Transmigration To My Hated Novel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Saving is protecting which means without sacrificing oneself"

Disclaimer: The story is my original work. English is my second language which might be composed of misspelled words and wrong grammar. The story is full of fiction then any similarities to an event are just coincidences.

Elise is an unemployed 28 years old woman from the modern world. She Transmigrated from the book The Lazy Lucky Princess. Elise hated the book because of its cliche plot and the unexpected dark past of the protagonist. After reading the book that her cousin gifted to her, Elise woke up in the body of a child. To her surprise, she meets the protagonist of the book and eventually becomes her acquaintance.

Alicia, an orphan, became the Saint of the Empire. She is a lost noble but because of her kind and intelligent nature, the people naturally love and praise her, including Elise.

Based on the book, Alicia will not die because of her divine power. Elise tried to convince her worried self until a week after Alicia’s fifteenth birthday.

Elise started bleeding in the same spot Alicia had her wound. She has the light, just like the divine power.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Art cover by Kriza Danavy

Table of Contents


A/N:This is the revised version. Enjoy reading!
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Meeting the Saint

Chapter 2- Meeting the Saint Elise can't help but to cry because she's really in the other world. She remembers cooking her last favo... Read Chapter


Chapter 3- Tremble Elise live at the orphanage for three weeks and is now used to everyday schedule. The orphanage managed their less... Read Chapter


Chapter 4- Target The fear spread to Elise entirely that halted her breathing. The man Samantha talking right now is no ot... Read Chapter


Chapter 5- Capital Elise is tired from the work and lessons soundly sleep in the carriage. She just woke up after the carriage stop t... Read Chapter


Chapter 6- Gifted Elise spend her time learning at the orphanage. She experiences more birthdays than she thought but can't remember ... Read Chapter


WARNING: This chapter contains of disturbing events, will trigger traumas that contains violence and abuse. Kindly skip some parts. ... Read Chapter


WARNING: This chapter contains of disturbing events. Will trigger traumas that contains violence and abuse. Kindly skip some parts. ... Read Chapter

L' espoir

Chapter 9- L' espoir Elise is afraid of darkness. In her previous life, Elise never sleep without light or any small lamp ... Read Chapter


Chapter 10- Alicia The whole dungeon shook harshly and the falling debris are all over the place. Alicia's face is now cle... Read Chapter

Thank you

Chapter 11- Thank you Elise open her eyes and realise that she is no longer in the dungeon. The room is bright compared to the place ... Read Chapter


Chapter 12- Guard Elise spend her days resting. The best part of it was eating different kinds of delicious food. The maid... Read Chapter


Chapter 13- Warning Fear is a primitive human emotion. It can alert a person in presence of danger or threat of harm. Elise who see t... Read Chapter


Chapter 14- Misunderstanding Elise wanted to talk with Nero alone. It's only four months before Alicia's fifteen birthday. Winter sea... Read Chapter


Chapter 15- Deal   Peru Guild is surprisingly look like a normal shop of alcohol. It’s still early in the morning and the ... Read Chapter

Yaven Mountain

Chapter 16- Yaven Mountain It’s been two days since Elise wet to the Peru guild. Rj said that he will sent her a message because he... Read Chapter

Spirit Guardian

A/N: Hi guys! Before you read this chapter, I want to announce that chapter 1 was already revised. You can check it out by re-reading it again!

Ps, I tried so hard to put some comedy in this chapter especially to the character inspired by my own favorite cat. (evil laugh) pss, I enjoy writing my cat as a stubborn character- look forward to
his cute personality.
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Chapter 18- Treasure       “Bling!”        Elise brown eyes sparkl... Read Chapter

Peony flowers

Chapter 19- Peony flowers       WARNING: This chapter contains of disturbing events and will trigger traum... Read Chapter


Chapter 20- Nero    The first time Nero heard about the appearance of a new saint was from his mother. She said that he... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21- Curse   In her consciousness, the voices of the people around her are getting loud. Elise felt the huge amount o... Read Chapter

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That is dark, but how will she deal with this?
That was awesome for a first, though!

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