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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jane "Red Ruby" is a United Nations lawyer, who is sent on her first mission as a spy, to find and stop 'The White Rose' and her henchwomen from taking over the United States Senate.

Table of Contents

California Love

An American bald eagle soared through the sky above the Hollywood sign on a hot Los Angeles summer's day. A beautiful woman with dark b... Read Chapter

Chinese Connection

Red Ruby pulled up outside of the Chinese Connection restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. She parked her Ducati behind a Ferrari Testarossa.... Read Chapter

Snake Eyes

"Four of a kind." The dealer said then she grabbed all the cards off the table. The dealer was wearing a black and white suit. A jacket... Read Chapter


Red Ruby was only slightly behind The White Rose. Her red Ducati could beat the gold Ferrari F8 easy. But this wasn't a race. Red Ruby ... Read Chapter

Hawaii to Midway

The sun was blazing down on the white and gold mega yacht. The Golden Princess was over 180 meters in length. It was a very expensive v... Read Chapter


The two Tight Riders where closing in on the old sunken battleship. They were both wearing black and gold short wet suits with scuba di... Read Chapter

Pool of Sharks

White Roses hideout in Hawaii Red Ruby gets thrown into pool of Bull sharks White Rose Gold G6 aeroplane Goes to LAX Red ... Read Chapter

Strawberry Daiquiri

The garage door of her Los Angeles apartment opened. Red Ruby rode her Ducati Panigale superbike up and parked it beside a car that was... Read Chapter

Golden Lagoon

  Red Ruby vs The White Rose at Malibu mansion!       About ten Gold Girls lay knocked out on the... Read Chapter

West Coast

A young female surfer fell off her surfboard while trying to pull off the perfect tube ride. While two women in bikinis walked down the... Read Chapter

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