard this ship. Your reply at that time was I couldn't fairly punish you because you didn't know my rules. While I have your uninterrupted attention I'll tell you about the rules. It is your responsibility to listen and remember my rules. Breaking my rules will have consequences.

  1. Every Man Shall obey civil Command 

  2. Any man who steals from the company (the Ship) the captain or any crew shall be shot , marooned, or otherwise disciplined according to the Captain's discretion my choice is amputation without comp benefits.

  3.  Any man attempting to keep secrets from the company or hoarding  goods or provisions shall be marooned.

  4. Jumping ship or attempting to start another company without the consent of this company is treasonous punishable as decreed by the captain.

  5. If any man shall sexually harass or assault a prudent woman that man shall die immediately.


  1. Every man regardless of rank has a vote on matters of the moment


  1. No man shall be required to go beyond his call of duty. Every man will answer the call to duty when his name is selected from the ship's roster. Every man has a share when prizes are taken. The roster determines the order in which you're called and awarded your share.


  1. No gaming ( gambling) aboard ship.

  2. Lights out at 8 pm every night. Respect the curfew. Those who smoke or drink after curfew do so at their personal peril.

  3. Keep your mind and body in service ready condition at all times. Keep your weapons clean and battle ready at all times. You don't work , you lose your share that day.

  4. Leave your date on shore. No fraternization with children of either gender.

  5. Desertion from the ship or your quarters in time of war, we are always at war, is punished by marooning or death.

  6. No fighting aboard ship. All personal disagreements end on shore, leave your hostilities there.

  7. No one will be released from his service aboard this ship until he has contributed 1000.00 dollars to the ship's general fund. This is your workman's comp for a legitimate injury received while performance of his or her duty.

  8. The Captain and Quartermaster receive two shares of a prize: the master, boatswain, and gunner, one share and a half, and other officers one and quarter. Able bodied seaman and ordinary seaman, you, one share and one half share.

In time I persuaded the crew to back off a general court martial.Some thought I should shoot him and eject his carcass out of a torpedo tube. It was tempting but I used restraint.


In lieu of the court-martial the accused would serve 30 days arrest, confinement to quarters. He would be restricted and denied all privileges for 60 days. This includes tobacco, cannabis, and liquor. Fortitude of ½ of pay. 100% forfeiture of prizes , treasure taken. The accused is sentenced to 90 days hard labor.


This is the judgement of this Admiral's / Captain's Mast. Are those in attendance In full agreement? If not, speak now or forever hold your peace . There are none , it is so ordered


Each day of hard labor began and ended with Fish Bait scrubbing the ship from stem to stern and back again.  At mealtime he was required to serve each crewman their fill, as provisions permitted.before he could enjoy his rations.  was bread and water as Provisions Allowed. 


 In addition to the sentence Fishbait was responsible for his duties as a cabin Boy and cyberpirate. These non judicial measures worked to a reasonable satisfaction 

I instructed the Quartermaster, First mate, to prepare Fish Bait for induction into the brotherhood.


His sentence is complete. Have him cleaned ( sanitized and decontaminated ) make him presentable. Then the Articles of Brotherhood are to be read aloud to him. He will sign or be shot.


Code of Pirate Brotherhood


  1. Choose your friends wisely.

  2. Honor the Code of Parley as set down by pirate captains. Morgan and Bartholomew. 

  3. Divide the spoils as set forth in the pirates code.

  4. Any man who falls behind is left behind. The good of the ship and crew first. Like

  5. Any captive who refuses to serve aboard ship must be executed promptly.

  6. Trading or selling FAIR AND SQUARE  means the buyer can do as he wills with the merchandise Including sell it at a profit.

  7. Respect among pirates , knowingly targeting and sinking another pirate ship is strictly forbidden.

  8. Killing a surrendered enemy is forbidden.


Fishbait, why do you want to unite with the brothers ? Have you found a Captain and crew to sponsor you ? Are you prepared to be held accountable to that crew for any mishaps ? OMost importantly what are you bringing to the brotherhood ?


I ask to join the brothers for comradeship. I ask the Captain and crew of the Dreaming Star to sponsor me. I am accountable to each member of the crew for my mishaps. What I bring to the brothers is my rebellious nature, my skills as a pirate, a  cyber criminal, an arsonist, and an accused terrorist.


You will be taken to a tent  blind folded, placed in a sitting position in the center of the room and told to pick three items, but you must choose wisely and then you will have to explain your choices. The objective is, choose the most valuable items and, choose what would best benefit yourself and your pirate family. You must explain your choices. This is your first text of accountability. Good luck.


 If you are to become a crew member of a ship you must now show your knowledge of basic seamanship. You will show your knowledge of ships and your ability to navigate her to safe harbor should you become the only survivor. .  If you are lacking in this area then you must learn more before proceeding to the next phase. Good luck


At this phase you must show your  ability to dive from the ship and swim to shore from a ship that is in the middle of the harbor. Secondly you must help an injured crew member to shore using floating wreckage.


I can't swim. The initiation is impossible.


Swabby, cabin boy can you drive into the water ? Can you dog paddle and float allowing the current to carry you and  injured crew member toward the shore ? Can you hold to the floating debris as a floatation device. Use your wits to save yourself and your crewman.


 At this mid-point you have earned the privilege of having some fun but it still remains a part of the initiation. You will now be tested on your Wenching ability and if successful your prowess at Bedding.Your partner.  Your tale is the night's entertainment. After your story is complete we each tell ours.


 Next you will show your weapons knowledge and skills. Missiles.   DARPA's MAYHEM, caution the weapon fires molten metal so, be aware of the backfire.  Project THEL a tactical high energy laser, Weaponized Satellites, Manned Orbiting Laboratories,   Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles , The Space Force's34_ XB ,

 Anti-Satellite Systems ,   manipulation of an asteroid ,  you will demonstrate your mastery of pistols, the cutlass, swords, and axes.


you will use any skills you have such   farming, carpentry or whatever to help on the island. If you do not have a useful skill you will be tested  as an Apprentice under some Master. In the last part of this phase the initiate ( you) are to bring an item you have crafted and explain how it was created. If you are unable to do this you must tell of their trade or craft and will be judged by crafters or trades people in this field. 


So that one knows you can have fun as well as being serious, at this stage you must prove your stamina in drinking. Rebel rousing, and corrousing  You will start with the weakest form of drugs and alcohol and continue to the strongest. Singing and dancing is also encouraged during this time. Have fun and hopefully learn something about yourself.


 When you have  reached this point all of your  ship mates, Master and anyone who has had dealings with you  shall come forth in turn and testify for or against you and state their reasons for their choice.


Once you have  passed all rites for admission to the Brotherhood, you must climb the large mast that is set up in this area and grab the flag, climb back down and present this  while on both knees with your head bowed, to the Captain whose ship is your favorite sponsor. On the other hand, anyone who fails will be put to death. Little

Upon passing every test he was allowed to take the oath of brothers. 


The oath of Brotherhood


I Fishbait do hereby swear my life to the brotherhood  of pirates. To uphold the code. To share the prosperity when fortune smiles down on us. To give aid and comfort when misfortune befalls us. To give my life to uphold and preserve the secrets of the brotherhood. I cast my past to the wind and sail towards a new future.


Rise Snake Fish Bait and take your place among the brothers. Congratulations and welcome to the family of pirates.


At this moment it is my honor to place this sash on you. And this gold ring was crafted especially for you.  You will now show everyone your insignias, the sash, the ring, and a tattoo. You are a member of the company and my family and my crew.


You are a Cyber Pirate ,Fishbait do what you do so well. Cyber plunder all enemy ships. You are to insure this ship and crew want for nothing.

Submitted: April 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 M.L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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