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Are fascinating creatures

Their drives and emotions


The intricacies

Of the webs

We all weave

Certainly feed the need

To not want them


I navigate this life

With my own motivations

I’m good

With whatever ripples my choices make

Whether they are noble or not

Is fodder for thought

I’m not too proud

To admit that I’ve made my mistakes

It’s a long winding path

That leads me to this fine morning

Through all of the learning

A lifetime has shown 

Opportunities I’ve missed

Friendships with which

I’ve been blessed

Until now

When I find myself old and alone

With no offspring or bride

I’m content to sit by the ocean

To watch the rhythms

Of the tide

And contemplate

All of the places

I’ve called home



10 April 2021




Submitted: April 19, 2021

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