----> " BEWARE of THE VIRUS ! " ---- Danger! - BIO-CHEMICAL Warfare! ++++ RYU'S SECRET MISSION ! --- Icy Underground SLUMS & Video Game !

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

---++++++-- '' BEWARE of THE VIRUS ! '' -------------- Danger ! ---- Bio-Chemical Warfare! ---- RYU'S SECRET MISSION ! ----- 'Icy Underground Industrial Slums and Factory' ! ---- VIDEO GAME !










"BEWARE THE VIRUS ON THE SURFACE!  TUNNEL ENTRANCE IS BARRICADED 5 MILES AHEAD."  The sign flashed forth from the glittering red walls. 

A sleek and shiny pink motorcycle, decorated with flashy neon lights and spiky edges, roared forth into the mysterious depths of the underground neon industrial tunnel; blue smoke trailed its rhythmic movements. 



Ryu glared at the electric neon poster that covered the walls of the "Fukushami Tunnel" before she made a sharp right turn and roared forth farther into the glow in the dark tunnel.


Mounds of glistening pink glitter and snow lay along the icy walls of the electric underground subway-tunnel.  Abandoned pink vehicles, with two pointy antennas sticking forth from the top of them, stood to each side of the flashing walls.


The Fukushami Tunnel led upwards, eventually reaching the locked industrial garages that led to the "Myrmidon Forest"; a forbidden and sacred place.  There were legends of strange spirits and forlorn, ancient secrets that were rumoured to be ever watchful over the haunted trees.


Ryu was on a mission, given to her by a laboratory assistant in secret, without the knowledge of the City's Council, to find a certain rare root, called the "Vushai" plant, which may be able to have its powerful syrup extracted and used in various clinical tests; the extracts of the sacred plant may eventually help to aid in finding a suitable vaccine to combat the deadly new plague that was ravaging the world. 


 Ryu was told it grew in an ancient cavern, deep beneath the trunks of the haunted trees of the forest.


'It is worth the risk,'  Ryu thought to herself, roaring forwards into the glowing underground tunnel, the neon posters and cement walls flashing forth to each side of her. 



 How had this all began?


  She remembered how only three weeks ago she had been discussing new developments of the virus with her, then, old boss, Sergeant Akahana.

She had since quit after the headquarters had refused to supply her with the proper protective equipment: masks, gloves, facial shield, etc.  She had been ostracized after the resignation.  The others felt she was now a threat.  There was only one way to deal with her;  isolation and arrested development.



Ryu remembered only three weeks ago how her life had been, as a security officer for the highest order of patrol guards in the Underground City's District of Reikan.


Ryu had just left the 'Police Headquarters'. - Her discussion with Sergeant Akahana had gone quite badly.


  The reason?


The fatalities of the virus had increased - thirtyfold.  Overnight too!  The officers were not getting the required proctective gear that they so desperately needed. Many of the patrols, that were guarding the barricaded entranceways that lead to the surface world, had no masks on.



One hundred new cases had been detected in the pipe-way slums of Bakuman in Sector 7. 


'Sector 7' was an underground industrial slum-town that was under a large techno-industrial piazza, where crumbling junkyards held pipe-way entrances, dilapidated trailers and crooked houses built into the sides of disused trash-heap materials, chain-link fences encircling their dominions.



Many dwellers who lived in this area had large wooden television sets who constantly flashed the propaganda of the mustached face of the 'Grand President Xavier'. 


They lived on the fare of pink slum ala carte food: wet toast and pink gruel.  Rusty green refridgerators and dilapidated stoves, mixed with broken computer parts and bookshelves filled with endless paperwork, filled their small living-spaces of their underground apartments.



The citizens who lived in the area, some hidden deep within the underground neon pipeway-tunnels of the slums, where the futuristic underground dwellers watched bizarre wooden television sets and slept on crooked pink couches, were detained and locked away in an isolation laboratory, deep within the secret factory of Akani.


 Ice caverns hid the bizarre entrances that led deep into this forbidden industrial lab. 



 The increased fatalities being reported were  an alarming new development!



The entire Underground District of Reikan was now ordered to be on lockdown.  Any pedestrian caught outside, with or without a mask on, would be detained and arrested on sight.  Perhaps even executed if any retaliation was given regarding the regime's new proclamation against the citizens. 



 The City's 'Elite Council' had the right to exercise their authority in an effort that they felt would hopefully contain the virus and eventually witness their lives return to a sense of normalcy.


However, Ryu wondered to herself,  'Was that really their true goal?  Was this a type of bio-medical warfare being used on the citizens of Reikan to attain a higher, unknown purpose of the elite?  The truth was always more sinister than the accusations.' 


All this flared forth within her mind as she continued along the glittering underground passage of the snowy Fukushami Subway Tunnel.


Directly ahead of her was a cavernous alcove with an ancient industrial stairwell leading upwards to a bizarre locked doorway. -  A crooked stop-sign peeped forth from a pile of snowy rubble covered in speckles of velvety glitter. 


 She parked into a ruinous, dilapidated heap that may have once been a parking garage of sorts.  Orange chain-link fences surrounded crumbling walls that were covered in ethereal purple glitter and aromatic syrup.  Boarded-up windows and crooked portraits hung from the industrial walls in a bizarre fashion!



'Where have I arrived?'  she thought to herself, gazing around her in unrelenting zeal and mysterious curiosity. 

'An ancient guard-patrol's station and what was once some kind of underground facility, I suppose.  How very strange that this all still resides up here so near the entrances to the forbidden surface of the Myrmidon Forest,'  she thinks subjectively.


  Strapped to her backpack was a shiny longbow that had been given to her by her grandfather.


'It may be useful my child.  Use it only when you fear death is near.  You'll know when the time is right.' 

Her grandfather had whispered this invaluable advice to her when she was only a feeble child.



Now a grown woman of twenty-seven, Ryu had grown independent and her many courses of martial arts had served her body well.  She was strong and quite agile.


Even a formidable foe would not be a threat to her powers.



Ryu pulled her dark-brown hair into a ponytail and strapped her pack to her back.  Her N-95 cotton mask had been firmly fastened on her face since she left the industrial slums of Reikan.  One could never be too careful.  This was a secret mission given to her by a true confidante.  She knew she couldn't fail.  The lives of her people depended on her success.

Traipsing up the broken pavement of the red-cement steps, she reached the bizarre, crooked doorway in the dim red glow of the electric darkness of the area.  -- 

A glow in the dark ''HAZARD SIGN'' hung on the crooked doorway that was built into the rocky wall, covered in little speckles of fragrant glitter.



She brought out the large sparkling red key that had been given to her by the secret lab assisant in the 'Underground Ice Laboratory' and places it into the keyhole.  It faltered only once and the door opened with a loud creak.



Shimmering blasts of pink steam and fragrant smoke wafted inwards from the depths of the mystical world outside.


All was dark overhead as she stepped out and into a glittering pool of foaming water.  Dripping syrup was trickling from the stems and leaves of the "Myrmidon Trees"; ancient structures that had been there for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years.

They were daunting and formidable.  She gazed upwards and the length of the trees continued for miles.  The tops were not even recognizable in the distance of the darkness.



A ripple of distant sounds echoed throughout the environs and she stooped low behind a tree, gazing around in a kind of terrified fascination.


Spiky and malignant spores were floating in the ether above a rocky precipice that was overhanging a shiny pool of glowing water.  Watching their uncouth movements for a time, she witnessed the spores start to release a puff of smoky vapour; it shimmered in a strange brilliancy.



One small pink spore reared up from behind her and luckily she could just barely smell the fumes before she caught sight of it.  In lightning speed, she twisted around and sent a flashing arrow forth into the spiky spore, blasting it into a puff of shimmering fumes.


'Sly little fiend.  Poisonous fumes, I bet,' she thought to herself quietly. 'I'll have to steer clear of that area.  This is going to be more difficult than I anticipated.'

Nimbly frisking through a series of shallow pools of iridescent water, she found herself at the beginning of what appeared to be a hollowed tree trunk with an icy passageway leading downwards. 


Gazing to either side for a short time, she finally pitter-pattered her way forwards and reached its smoky entrance.  Darkness permeated the way further inwards here and she grimaced at the strange rainbow-syrup that drizzled from the trunks exterior.


'How quaint.  I don't like the looks of this at all,'  she thought to herself, reaching into her pack and withdrawing a flat, electric light.  She tapped it twice and it briskly turned on, glowing in a dim red hue. 


  The bulky ground of the inside of the tree's trunk led inwards slightly, as strange furry creatures lay asleep along the cavernous ledges above her.  Their raspy breathing filled the deathly quiet of the place.  The ground seemed to be covered in a fragrant syrup that sparkled, laying along the area in little pools.

Continuing forwards in this same fashion for a short time, she finally came upon an underground cavern.  A glittering pool of mystical water was splashing from the middle of the environs.  The foaming water was crystal clear and shimmered in a kind of hypnotic brilliancy.  Red and blue steam wafted upwards from its depths.




Squinting her decadent and sexy blue eyes, she could just catch sight of the crooked outline of a strange plant that shimmered from beneath the water.   


'The Vushai plant!' she thought to herself in surprised excitement. 'This is it!  I have to get that plant!  No matter the consequences!'


Reaching forth into the glittering water, she grasped the ancient pink plant by its roots and gave it a firm tug.  A swirl of gritty dirt plumed upwards from the sandy bottom of the pool, as she plucked the life-saving plant, clutching it in her grasp like a greedy child.  It glowed in a dim blue light before her eyes.


"Finally, we have hope.  We may have a chance.  My people are saved,"  she whispered to herself, gazing upwards at the patch of shimmering colours that danced upon the stalagtites of the cave.

As she slowly sauntered out of the ancient cavern, she thought she could just hear the echo of daunting voices in the distance.  All the haunting spirits were crying in happiness for her.

She could hear the people of the slums crying for justice and relief.



The battle against 'The Virus' was only beginning.








©2020 ZELDA VAXANDORF.  All Rights Reserved.





Submitted: April 18, 2021

© Copyright 2022 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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