Jane "Red Ruby" is a United Nations lawyer, she is also an alcoholic, but unknown to the world; she is on her first mission for the UN as a spy. Her first mission is to find and stop 'The White Rose' and her henchwomen from taking over the United States Senate. The White Rose has her heart set on becoming a California Senator. Can Red Ruby stop her in time or will her alcoholic indulgence get the best of her?

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California Love

An American bald eagle soared through the sky above the Hollywood sign on a hot Los Angeles summer's day. A beautiful woman with dark b... Read Chapter

Chinese Connection

Red Ruby pulled up outside of the Chinese Connection restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. She parked her Ducati beside a Ferrari F430. It wa... Read Chapter

Snake Eyes

"Four of a kind." The dealer said then she grabbed all the cards off the table. The dealer was wearing a black and white suit. A jacket... Read Chapter


Red Ruby was only slightly behind The White Rose. Her red Ducati 1198 could beat the gold Ferrari F8 easy. But this wasn't a race. Red ... Read Chapter

Hawaii to Midway

The sun was blazing down on the white and gold mega yacht. The 'Golden Princess' was over 180 meters in length. It was a very expensive... Read Chapter


The two Tight Rider scuba divers were closing in on the old sunken battleship. They now had on all their scuba diving gear. Additionall... Read Chapter

Pool of Sharks

Red Ruby was now up to her sixth shot of vodka. She had left her superbike in an alley by the Fantasia Sports bar on Oceans avenue. “... Read Chapter

Strawberry Daiquiri

The garage door of her Los Angeles apartment opened. Red Ruby rode her Ducati 1198 superbike up and parked it beside a car that was in ... Read Chapter

The Golden Lagoon

“Mrs. Burant said you have one more shot at the mission Red Ruby. She also said she had Shanelle MacDonald’s car bugged. It is curr... Read Chapter

West Coast

A young woman with blonde hair in white and blue bib shorts jogged beside the sand down Ocean Park Walk. Behind her were the famous&nbs... Read Chapter

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