Die Glocke

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In 1939, on the sunny skies of Warsaw, Poland. A young boy named Milek and his family are sent on a dreadful quest to evade the cruel Nazis during World War 2, yet Milek is yet to face something far more frightening and life-changing than simple warfare...

(UPDATE 5/06/21: A novel remake is in the works, will be releasing between January-February 2022).



Once upon a time in Poland, there was a young Jewish man named Milek. He lives a poor but happy life with both his mother Alicja and his father Adamek along with his younger sister Kasia in Warsaw. Adamek is a carpenter and Alicja is a baker. Milek aspires to be a famous writer when he grows up, so he can be a part of history and change the world. His dreams are so big, that he envisions a path that is to lead him to a revolutionary destiny.

On September 1st, 1939, Milek was at home looking after his mother and sister, whilst Adamek was at work. It was a wonderful sunny day with blue skies as it was just another typical day in Warsaw, Poland. He went to his room to grab his diary and pencil to write an entry to his visions of future success. Suddenly, the quiet soundscape transforms into distant echoes of explosions and roaring engines from above. The sirens in the air screech as Milek is frozen stiff. “Matka! Milek! Come out quick!” as Kasia shouts from the backyard. They rush out to the backyard and lookup. Mighty Warfighters dominate the skies as the worrying distant noises become louder. Alicja prepares for her children to pack up as they leave the house. The quiet streets of Warsaw are now the scene of panicked civilians screaming in terror as they run away from the descending bombs. Fleeing from their homes, they are invaded by German soldiers on the ground as they raid the houses of the innocent. Dragged from their homes, many are executed as their blood begins to flow through the streets of Warsaw. Eventually, they managed to escape the now war-torn Warsaw.

The world saw the shocking horrors that changed Europe overnight. The Nazis infected its inhumane policies into not only Poland but slowly near the majority of Europe as they had spread like a virus. Jews were now considered as ‘scum’ to occupied parts of Europe as they were held out of society like a plague of rats as they were kicked out of their homes, placed within Ghettos, and then eventually concentration camps. They were mocked, abused, tortured and even killed for the sake of being Jewish.  Alicja and her children are on the run from the Germans, hiding from various places across Poland such as barnyards, abandoned/war-torn buildings and ditches. Milek was filled with anger and rage as the Nazis took his life away from him.

On 3rd July 1942, Alicja and her children are hiding on a farm unknown to the farmers somewhere within Upper Silesia. Milek and Kasia were sound asleep within a haystack inside the barn as a gunshot wakes them up. Milek wakes up and at the barndoor Alicja slowly trembling to them bleeding whilst she holds her chest to stop the bleeding. She collapses to the ground as the two children rush to the help. Milek holds his mother in her arms as she says to him” You are my star and angel and that you will shine to the world, my darling” as both Milek and Kasia have tears puddling from their eyes. Alicja breathes her last breath and fades away. Without time to mourn, a German commanding and authoritative voice yell “Come out from the barn with your hands up!” as it barks outside from the barn. Milek and Kasia come out of the barn with their hands up, outside there are up to 15 German soldiers carrying MP40 machine guns and a Colonel with scars on his face. The farmer comes up to the Colonel for his reward as he gives him some money and a bottle of Vodka. The farmer walks away from the scene and goes back into the house. walks up to Milek and pistol whips him to the ground. Two soldiers grab Kasia as she is kicking and screaming to let her go. Milek stunned by the pistol whip is carried up by 2 soldiers as they make him watch his sister. The Colonel executes Kasia in front of Milek in cold blood. The soldiers begin to beat Milek up with the stock of their guns.  In a bloodied and broken state , he fades out whilst dragged onto a truck and driven away from the farm 


Milek wakes up screaming. He is within a crowded room, inside there are people lying in their beds as they all stare at Milek. He sees they all wear prisoner uniforms with the Star of David sewn onto it. The prisoners are of ‘bony’ appearance as if that they have not eaten for days. They are all covered with cuts, bruises, and other injuries as they look to have been through hell and are too weak to speak.

Amongst them, is a man missing an eye and arm as his sleeve is tied up to the end of his remaining limb.  Milek cries to himself after witnessing his family die and that he is now in an unfamiliar place. He gets up to have a look around as he is in a cabin within some sort of facility. Suddenly German soldiers burst into the cabin to investigate the noise.  All the men quickly pretend to go back to sleep as Milek stands out in the open of the cabin. They see him as one of the soldiers smacks Milek and places him back in his bed as he sobs in grief and pain.

The next day, Milek wakes up alongside the men as a few German soldiers order all the men to get up and march out of the cabin. As Milek exits the cabin and looks around, he sees rows of cabins similar to his but more importantly large factory-like buildings in the distance that are decorated with  Nazi flags on them as it stands out the most to him. One of the buildings has white writings on it saying “Riese”. 

 In every cabin, prisoners are being shuffled out of there to march towards the common grounds ahead to be assigned with their daily duties. They all head to the common grounds and form a line to which the Colonel that killed Milek’s family stands in front of the prisoners with power accompanied by his men.

He stares down the prisoners with a firm glare to make sure they are all in order. A scientist wearing a bloodied white lab coat with round glasses walks towards the Colonel’s direction to make an announcement.

“All prisoners will be assigned to the following posts: “Die Glocke”, “Underground” and “Maintenance Facilities” as the Colonel announces. He eventually announces Milek to be assigned to “Die Glocke” as soldiers drag him to an underground train. Milek along with other prisoners are placed onto an underground train to be placed at the ‘Die Glocke’ facility in Milkow, Poland.

The train carriage he is in is packed with prisoners as he is uncertain of what is ahead of him. The colonel is in the front carriage along with the other soldiers as they are living in warmth and relative comfort compared to the desperate and despaired prisoners.

A few hours go by as the train arrives at the facility underground. Soldiers drag the prisoners out of the train carriages. They are brought up to a courtyard. There are large electrical towers that buzz with electricity that are placed among the facility along with long rows of hangars. The soldiers stop all the prisoners to form a line. One of the prisoners begins to make a run for it as he is gunned down by a soldier.

Milek is eventually then placed within a kitchen along with a few other prisoners as they are barked upon by the soldiers to perform their duties. Milek is tasked with washing dishes, preparing meals, and serving the soldiers in the facility's dining room. As Milek prepares his first wave of dishes to be served, he walks into the dining room with a tray of plates as hungry Germans eye him down.

He places all the dishes on the tables as the Germans dig into their food like hungry dogs. As he walks away, a German gets up from his table and pulls Milek by the ear back to the table, and shows that the dish he prepared was not done properly. 

The German smacks Milek down and pulls his pistol on him ready to shoot, but the other soldiers pull him back for the sake of not executing someone in the dining room. Milek is spared at the moment, but he learns a valuable lesson of surviving under Nazi thumb.

November 17th, 1942:

 Milek tirelessly works in the kitchen to the brim of his bone just not to end up like his family members. He is mocked and abused by the other soldiers as he is continuously made an example of. Until one day, he is given a special order to prepare a dish for the Colonel and is required to deliver it to his quarters within the facility. He leaves the kitchen for the first time in a while as he heads out into the courtyard near the hangers. Milek shivers as it is snowing, his clothes are worn and torn.

There are many German soldiers walking around and guarding the facility. He notices that the electrical towers are sparking with energy as it fascinates him to look at.He sees trucks parked inside the hanger as there are soldiers carrying out crates labeled “Achtung! Top-Geheimnis”.

They are also opening the crates as they are pulling out unusual-looking weaponry that appears to be from another universe of sorts. A soldier sees Milek staring into the hangar as he goes up to him and pushes him away from the hangar door.

 Milek continues as he sees in a field not far from the facility a stone henge structure that has something chained to the pillars. This metallic-looking device is shaped like a large bell with swastikas covered around it. The device begins to hover up from the ground at about 10-15 feet as it is almost like an alien spaceship. Orange beams come from the bottom of the device as it hovers. The chains are preventing it from flying upwards as it struggles to keep steady in its direction as it makes it sway from side to side.

It eventually falls to the ground and deactivates itself; a person can be seen coming out of the device as if they were controlling it. Milek then carries on delivering the Colonel’s food. As he is returning to the kitchen, he walks near the electrical towers and is zapped by them, which paralyzes him to the ground unconscious. Soldiers escort his body to an operating table to which the elite Nazi Scientist Dr. Wilhelm Hottl begins to wake him up and then perform experiments amongst him.

He places Milek within a large tubular chamber as he is strapped within. Hottl puts a head device on Milek and then pulls a lever that electrocutes Milek for a few seconds before stopping.

Milek is then dragged by soldiers out of the chamber and back to his cabin. Milek is left in a near-dead state as he closes his eyes. He begins to twitch and slumber around in his bed as he begins to have flashes in his sleeping mind. Visions of the bell repeat in his mind as there is a mysterious voice within explaining to him that “History can be foreseen in The Bell” and “The Bell holds virtues within”. He wakes up with a plan. The same voice in his dreams had given Milek an idea.

He continuously asked himself questions about the Bell as every day he would go and see the Bell in its use to further study its purpose and use it in some way. Within the facility, there are rumors amongst the other prisoners of plans to riot against the German Soldiers, however, this rumor only begins small amongst them.

As days go by, the prisoners begin to spread the message more and more to the point of waiting one day for it to happen. Milek begins to become more irrational with the voice in his mind about the bell and eventually waits for the day of savoured revenge.


October 6th, 1944:

Within the “Die Glocke” facility, it has come to the day of the riot. Milek is working within the kitchen under supervision by soldiers, he has also learned German from listening to the guard’s conversations. He carries out his usual duties until at 1 pm, the soldiers step out of the kitchen. Milek and the other prisoners begin to huddle around and plan out what they need to do. They prepare knives and other makeshift weapons in order to take the soldiers hostage.

The soldiers come back into the kitchen and thus the prisoners take them hostage. They take their guns and move out into the dining room. As the hungry soldiers await their meals, they see the hostages and bring out their weapons on the prisoners. “Put down your guns or this fucking traitorous dog gets it!” he orders as Milek has a pistol to the soldier’s head. The soldiers put down their guns as the other prisoners grab their guns as they maliciously beat the German soldiers as payback for their inhumane abuse from all the years.

Milek and the other prisoners round up all the soldiers as a herd of hostages as they march them out to the courtyard. Within the courtyard are prisoners who are being marched by soldiers to do their duties as one of them sees Milek and the prisoners. This gives them the signal as the prisoners begin to disobey their orders and fight back. An all-out war breaks out amongst the facility. Prisoners and Soldiers fighting against each other.

Amongst the crossfire, Milek heads to the laboratory to find Dr. Hottl. They go deeper and deeper into the lab as they discover rooms filled with elemental-looking weaponry placed within locked cabinets. Milek is shocked to see the work the Nazis have been doing and that they have been hiding it from the world. Eventually, he makes it to Hottl’s office, he opens the doorknob, but it is locked from the inside. Suddenly, bullets are coming from the office as Milek ducks to cover it.

“You won’t get me alive you filthy dogs!” the Doctor yells. He continues to fire until he needs to reload. Milek then kicks the door down and shoots Hottl in the leg to disarm him. Hottl screams in excruciating pain as Milek begins beating him with his pistol in a fit of rage for all the pain and torment he has endured since the beginning of the war. He grabs Hottl and marches him out of his office.

With a gun to Hottl’s back, Milek marches him to the Fly Trap. As they are exiting the facility, the chaos continues against the soldiers and the prisoners. In the distance, he can see a swarm of prisoners surrounding Colonel Eichmann as he fends them off with only a pistol. He eventually runs out of ammo as the prisoners with knives and other makeshift weapons mob him. Milek continues to march Hottl forward.

They reach the Fly Trap as Hottl is stunned nearby to the ground to prevent him from escaping. Milek shoots the chains that is holding The Bell as it falls to the ground. They both enter the aircraft as Hottl pilots it. As it starts up, the Bell begins to hover above the flytrap as it shoots up into the sky like the speed of light. The Bell enters a vortex gateway to which they are now in between Earth and the 4th Dimension.

“You know this is also a time machine ja?” Hottl explains to Milek. He points his gun at Hottl and says, “Then take me to Munich in the year 1922.”

Hottl looks nervous as he changes the coordinates whilst looking at a large manual written in German to his request. Milek carefully observes how it operates as The Bell takes them to his destination. As they arrive and exit the aircraft, Hottl attacks Milek as he pins him to the ground and strangles him.

As Milek quickly looks around, he grabs a nearby rock and smashes Hottl in the head. This knocks him out as Milek grabs his gun and kills Hottl.

Milek realizes he is within the outskirts of Munich, Germany. With 2 magazines on him for his pistol, he travels to the city. He realizes that the world was still recovering from The Great War and that people were acting oblivious to what happened 4 years ago. As he walks around Munich, he spots the famous German bar ‘Sterneckerbrau and enters it.

As he walks in, it is packed with drunkards and alcoholic WW1 veterans as they stagger and sway away with their beer mugs. The bartender notices Milek as he attempts to kick him out, but Milek points his pistol at him which makes him back off. He moves around the bar and sees a German Worker’s Party debate going on.

There is a crowd of men and women gathered around as they listen to a short racist man with a funny mustache ranting on about his hatred of Jews. Milek goes up to him.

Adolf Hitler?” he asks the man.

“Ja, who are you?” as Adolf responds to Milek

. “A Jew with a few things on his mind” Milek remarks, as then he pulls out his pistol and shoots the young Hitler in the head. The crowd begins to panic at witnessing this murder as Milek unloads a magazine into Hitler’s body. Milek without remorse exits the bar and heads back to The Bell. Having just prevented World War 2, he feels so much relief and at ease that he has stopped a great catastrophe to the world.

But deep down, he misses his parents. The feeling of uncertainty rings in his mind as he has just altered history and now can change the world forever. As he arrives back at the Bell, he notices the body of Hottl has disappeared.

He looks at the Bell as it begins to fade away like a forgotten memory, Milek then looks down at his hands as he too is fading away. He screams mercifully as he fades from existence.

Suddenly, he wakes up panting and sweating. Milek is in bed back at his home in Warsaw. He gets up and looks around in confusion. He looks out his window as he sees the sunny blue skies of Warsaw. Milek walks to the door and down the stairs, as he goes into the living room and sees his family alive and well.


The End

Submitted: April 19, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Raoul Perseus. All rights reserved.

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